Is The Like Button Addictive

I have only been on this site about 6 or 7 weeks and have all ready run into problems with this little button. First it hasn’t worked on my phone for about 3 days now it just says loading but works fine on my computer.

The like buttons purpose is supposed to be used if you like a post not to boost your stats like quite a few bloggers I have run into seem to use it for. I don’t however have a problem with that they can do what ever they want with their own blogs. A couple of weeks ago I fell into the addiction trap. I would find a blog I was interested in like a couple of pages and leave a comment or 2 and go look for other sites that interest me. I had a few blogger come back to my site and replete what I had done to there site then one of us would start following and the other would do the same. This is where I got into trouble. I had to quit following 2 bloggers yesterday and am thinking about another one. It was getting out of control quickly I would wake up in the morning to 35 to 40 emails full of post these people were making. Some of these people were posting 8 or 9 times a day. Some of those were re post from years back. One person was re posting for other persons site which I think is a nice thing to due but not 15 to 20 post a day. This one I watched closely yesterday and the first re post they did would get 60 or so likes but by the end they were only getting about a third that many.

The reason I started posting on here had nothing to with becoming popular and I actually read the post I use the like button on or comment on. There is no way these power bloggers as I call them can can respond to 70 or more different sites a day and read all of the content unless they spend 24 7 on here.

This has nothing to do with this post but as a side note if you are thing about using windows 8 touchscreen which I do beware this program eats data very quickly even with most of the live tiles turned off I have a 8 GB plan and could easily use that up in two weeks. So I have to use the wifi over at the clubhouse a couple of hours a day and 4or 5 hours during the weekend. If you have a cable connection you will be OK though.


22 thoughts on “Is The Like Button Addictive

  1. I was did the same thing.. was following bloggers that was really blogging but just posting stuff continually. Enjoyed knowing that I wasn’t the only one caught in that trap.

  2. Wow, I’ll have to keep that in mind if I get Windows 8 with touchscreen like I’ve been wanting to — I don’t really have a limit on my internet usage but I bet there are other glitches that would show up later on.
    My cell phone also does that constant loading on the “like” button and I lose patience waiting on it. I thought it was just my stupid phone, lol!

    • Actually windows 8 is the most stable os windows has ever come out with. I even use a win 8 phone and this afternoon my like button started to work again. The biggest complaint have against the touch screen is they have a hard time adapting to something new and giving up there mouse. I jumped in head first and love it

  3. agreed, you have to be very careful with that follow button. Some people feel obligated to follow if somebody else has followed them. Some people think that they can use blogging as a way to draw attention to them but actually have nothing to say.

    I guess, it is ok to re-blog somebody elses post if that is something that you really liked or you think that your readers would definitely benefit from it.

    and I definitely agree that you should like a post if you have read it and it spoke to you and not because that is a polite thing to do

    • Thanks for stopping by I do agree with everything you said. The only reason I was complained about the re post this person was doing it 10 to 12 times a day for over a week before I quit following them

  4. I don’t know if you are using this feature or not but there is a way to follow blogs where their posts go to your reader and not to your email every time they do something new. It is a matter of adjusting the setting, I find it a lot more manageable to keep up with what people are doing without getting swamped.

    • Thanks for the comment and the like. Another person I follow just pointed this out to me a few days ago. I have been using it recently and it does make a huge difference. I still have a lot to learn about all of the shortcuts such as this one on this site.

  5. Try visit my blog. Maybe u will like it. Don’t forget to follow. haha 🙂

  6. I am new to blogging, but have noticed the points you have made. Nice post:)

  7. Well…I read your above post…I have several things to say…LOL…and do not feel the need to respond, if you do not care to…I will not be offended. (1) I am very bad at following anyone…but every once in a while, I take the day to actually visit sites–such as I did today–I did read the postings I liked of yours and even commented on them; (2)I live a very isolating life–I live alone in the middle of nowhere–a desert in Wisconsin does exist—I am living in it! So, some days I write a great deal…because I am lonely; (3)I welcome visits and comments—but I do not force anyone to do either…but, I will admit, comments make me feel so happy! Because for me, it is a human contact…and I am actually a very social person, but due to financial constraints and a YOUNG 63, I am LOST and I have no other purpose but to write at the moment—so I post and read and write! (4) I think you should follow or not follow…BE FREE…no one is forcing you to respond…no one is expecting anything from you…not even me in my desperate, isolating, lonely existence! LOL Hope you are having fun MEDITATING—I do actually read what I comment on!

  8. I just visited your site and you have like 40 some followers how can you be bad at following.I just moved to the city a few months ago from a very remote place out by the lake.I lived out here for about 6 years and actually turned into a social hermit so I can relate to living in an isolated place. I wish I would have started blogging when I was out there but I didn’t. We have a lot in common I am a sometimes very young 63, depends on my back each day and since I am retired I have financial constraints as well. I to enjoy comments and like to comment. The only area I have a problem with is poetry. I always ignored it the majority of my life. Now I enjoy reading the simpler ones, some just go over my bald head. I don’t feel I have enough knowledge to comment on the subject the words just don’t come to me.

    • Well, I am just not consistent at “following.” LOL…but I do laugh a lot! I need solitude but I also need people…I taught Middle School for most of my life as a teacher–so I am also a bit crazy—I loved the students! and I miss that interaction. I promise to read and comment on your work as often as my micro brain functions! Hope you have a good day–and I think it just is important to look at this blogging thing as FUN THERAPY–and not take it so seriously–otherwise, we could drive ourselves further into the insanity we already experience! LOL smile…Have a great week!

      • I never did or ever will ask anyone to comment on my post. I do enjoy them but there ate a lot that just don’t require comments or I am unable to because my lack of knowledge on the subject. I am trying to take this blogging experience less seriously. Starting yesterday I made myself stay off of this site for at last 10 to 12 hours a day. I wasn’t getting anything else done.

  9. Yes, I realize that I have become addicting to this blogging…yesterday, I turned off my cell phone and did not blog for at least 12 hours! It is amazing how lost one can get on this internet! (smile) I need to keep my balance in all things! Hope you are having a good week! I really enjoy your site and I do appreciate the practical things you have taught me…i.e.the camera to use to get night shots; and the business about the will. Thank you! Have a great weekend!

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