Update and Some Help Needed

I want to thank all of my friends who either liked and or commented on my last post. I still have a few holdouts and time will tell what happens with them. I was surprised that nobody took the chance to slam me for my stance like they did the last time I made a post similar to this. Some of the your comments suggested I was trying to get rid of people, that wasn’t my intent at all. I was just stating my expectations mainly to all of my new friends. I enjoy reading each and every one of your blogs or I wouldn’t be following them. Moving on.

I know I have mentioned this before but now that I am back on my regular schedule, I take Wednesdays and Thursday off or away from this site to keep from getting burned out. When I return on Fridays anyone that has posted and has not yet caught up with my last post I will simply ignore you like you have me. Is this childish and petty, probably so but to borrow a phrase from a younger generation that is just how I roll 🙂

The movers come next Thursday and like every time I move I am starting to get excited. I have resolved all of the logistical parts of it. Now all I have to do is get off my backside and start packing, some things that I use daily have to wait until the last possible moment. There are few things in this world that I can claim to be very good at and moving is one of them. I did manage yesterday to take down all of the stuff I had hanging on the walls that I just finished putting up a couple of months ago. I sold my leather recliner that I haven’t used in a couple of years because it sets to high for my short legs. I don’t need two recliners anyway and am tired of moving two of them. I also gave away all of the wall hangings I had in here, time for a change in my decor, don’t have a clue what I will be but after I move I will visit one of my favorite stores called Hobby Lobby and figure something out.

Now I have a question for the experienced WordPress users. When I set up the links to other sites that shows up under your post I somehow ended up selecting them all. I used to have my blog linked to a couple of them but have since quit all of them because I cam barely keep up with one site. I do want to keep Pinerest even though the few times I have been on there it is fairly addicting and can eat a lot of time up. Does anyone know how I can get rid of all of those links I have, they serve no purpose to me. I have gone into settings, tools and all I can think of. I guess I am looking for an easy answer before I have to search through all of those WordPress forums.

I am in an extremely good mood today, so I wish all of you have a grand and glorious day doing what ever you do.


All of My Followers Please Read Part 1

First I don’t like to use the word followers to me a follower has to have a leader. I don’t have one do you ? I prefer to use the word friends because in my world I think that is what we are becoming over time. For the purpose of this post though I will use the term followers. I was at a friends site yesterday and she lost all of Her followers for the majority of the day a lot of Her friends did as well but it was resolved by the end of the day.

For some reason the gremlins at WordPress take away about three of my followers every week. I now keep track of the number of blogs I follow and as of this morning that was 53. That may sound like a lot but I have followers who only post once a week all the way to a couple who post six or more times a day. That is a reasonable number for me to follow and catch up with every 24 hours. I do need help from you all. Every time I post I always without a doubt catch up with everyone within 24 hours. If you see I am not doing this let me know. You can just comment hey Bob you forgot about me or what ever you like in my comments box. Without that help it may be a week or more before I figure out who I am missing.

This part is just a FYI. Today I sign for my new apartment and with some help from my friend Hilary who works in the office my 18 day or so count down to complete my move starts. I have everything in place, My last obstacle was the painting of this place and Her husband is a contractor who hates to paint like most, but is doing me a favor and painting my old apartment. I have no idea if I can keep up or not during this time, if I can’t I wont post anything.

I decided to break this post into two separate ones. My next post in this area will be my highly conversational expectations of my followers. I have posted about this in the past but have also mellowed out a bit.

Update I just lost 15 more followers !!!!


I think this is going to be an update to my new friends but I never know when I start one of these where I will end up.

I thought about my priority and goals after the post I made yesterday. I came to the conclusion that I was getting greedy for lack of a better word and had gotten away from my original intent of why I blog. I spent a lot of time last night looking through my contacts. I discovered I was following ten people who just post too much or their post are way to long. I enjoyed their post but when I putting that number of blogs I follow at 65 yesterday I surprised myself. I had to unfollow ten people simply to manage my time on here. I wrote them all a message and explained why I was doing it and they all understood. I can no longer spend eight hours a day on here and get anything else done.

This is old hat for people who have been with me for a while and meant mainly for my new friends. I take every Wednesday and Thursday off or away from WordPress completely. It may take me all day but when I return I always catch up with everyone. Just keep in mind I am not ignoring you for those two days I am just unplugged from WordPress.

I was bragging a while back how I had kicked the TV habit and was going with Netflix. I had watched all the movies on there I wanted to and Collage football was coming up, the only sport I follow and watch. I broke down and had Dish Network installed a couple of days ago so I could record these games. I watched three games yesterday and one this morning already. It only cost 20 bucks more than the Netflix I canceled and I really enjoy the sport so I went for it.

Sorry that’s all I can squeeze out of the old brain this morning my mind is elsewhere, don’t know where just not here.


Why did WordPress put that new feature on that says you both liked post on these blogs. This shows me that I have a circle of friends that pretty much like the same friends that I do. It is also a huge a huge distraction for me. I catch myself looking down at it, some of them contain 20 or more people and see a face I don’t recognize. I then feel the need to click on that person and see why I liked their post in the first place. I would guess I waste at least an hour a day doing this.

Why is it that I have about Four friends that I comment on their post on a regular basis that WordPress will occasionally put under my comment awaiting moderation. I thought this was only supposed to happen the first time. It never happens on my side when they comment on my post.

Why do people on here suddenly start to follow you without a comment or a like posted to your page. I know some of them are trying to sell you gimmicks to increase your traffic or sell you on upgrading to the premium edition. The majority seem to be normal people with followers that range from a few to 30 or 40. Some of them I have tried to follow back and a few work out well but the majority of them just leave you hanging.

Why does WordPress out of nowhere suddenly decide on its own to unfollow friends that I have been following for a short time and a long time. I can’t find a pattern it just seems to do it when it wants to, and no it is not something I am doing. So if you are a friend and happen to be bored enough to read this garbage, let me know If I have gotten behind on your post. I always catch up every day so if I missed you it was not me but this problem I am having.

Why is it that sometimes in life once you get what you thought you wanted you realize that in my case all it does is adding to the time I spend on here each day. I have mentioned many times on here the reason I started to blog so I wont repeat them. Anyone who doesn’t know or remember the reasons are listed on my about page. I did what I swore I never would do, I fell into the popularity trap. I now follow about 60 blogs, I still follow them because I like them but I have discovered something about my greedy self. I would rather have 20 likes and a half-dozen comments on each post than the few I started with and used to be content with. I do get rid of a few friends each week that have become to big for their britches and left me in the wayside, but I seem some how to pick up just as many. I am not even fishing for friends anymore they come to me, has the word gotten out that I am a sucker. It can’t be for the garbage I post on here, I am not or never will be a writer in any sense of the word. I have friends that can complete a 700 word post in less than an hour but this simplistic post has taken me over an hour so far because I keep loosing my focus for lack of a better word.

Why is it that two of the people I follow, the ones who post six or more times a day have discovered a way to block their post from the reader. I am trying to use this unfamiliar tool but still have to use the emails as a back up. I can be so scattered brained at times I just thought of an answer to my own why. I can just set my email for these two people and not the rest. I still am curious if others have run into this problem because I know some of my friends are following the same two people.