I Need Some Time Time Away

I need to take some time away from this blog. Yesterday I just finished another 5 day week at the humane society. I will learn how to say no. I switched jobs because the one I had wasn’t keeping me busy enough more about that next time. Every day I came home from those 6 hour shifts I was so tired I fell asleep in the recliner around 8 pm, my sleep schedule is a mess. The apartment above me had its water heater blow out the back which caused a major leak in my place. It came in the bathroom, hall closet and main closets ceilings. I had to clear out all of that stuff and dry it out, wash all of my clothes that were hanging up and I guess I was lucky the only thing that was ruined were my leather funeral shoes. I still have all of that stuff stacked all over my living room with a path leading in and out. I found 6 different to do list the other day I am so far behind in my real life it is pathetic. When my real life butts up against my virtual life this badly I have to take care of my real life first. Then add on the fact that my passions are changing. I still don’t have any urge to unpack my camera and I will start my new blog before I post on this one again. I have only been away a couple of days and looked at my email this morning and am staring at about 100 different post. I wont even try to catch up with all of those. The best I can do is pick one from each person I follow and catch up with it. Once I start back up again I will commit myself to posting once a week on this site because I don’t want to lose track of all of you or your post. I looked the other day and some how I have ended up following 50 blogs, that is part of the reason I have fallen so far behind. I have already gotten rid of 5 and some of the new ones are only following me here because of my new site. I still will have to get rid of some more though. I was going to take two or three weeks off but then that would put me to close to Christmas when I would take off again so I will probably be off of this site the rest of the year. My new blog will be about my struggles of trying to go from a vegetarian to a vegan. I will offer a link to it the next time I post other than that I wont talk about it in this blog. I do ask that you don’t follow me on my new blog just because its me, because it wont be anything like this blog. It will be full of recipes reblogs and guest speakers. I have to come up with a new pin name so my new post don’t show up on your readers to keep you all from getting confused. Then I will have to sign in and out every time I switch blogs so I will be confused. I am probably taking on too much but I have to give it a try.
I have a blog I follow that I refer as a hidden gem, this girl writes a lot like me she just blurts out what ever comes into Her head. She only has two or three followers. I am not asking you to follow Her blog, I would never do that. If you have the time you might want to take a peek at it, the choice is yours 🙂


Quick Post 11/8/13

So much to write about and so little time. Hopefully I can get the post about my dog up later this weekend.
Quick update, finished my last class at the Humane Society last night about 10pm. It was a CF in there last night, 25 people trying to walk dogs all at once with 4 volunteers helping out. Everybody including myself got lost couldn’t find the two doors outside, dog piss and puke all over the floors, people slipping and falling. It was actually pretty funny looking back on it. They use this thing call a Weiss collar there. It hooks to the dog collar then you wrap it around the dogs chest, loop it through, so when the dog pulls on the leash like many dogs do it puts pressure on their chest forcing them not to pull so hard. I had a 150 pound lab and had no problem controlling Him with this leash.
Then everybody left except me and the staff member who taught the course. I had to go one step further and walk an aggressive dog who was in their for biting people. She stuck me with a 200 plus pound Saint Bernard who I had to muzzle for safety. This big bruiser damm near dislocated my shoulder. The lady gave off a little laugh and said let me show you how. She grabbed the leash, the dog took off and she fell on her ass letting go of the dog. After about 10 minutes of chasing this dog all around the huge complex I got a hold of Him and put Him back in His kennel. Naturally I passed the finial part of all of this training. Every time I have been up their I have run into the volunteer coordinator and He has always called me by name, something I could never figure out until a couple of days ago. He asked me a day ago If I was the same Person that lived in Hayesville in the early 70’s. I said yes and long story short when He was a kid He used to come over to my house. His mom and my ex were good friends at the time. I lied and said sure I remember you. This guy will be my boss and told me to give Him a call this morning when they open, in less than an hour and He would get me in for my one on one interview with Him today instead of waiting the usual week.
Enough said, If I don’t have time to catch up with every one this morning I will before I go to bed tonight.

Random Thoughts 10/19/13

I have tried several times in the last day or so to write this post and it keeps coming out like a whining little bitch. So let me try again without the details and a more pleasant ending. I’ve had another week with more crap coming at me from sources I have long forgot about and some I wasn’t even aware of, plus a couple of financial issues I wasn’t prepared for and had to dip into the old savings again. Somewhere in the middle of all that my brain did its 48 hour shut down from lack of sleep and all I did for 48 hours was sleep, eat and stare at the boob tube. I have the tools to snap out of that but have found it works better just to ride it out. The brain is a lot like a hard drive without enough deep sleep it can’t process memories, defrag and reset itself.

Still working six days a week on my back, no matter what goes on that has to remain my priority for now. Got into an argument with the gal from PT about muscle building 101 and she changed my exercise routine to fit what I knew was right. I still go in there once a day for 30 minutes until the end of the month then they will cut me loose. I did get my own portable decompression table to use at home. That thing is like getting a shot of morphine, it only last about two hours and I can use it twice a day but that’s 4 hours a day with absolutely no pain, I will gladly take that !

I put a halt on all I was doing to my apartment, this is the first time I have ever lived in a downstairs unit and I hate it. The guy above me is a nice likeable type but he is a big stocky guy. Every time he walks across the floor I can hear it, I can’t get dish, my 4G won’t come in because I dropped down 12 feet and have the upstairs balcony hanging over my two best areas. I dropped my 4G plan down to 4GB the least my contract would let me get away with. So as of three days ago I am switching to 95% wifi. This means for me to follow all of you I have to get on wifi when the club house is open. There are other spots I can use early in the morning when my brain is fresh but I have to use my phone from these, I don’t use my laptop on public wifi areas, I have all of my financial data on here and wont run the risk of being hacked. If I am on my phone, my comments will be fewer and shorter. I am still very busy with a whole bunch of other projects, it is strange for me not to have a lot of free time. I think I can still keep up with you all but one or two post a week is all I have time to put out right now.

Enough of the negative stuff. I just decided not to continue this post in the way I was going to, don’t ask I am more confused than you are !!