Wordless Wensday 11/6/13

Just A Flower_5819331917_l

28 thoughts on “Wordless Wensday 11/6/13

  1. It looks like a lilly. Beautiful.

  2. A new photo for a change, taken in July of this year, untouched, because my macro mode is so bad on my camera I can only zoom in to simulate a macro shot.

  3. I love day lilies. They get so many buds that, although the flower only lasts a day, you get days of wonderful blooms.

  4. I love lilies too and those enormous buds are excellent.

  5. Day Lilly, my favorite flower! Great shot, Bob.

  6. Oooh, wonderful colour in this photo Bob, just beautiful 🙂 I used to grow day lillies around a pond we once had in the back garden of one of our houses in California. That was a long time ago…

  7. beautiful picture bob! love the daylilies, i have them all around my yard, they produce lots of blooms off one shoot…you captured their beauty…they’re a simple flower to some, but they’re also very hardy…thanks for posting it…makes me feel a little warmer and reminds me winter won’t be here forever…hope all is well with you…enjoy your day…

  8. Loving how that color pops out of all that green.

  9. what a beautiful flower…

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