I want to apologize in advance, these photos suck, but I was using my camera phone with one hand to keep the dog back with the other.

This is a very long story but I have neither the time or energy to tell it properly, I will attempt a short version.

I looked at dogs on the site for a few days, decided on a few went in and visited with three. Was torn between a 8 year old teacup poodle terrier mix and an overweight terrier mix. Both animals had been shown several times and rejected because of medical problems. Both had been adopted and returned. I was leaning towards the poodle mix because He looked more like a terrier than a poodle. Walking around trying to make my mind up when the counselor came up and said she had two people wanting to view the poodle mix. I mad one of my impulse choices and said I would take the poodle mix knowing it was an older dog, had cloudy eyes and moderate to severe dental problems. Those counselors use the same approach as best buy, take it home try it out, if you don’t like it bring it back, knowing most wouldn’t. This is what the dog looked like when I first got it home.

WP_20131016_006 (992x1280)

I saw more terrier than poodle. They have this program where certain vets in town will give your dog a free and thorough exam if adopted. One of the one listed was just a couple of miles from where I live. Before I took him in I had a 300 dollar limit I was willing to spend on this dog because of his dental problems. Vet examined him noted the eyes, a large fibrous growth in His chest and showed me with the black light the dental work needed, went to get me an estimate. I was convinced it would be large. He came back and including the dental work and rabies shot it came to 301 dollars. That surprised me so I said go for it. Next I found a local groomer who only charged 35 bucks for the works. This is what He looked like when I brought Him home.

WP_20131018_005 (990x1280)

A damm Poodle, groomer said at least 90 % poodle. I kept Him a few days debating on the fact I had a teacup poodle, not exactly a manly dog. Then one morning I decided to take Him back, I knew He would be adopted quickly after all the money I had put in Him. I did feel a bit guilty but the counselor said people did it all the time. For the rest of the day and that night I saw His dog bed, bowls and other stuff that reminded me of Him. I slept one hour that night knowing I had once again made a bad decision I actually had grown more attached to Him than I thought. The next morning as soon as they opened I called to put a hold on the dog and went to readopt Him. They gave me a break and I donated 25 bucks and they gave me the dog back without paying the 150 dollar fee again.

WP_20131117_006 (961x1280)

This picture I took outside yesterday, the light is harsh but He is actually black with traces of gray. He was a stray so they gave Him the name of Phillip, not much of a dog’s name. I ended up calling Him Bud just because that’s what came out when I called Him. He is actually the perfect mellow dog for me. He will sleep 20 hours a day if you let Him or If you want Him to He will go on long walks every hour. I spoil the crap out of Him. When I go to be I take His dog bed and put it at the foot of my bed. When He wakes up in the morning I move His bed out next to my recliner. In the evenings when I watch TV I let Him set beside me with His head resting on my leg for about an hour until we both get tired of it. This is the first male dog I have ever owned but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. He has the main quantity I like about all dogs they can sense when you had a crappy day and give you extra attention and most important you can talk tot hem as much as you want and they don’t talk back !

64 thoughts on “Bud

  1. Philip is a gorgeous dog and I’m so glad you went and got him back. I love poodles and the trick to making sure they don’t look like poodles is to not give them a poodle hair cut. I used to cut the fur of my own poodles before they died and most people couldn’t tell that they were poodles. I think they just make the best pets. They’re so clever and I love that they don’t shed fur.

    • Thanks Rachel, I might give the haircut thing a try if it ever grows back out again. I didn’t know they didn’t shed until I looked it up and the are hypoallergenic as well.

  2. Heeeheee….Adorable and those kinds of dogs are very intelligent,,,,so give him his own computer okay 🙂

  3. It is a lovely story with a wonderful outcome. No apology for the pictures. You captured what you wanted. Looking forward to reading more about Bud. 🙂

  4. I love the last picture of Bud, he looks adorable. I’m glad you decided to keep him. Pets can be such a consolation when the human world becomes unbearable. Adopting a homeless dog is like giving yourself and the dog a wonderful gift.

  5. He looks great. Wish I could meet him in person but your photos will have to do. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A great story. It sounds like you have got yourself a real friend there. Loved the three photos. You wouldn’t have believed the second was the same dog as the first photo and he looks just right in the third.

  7. Well HOT DANG BOB! Bob and Bud. BB! That’s got a ring to it all it’s own!
    You know what this post proves? Everything has an inner worth, no matter its outer shell.
    And, you gave love and offered worth. It will be returned to you. It does come back to us…

    • Thanks so much Lisa, usually what you give is what you get. I need to get back to your last post and comment,I fell asleep at the computer about the time I got to your post 🙂

  8. Bud looks cute & now you have a poodle.. LOL.. it’s okay.. it’s the inside that counts right? Glad you could get him back- it must be sad being adopted and dropped back at the dog shelter numerous times… but no more.

  9. Sounds like a wise decision to keep him. How would we like to be adopted then given back? Also sounds like you found a good friend. Congrats!

    • Thanks in the end it was easy to keep Him, never thought about a human being adopted then given back, I bet when this happens the poor kid looses any confidence they had.

  10. I like the picture of Bud outside. I just want to cuddle him. He is so adorable. I truly like that you chose an older dog. It shows a great heart 🙂

  11. He looks great. And have a great time with him. Does he play ball at all?

  12. What a total cutiepie! I can see why he won your heart, Bob!

  13. Yeah for you for adopting a dog!!! Congratulations!!

  14. Ahh, what a great story, I loved reading this! You are not only a big kid at heart Bob but you are a lovely, caring person with a heart of gold. I love the final photo of Bud, he looks adorable and you definitely made the right choice. I bet he is so happy to be with you as you are with him, so happy for you that it all worked out in the end 🙂

  15. Congratulations on adopting Bud. He’s a handsome little fella and I have a feeling you’re his saviour and best “bud” forever! 🙂

  16. You big softie you! I bought a pup on a whim once. I had to repeat 120 mile round trip the very next day, to take him back to the farm where he came from and to be with his brothers and sisters that little bit longer, before he, hopefully, took up home with someone who deserved him. I feel bad to this very day when I think about it.

  17. What a great story and I hope Bud stays your buddy for many years to come. Seems like you two hit it off from the word go 😀

  18. The photographs show how great Bud scrubs up. 😀 We have a little poodle cross too, Bob. It doesn’t matter which breed you have walking by your side… the love they give you makes you feel ten feet tall! It sounds like you and Bud were meant for each other. 🙂

  19. wow bob! you sure have a really cool dog! he looks adorable now matter what his hair is like, kinda like most of us! lol…but seriously, i really think he’s a great looking dog, i love the scruffy look and he looks great all cleaned up too, so you’ve got the best of both worlds with him, either way he looks great!
    glad you guys are buddies now…sound like you’re a match made in heaven, so glad you went back to get him, you’re such a softie 🙂
    enjoy him and he’ll enjoy you as well…so happy for you bob, happy for you both, glad this story turned out so awesome 😉

    • Thank you Selah, I am a softie but don’t let it get out 🙂 In the end I think we both got what we wanted. Just two old farts hanging out together.

      • lololol…you’re a funny guy! i’m glad tw o old farts got the best of both worlds…i bet Bud doesn’t want anyone to know he’s a softie too, lol…enjoy him, i’m sure it’ll be a wonderful world ahead for you both …enjoy your day 🙂

  20. positivethinking13

    Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I see Lee linked you to my toy poodle, my husband cuts her like that on purpose…lol. My husband is a burly guy and brings our little dog with him EVERYWHERE. He has his own business and she rides along with him. Lol. All his customers love her and ask where she is if she doesn’t show up with him. Well I am so glad you went back and got the dog, it was sweet. I hope you have lots of fun together! 🙂

    • I think it’s pretty cool that you’re burly husband takes your poodle around with Him. I quickly got over my thoughts about real men owning poodles. I do like the way your dog is trimmed, I guess I will have to learn to do this myself I can’t see a groomer doing it 🙂 now its just me and Bud two old farts each having to stretch every time we get up or move lol

      • positivethinking13

        Lol, I know the feeling…stiffness sets in with age! My husband and dog are growing old together…they look alike and are greying together. I am glad you got over the small dog thing. I hope you enjoy your lil Bud!

      • Thanks I am sure I will enjoy Bud I just wish I had some of his hair 🙂

      • positivethinking13

        Ha ha…yeah why don’t dogs go bald? Maybe they should study that. There’d be big money in cure for balding.

  21. Woof woof 🙂

  22. Very cute dog! I used to work at a doggy daycare and it was so much fun!

  23. Holy shit! Love that dog – you made the right decision.Dysfunctional misfit dogs are without question the best – they understand so much more. 🙂

  24. I have to admit that, I did not like the fact that you have returned him, after you decided to adopt him….but I’m glad you got him back.
    I love animals, especially dogs and I must tell you that ,these pictures are very beautiful.

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