Wordless Wednesday

June Bug_3561801333_l

3814580318_0c9e2e4780_o (1280x960)

Water Drop_3512706282_l


20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Old shots taken with a clip on DCR 350 Macro lens.

  2. It’s a bug’s life..:)

  3. Incredible detail. Love the last one!

  4. Yea it is, I believe part of those colors are a reflection from the lens, this is an old photo and I just don’t remember.

  5. Very cool shots! How did you get the close up of the face?

    • I use a 35 times clip on macro lens on my camera. Like a 35 power microscope I can twist the magnification to be more powerful in on area than the others.

  6. Yeah, um, I read these while I’m eating lunch, GROSS – but the close ability is very good. 🙂

  7. Wir sind wieder zu Hause. — Nach -Urlaub.

  8. Good depth of field on the second one, Bob, and that photo of just the bug’s head is fantastic!

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