Random Thoughts 11/4/13

First let me get some negative crap out of the way. I don’t even care if you read this part , I just need to write it down. Details on this are intentionally absent, sometimes I share too much and this is one of those times. I have been known to adjust my psych meds up our down as needed, something I know better but I still do it. I was out walking the dog the other morning about 4 am. Oh yea I got a dog more to follow on that in a post all of its own. I ran into a couple of drunk kids in their late 20’s. This has happened before and I have been able to talk my way out of the problem. This time they grabbed me then kicked my dog. Then it happened I snapped and my dark side came out. I put the larger one on the ground and the one who kicked my dog I used to much force because I was pissed off and he ended up in the hospital with several broken ribs. Normally I would have felt bad about this but this time I didn’t. I got away with the whole thing because they didn’t know me. It did however have ramifications. I got an ass chewing from my pill pusher, Physical therapist and a weekly appointment with my hardcore therapist.
That same day I was over at the office where I live, still in a pissy mood and got into an argument with the manager about the apartment I live in now. I wore her down so much she agreed to let me move to another place without waiting the normal six months so I could get my dish back up and my 4G to work all day long. The only positive think to come out of this.
******Please don’t comment on this part ******

Quickly moving on.

I now have my 4G back up until about 9 am then I lose it. The wifi at the clubhouse is down now so on days like yesterday when I had a chance to catch up I had to go to MacDonald’s and use my damm phone again. So once again I apologize for my lack of comments on your post it takes forever to do on my phone. Plus after my 2 day absence I had about 60 post to address.

I am pretty excited about this week. I have my orientation at the Humane Society tomorrow. Then on Wednesday I have a 4 hour animal handling course, followed on Thursday with a 8 hour dog handling course because of the areas I picked to volunteer in. Somewhere mixed in all of that I have meeting with a counselor to see what area I fit in and they need the most help. Normally they don’t want you to volunteer more than 4 hours a day. I want to do 8 hours a day three times a week. I just wont do more than 3 days a week or it will become a job. So I guess its up to them how much they need or want my help.

I started staying up an hour later than two hours to get myself more on a schedule with the normal world. The result was I now sleep a good five hours or more at night,something I haven’t done in years. It has made a world of difference in how I feel and even think.

With all I have going on, much more than I want to share on this post, my time on here may be reduced even further. I struggle now to post twice a week and keep up. I can no longer make the promise I will always keep up with all of your post. Someone told me in a comment the other day that the real world kept getting in Her way, that seems to be my case for now. I just don’t know only time will tell.

I forgot a couple of things. The gremlins at WordPress are back at me again. I am loosing friends I didn’t mean to. I have finally switched to using the reader when on my computer. It doesn’t work well on my phone because It always goes back to the first post when I exit one. I still have the emails coming so I can use them on the phone.


All of My Followers Please Read Final Part

I wrote a post similar to this awhile back and it took some heavy criticism from some of my followers. I still am ready to defend my position on the topic. This post is mainly for all the new friends I have gained since then and the old ones who ignored the last one, but they are for the most part gone. I am sure some of you will get upset about this post but I also believe each and every one of you has your own guidelines on all of your followers.

This is what I choose to do to every one of my friends post. I like every single one of them. For the most part if I didn’t like the work they were doing I wouldn’t be following their blogs. Sometimes I will run into a post that I highly disagree with and use the comments section to deal with that. I try to comment on as many post as I can, some don’t need a comment and some my lack of knowledge on the subject prevents me from commenting.

I normally take of from positing on Wednesdays and Thursdays to keep from getting burnt out on this site. I found it was getting to be too much like a job and not a hobby or a pleasure if I didn’t. I used to leave a message on my Wednesday post that said I will catch up with everyone who has caught up with me, that still applies. If I am gone for two days and you have ignored my last post I will ignore yours. I always have caught up with all of your post when I return from my days off. I just lost track of the days this week and forgot to take off.

I have friends who keep up with my post even when they may not post for a week or more I do appreciate you taking the time to do this.

OK here comes the part you all get a chance to take a shot at me. I don’t expect all of my friends to do all that I do. I have a lot more time than most of you. I normally only post 3 or 4 times a week so I am not a hard person to follow.

All I need is for my friends to simply acknowledge the fact that I exist. You don’t have to like my post or comment on them, If you want just type in one letter in the comment box that way I can see your name and know you are aware that I am here. I don’t think that is an unreasonable request at all. I know a couple of you are going to say you are too busy to do this even though you found the time to post yourself. I was with flicker for a couple of years and we used to call this fishing. Think about what you are doing to all of your friends you just slap up a post go back to your busy life and ignore most of your friends.

I have rambled on enough about this, you can either argue with my simple request or just unfollow me either way works for me.

My New Blogging Schedule

This may seem a bit crazy to some of you but I simply must put myself on a blogging schedule. From now until it gets to cold to travel I will do just like I did the last three days. On Wednesday mornings I will post my wordless Wednesday. I will then get caught up with all of my friends post until about 8 AM and will leave to either my place in the country or down to Oklahoma or if nothing else just not turn on my computer. I used the word friends above because I have grown to dislike the word followers, for many reasons. I will return on Friday morning when I get back. I may or may not post anything but I will devote the majority of that day to getting caught up with everyone.

I need to do this for several reasons. I don’t want to get burnt out on this whole experience any time soon. My list of things I need to do is becoming quite huge because I spend 7 days a week on here. I never will understand how the majority of you can work a full-time job and still manage to post at least once a day. While I struggle to post 4 times a week.

I now have 38 friends who post from once a week to 6 or more a day. I can still keep up with that many with a couple of exceptions. I still have a couple who post many reblogs every day. I do think reblogs serve a purpose but also think posting a bunch of them every day is abusing that purpose. The ones I find interesting I will read the others I will just have to pass on. I leave it up to you if we remain friends our not.

So if you don’t see me acting on you post during this time I am not ignoring you I simply am not here. 🙂