Blogging Days Off 1

I takes me about an hour to get from my place to where I used to live in the country. The first two-thirds of the drive are boring because you use what they call the fly over here. It is basically a freeway above the city from east to west where you can drive 60. The last third is filled with stop lights so I get off and take the back road in. Much more to see and not too much traffic. Everywhere I looked the countryside was green and lush from all the rain we have received. I pulled over and snapped a shot with my phone because my camera was buried in the back.

WP_20130822_006 (1280x619)

The first day there I did nothing but read all day up until I went to bed. I read one book on my kindle and started another. This alone by itself was relaxing because I thought of nothing but the book I was reading. I totally immersed myself in the book not letting my mind wander. That night when I went to bed the only sounds were the air conditioner cycling on and off and the sound of crickets. No cars on the road, music playing or the sounds of people coming and going. Just almost total silence. For the first time in quite a while I slept a solid six hours straight through.

I woke up the next day feeling better already. Drank my normal pot of coffee then started with my back exercises, something I have been neglecting lately then did about an hour of good solid meditation. I tuned on the radio for the first time since I had been there then read a little more. Later in the day I walked around my sisters yard to take some photos. I really wasn’t that in to it so all I ended up with I would describe as snapshots. My Sister takes a lot of pride in Her yard and always has flowers blooming  the yard is filled with lawn ornaments a well watered lawn lots of flowers and flowering bushes. It also has a gold-fish pond and its Her own little oasis where she escapes from the world.

IMG_1197 (1280x960)

This plain looking turtle is solar powered  probably 5 years old and still works.

IMG_1194 (1280x909) (1280x909)

She also collects lighthouses that are solar powered, this is one of Her newest additions.

IMG_1180 (1280x960)

This one I like to call when pigs fly, is also new.

I was walking back across the yard looking at the LCD on my camera reviewing the shots I had taken when I heard Mr. squirrel making a racket. We have a history, He is usually quicker than me and over the years I have managed just a few shots of Him. I quickly put my camera back in the shooting mode zoomed in to find Him and was lucky to get off one shot before He went into hiding.

IMG_1175 (1097x1280)

The rest of the day I stayed inside because the humidity was in the 90’s and it was just to sticky to go outside. So I just goofed off the remainder of the day, woke up the next morning and headed home feeling better and more importantly relaxed and rejuvenated.


19 thoughts on “Blogging Days Off 1

  1. Sounds like a great break! What a cute squirrel. I’m hoping to see some red squirrels while I’m in the UK as we don’t have these animals in Australia and New Zealand.

  2. What book(s) are you reading Bob? Taking the back roads, peace and quiet, and restful sleep, sounds heavenly!

    • I couldn’t tell you the titles Stephanie but they are either a murder mystery, or action adventure. I read to relax so I don’t like to read anything very heavy. The peace and quiet is heavenly especially after the everyday noises of the city.

  3. A wonderful interlude! I think we should all take this opportunity from time to time. I like hearing that you meditate as well. That is my kind of interlude.

    I was trying to guess the crop in the background of your countryside photo. Any idea?

    • I really enjoy the art of meditation I must admit I don’t use it as often as I should. It I had to guess as to the crop in the background I would probably say maze even it doesn’t look like it at this stage but that is about all that is planted this time of year here.

  4. Nice job capturing the squirrel.
    I’m jealous of your ability to emerge yourself totally in a book. I can’t seem to not get distracted for any length of time recently, but have vague memories of how satisfying it is to be able to do. It’s nice to read such a positive post ^-^

    • Thank you I appreciate the comment. I do need my background noise to be very quiet to immerse my self in a book and have troubles doing it in the city.

  5. sounds like you got your “well-needed” relaxation time! good for you, and welcome back! 🙂 that green field you captured is beautiful! that in itself must be a perfect spot to relax…now welcome back to the normal life of hustle and bustle lol…thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Fantastic — I’m so glad this getaway was so much more relaxing for you than the last one! The cell phone shot turned out pretty good — your phone doesn’t have a half-bad camera. Your sister has some cute little garden ornaments, and I’ll bet her yard is a nice place to be. How fortunate you were able to get such a good, clear squirrel shot on the fly! Maybe he’s getting more used to you. Hope the rest of your stay was peaceful and relaxing, Bob!

    • Thanks Becky, I put all the settings on my phone camera back t default and now it woks a lot better.It was a relaxing time and it will be tome to go again tomorrow 🙂

  7. Looks like you’re getting yourself back on track 🙂

  8. that’s awesome! I’m glad you could finally get up there : )

  9. good to hear that you had a good day off and it’s obviously you enjoyed it. Stay healthy always ;D

  10. Thanks I appreciate it I started taking 2 days away from this site it was starting to be more work than pleasure

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