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Am I The only one here who has troubles with their Gravatar. I have tried everything in the help section, I even ran that check my Gravatar program that says wait 5 or 10 minutes. I waited 20 minutes and got nothing. I have deleted the whole thing twice and started over, I just can’t link to anyone else. I finally put my WP link under mine if everyone did that it would make life easier for idiots like me.

I live close to the center of Kansas,for the last two weeks the weather has been in the 70’s and low 80’s. Yesterday summer arrived in full force. The forecast for the next 7 days is in the upper 90’s and 100 with the lows only about 75 and high humidity. This state is starting to have only two seasons summer and winter. I hate this place and still blame my ex for convening me to move back here for my last assignment when I was still in the Army.

The reason I am stuck here requires an explanation. This is not a pity post so please don’t go there, I despise pity and self-pity. I get all of my health care at the VA because I am a disabled vet and its free. I have been seeing this memory expert off and on for two years. She has done many brain scans and way to many 6 and 8 hour memory test only to come up with a diagnose of moderate memory loss of undermined cause. She wanted to do more test and my physiologist wanted to give me more drugs. I got fed up and told them both no I will just live with it. For the first couple of years it used to depressed me and I would get so mad I would trow or kick things to take my anger out on. Now I just laugh about it for the most part and silently call myself dumb ass. I lost my cell phone once for two days and found it in the freezer, now I carry insurance on my phone. I keep a navigation device in my car and have a navigation app on my phone as a back up. That’s so I don’t get lost in the city I grew up in. I have a bunch off apps on my phone to use as reminders and different colored stickups all over the house.

That is the reason I am stuck in this state. I know one person who is going to blast me for putting this on the web. My life for the most part is an open book and everyone I know has this information anyway. It’s not something I am ashamed of it’s just something I have to deal with. I look at it this way, it could always be worse. I could have cancer or be in a nursing home or have a host of diseases worse than this. Like everything else in life you either adapt to the situation you are in or you fall into a deep dark hole that is hard if not impossible to climb out of.


16 thoughts on “This and That

  1. No pity from me – looks like you’ve got control over things. The best thing for memory loss or lapses is to actually come up with ways that help one to remember and you certainly seems to have a few trick set up, keep going!

  2. Thanks I appreciate it 😊

  3. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and are you still having trouble with your gravatar? I see your pic. It took me a while also – and now I forget how I did it. It’s where you would expect… haha

    • Yes I still can’t get to work if you ever remember let me know 😁

      • I’ll look at it.

      • here you go:
        from your dashboard and on the left go to settings, then discussion and scroll down to Avatar…..

        Using Gravatars on your Site

        To start using Gravatars on your site:

        Log in as an administrator to your site
        Navigate to Settings > Discussion and scroll down to the “Avatar” Section
        The “Avatar” section presents you with several options:
        Avatar Display: Toggle Gravatars on and off for your site.
        Maximum Rating: When users create a profile on Gravatar, they are given the opportunity to rate their Gravatar image as G, PG, R, X based on its appropriateness. Select the radio button for the maximum rating you would like displayed on your site.
        Default Avatar: WordPress allows for you to select what image you would like to display when a commenter does not have a Gravatar account. Selecting one of the “generated” icons gives you and your users some of the benefits of a Gravatar without requiring them to have a Gravatar account. The icons that say “generated” next to them take the email of the commenter and link it to an auto-generated image. Now, every time that commenter posts to your site, they will have the same unique image next to their name.

  4. Thanks I will give it a shot

  5. That’s very true I sometimes tend to lose track of the prize so I search around to find it again

  6. One doesn’t have the privilege of growing older without some surprises. We all learn to compensate for something:) Thanks for your honest post:)

  7. The world would be unimaginably dull without the depth, clarity, and perception of people who for lack of a better description were “human”.. Mistakes, tragedy, heartache all form the greatest qualities of those who can rise above – thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I don’t know why they make it so difficult … about the gravatars. I am thinking of changing mine. Get something really cute and maybe grab a few more followers. lol I am sure that trick has been tried before. I hate reading directions. So perhaps best to leave it all alone.

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