Random Thoughts 11/11/13

I was going to do the dog post I promised today but I don’t have a after photo to post. I am not about to wake up my sleeping dog to take a picture of Him.

I was so tired and sore after walking the dogs for 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday, I had to take some muscle relaxers last night. I fell asleep watching TV and woke up about midnight, not rested but unable to go to sleep. I have too much to do today to go in and I start in my regular position on Tuesday. A couple of you commented on my post the other day about their dogs pulling on the leash and it was hard to walk them. The Humane Society uses a leash call the Weiss leash, which helps quite a bit. Here is a link that describes how they work. http://www.puplife.com/products/weiss-walkie. When your dog pulls on the leash you just stop until He does then reward Him with a treat. He will soon get the idea not to pull so hard on the leash. This lease is not made for small dogs.

I did my laundry this morning, will try to finish this post,catch up on the blogs I follow then back to bed. I just get used to using the reader now there is a box that pops up that says take me to the original post, another step in what was a quick way to catch up. Is this something I did or is everybody having the same problem ?

The upcoming holidays, I wanted to get this out of the way, because a couple of post have come up already. Before I start I don’t want any pity comments on this, I despise them and that is not the purpose, If you do give me a pity comment I will just delete it.

I used to get a big kick out of the holidays but not anymore, I am an unofficial Grinch. You have to realize that spending these holidays all alone can be very depressing. I resolve this by eating my little waist off. On thanksgiving I go to Ihop and eat all the stuff I normally wouldn’t, put on a pound or two then diet them back off.

Christmas is kind of weird even for me,I enjoy listening to Christmas songs and even sing along with them, out loud when in private or in my head in public. This one depresses me the most bring up way to many good memories. Normally for this one I get a motel room for two or three days, disconnect from everything on the web and once again eat way to much. This time I hit the buffets and dig into pies and ice cream.

The reason I wrote this is the closer they come the more stories you will write about them. I wont ignore your post but my comments will be kind of lame because I don’t want to ruin the holidays for anyone else. During Christmas I will probably just disappear for a few days from this site.

I am also someday going to start another blog that has to do with something that is important to me but I think only a couple of my friends would befit from it. I know this is crazy, I can hardly keep up with this blog.

One last thing I still am loosing followers again. If you have caught up with me and I haven’t caught up with you in 36 hours let me know. You can just email if you prefer at xbox2121@yahoo.com. If you haven’t caught up with me I am probably just ignoring you until you do. I am done jabbering onwards to catch up then hopefully back to bed.

Random Thoughts 11/4/13

First let me get some negative crap out of the way. I don’t even care if you read this part , I just need to write it down. Details on this are intentionally absent, sometimes I share too much and this is one of those times. I have been known to adjust my psych meds up our down as needed, something I know better but I still do it. I was out walking the dog the other morning about 4 am. Oh yea I got a dog more to follow on that in a post all of its own. I ran into a couple of drunk kids in their late 20’s. This has happened before and I have been able to talk my way out of the problem. This time they grabbed me then kicked my dog. Then it happened I snapped and my dark side came out. I put the larger one on the ground and the one who kicked my dog I used to much force because I was pissed off and he ended up in the hospital with several broken ribs. Normally I would have felt bad about this but this time I didn’t. I got away with the whole thing because they didn’t know me. It did however have ramifications. I got an ass chewing from my pill pusher, Physical therapist and a weekly appointment with my hardcore therapist.
That same day I was over at the office where I live, still in a pissy mood and got into an argument with the manager about the apartment I live in now. I wore her down so much she agreed to let me move to another place without waiting the normal six months so I could get my dish back up and my 4G to work all day long. The only positive think to come out of this.
******Please don’t comment on this part ******

Quickly moving on.

I now have my 4G back up until about 9 am then I lose it. The wifi at the clubhouse is down now so on days like yesterday when I had a chance to catch up I had to go to MacDonald’s and use my damm phone again. So once again I apologize for my lack of comments on your post it takes forever to do on my phone. Plus after my 2 day absence I had about 60 post to address.

I am pretty excited about this week. I have my orientation at the Humane Society tomorrow. Then on Wednesday I have a 4 hour animal handling course, followed on Thursday with a 8 hour dog handling course because of the areas I picked to volunteer in. Somewhere mixed in all of that I have meeting with a counselor to see what area I fit in and they need the most help. Normally they don’t want you to volunteer more than 4 hours a day. I want to do 8 hours a day three times a week. I just wont do more than 3 days a week or it will become a job. So I guess its up to them how much they need or want my help.

I started staying up an hour later than two hours to get myself more on a schedule with the normal world. The result was I now sleep a good five hours or more at night,something I haven’t done in years. It has made a world of difference in how I feel and even think.

With all I have going on, much more than I want to share on this post, my time on here may be reduced even further. I struggle now to post twice a week and keep up. I can no longer make the promise I will always keep up with all of your post. Someone told me in a comment the other day that the real world kept getting in Her way, that seems to be my case for now. I just don’t know only time will tell.

I forgot a couple of things. The gremlins at WordPress are back at me again. I am loosing friends I didn’t mean to. I have finally switched to using the reader when on my computer. It doesn’t work well on my phone because It always goes back to the first post when I exit one. I still have the emails coming so I can use them on the phone.

Random Thoughts 10/19/13

I have tried several times in the last day or so to write this post and it keeps coming out like a whining little bitch. So let me try again without the details and a more pleasant ending. I’ve had another week with more crap coming at me from sources I have long forgot about and some I wasn’t even aware of, plus a couple of financial issues I wasn’t prepared for and had to dip into the old savings again. Somewhere in the middle of all that my brain did its 48 hour shut down from lack of sleep and all I did for 48 hours was sleep, eat and stare at the boob tube. I have the tools to snap out of that but have found it works better just to ride it out. The brain is a lot like a hard drive without enough deep sleep it can’t process memories, defrag and reset itself.

Still working six days a week on my back, no matter what goes on that has to remain my priority for now. Got into an argument with the gal from PT about muscle building 101 and she changed my exercise routine to fit what I knew was right. I still go in there once a day for 30 minutes until the end of the month then they will cut me loose. I did get my own portable decompression table to use at home. That thing is like getting a shot of morphine, it only last about two hours and I can use it twice a day but that’s 4 hours a day with absolutely no pain, I will gladly take that !

I put a halt on all I was doing to my apartment, this is the first time I have ever lived in a downstairs unit and I hate it. The guy above me is a nice likeable type but he is a big stocky guy. Every time he walks across the floor I can hear it, I can’t get dish, my 4G won’t come in because I dropped down 12 feet and have the upstairs balcony hanging over my two best areas. I dropped my 4G plan down to 4GB the least my contract would let me get away with. So as of three days ago I am switching to 95% wifi. This means for me to follow all of you I have to get on wifi when the club house is open. There are other spots I can use early in the morning when my brain is fresh but I have to use my phone from these, I don’t use my laptop on public wifi areas, I have all of my financial data on here and wont run the risk of being hacked. If I am on my phone, my comments will be fewer and shorter. I am still very busy with a whole bunch of other projects, it is strange for me not to have a lot of free time. I think I can still keep up with you all but one or two post a week is all I have time to put out right now.

Enough of the negative stuff. I just decided not to continue this post in the way I was going to, don’t ask I am more confused than you are !!

Random Thoughts 10/5/13

I am tired of writing about the universe crap on my head, the other day I actually got one pile of it off my head.

I knew I was in trouble when I picked up my unexpected guest from the airport and she had three suitcases and a carry on. Even I knew that was a bit much for a “short visit” as she called it. We had already discussed her moving in here prior to coming yet her she was bags in hand. Since she was here I decided to give it a try for a while even though I knew it was doomed before it began. This girl makes good money as a graphic arts designer,she is a year younger than my daughter and very attractive. What the heck she see’s in me I will never figure out. Outside of the bedroom we have very little in common other than the fact she is into healthy eating as well.

She was here about 24 hours before she started using the words that send shivers down my spine. We could, we should, we can. It’s that damm we word. She didn’t like my collection of old and wall mart furniture I had or the older apartment I lived in. She had her eye on another complex down the road that goes for about 300 a month more than my rent. It is larger and only about ten years old. She suggested to buy out my lease at a cost of about 1100 dollars, move all of my stuff, minus my furniture, move her nicer solid oak furniture down here from Florida and bring down her BMW. Total cost to me nothing.

The first night here she took me out to eat because that is what she is used to in Her busy life she doesn’t have time to cook. She was dressed in a fancy pants suit, I had on my blue jeans but I did dress up a bit and put on one of my sports shirts. Then came something I knew would come up, these suggestions always start with a honey or dear in front of them. She wanted to take me shopping the next day and buy me some slacks, nicer shirts and even shoes. My reply was are you F ing crazy I don’t wear that kind of stuff I don’t even own a pair of slacks outside of my funeral suit. I could write another five paragraphs on how the visit went but I am getting bored with this post.

In the end after about a week I sent her home. I just couldn’t get her to understand I am set in my ways and to old for any major changes in my lifestyle. I forget to mention even though I knew that I would send her home I asked my Daughter about it and her words were “ run pops its a trap” she knows me way to well.

I have tried out far to many relationships in the last 15 years and all of them end up with one thing in common. Women can’t help themselves, they all want to change or mold a man into what they want. I wont say all women are like that but every one I have come across does. I could have used this women and gotten a lot of nicer things out of it but as much as I hate to admit it even I have a set of morale’s I live by.

One last thing fall has finally arrived here it has been in the upper 80’s all week, unseasonably hot. Last night a cold front came through High today 60 the temp now is 45 and I need to go get my morning cup of cappuccino before I catch up on all of my friends post.

I have my antenna hooked back up and have 9 hours of collage football to watch today live, what a pain no fast forward through half time or commercials 🙂

Random Thoughts 9/28/13

Yea I know I said I would stay off of here during my move for a while. But I feel a good old-fashioned rant coming so you may want to duck and cover. My unexpected guest is flying in tomorrow and I have to pick her up at the airport. This could complicate my life a lot so I have some hard decisions to make in the next week or two depending on where this goes.

My dream apartment seems to be cursed. I don’t believe in curses but this place has me scratching my head anyway.

The good: I did get the location, floor plan and new carpet like I wanted. New carpet is a big deal because only about 20 apartments have it so far out of the 400 or so in this complex. The old style was this off white color that showed every bit of dirt and stains. The new type is a two tone dark and light brown. I would guess estimate this place puts my about ¼ mile closer to all the places I walk to. My mail box is only about 50 steps round trip. This also puts me closer to the places I walk to every day so at least my five mile walking has come back since I have moved. I knew my data stream for my computer would be lower and it is but I am still getting decent 4 g speeds so that saved me 250 bucks so far any way because I don’t have to buy the cell signal booster.

The bad: I am surrounded by college age kids. I started this post about 2:30 Am and it sounds like party central out there. If I ever get unpacked enough to find my radio it will block out their sounds enough. When I sleep I just turn on my floor fan and that blocks the sound as well. I don’t blame the kids I did the same thing when I was their age. The place I left was so quiet and peaceful at this time of morning compared to this one. I will adjust though, I always do. I don’t mind moving but I do hate to unpack, things always pack quicker than they come out. The whole layout is different here so I have to put my stuff in different places than the last place. I need my computer desk near glass to get the best signal so I was forced to put it in the bedroom next to the window. Right now I have a full size bed, my computer desk and a dresser crammed into this bedroom. In the living room all I have is my TV and large stand, recliner and an end table the rest is very empty. It works for me now any way.

The ugly: When I chose this apartment everybody at the office told me I would be able to hook up my satellite dish. When I looked at the property layout it appeared I would be able to get a line of sight at 102 degrees. The installer came out yesterday and there is a tree with two huge limbs that prevented my installation. I made him get out this device he has to measure line of sight and sure enough they were in the way. I called dish network and they told me it was my responsibility when I moved to make sure I had line of site. This makes sense. Then they lowered the boom on me. Because I am basically breaking a contract with them, I owe them 480 dollars. I told them I didn’t have it to sue my ass. Which is actually true until the first. I was able to tell a big enough sob story to get them to suspend my account for six months, then I have to pay them in full. I hate damm contracts. So no football games for me this season. To add a little more stuff on my head, I walked over to the c store this morning to get a cappuccino and it started to rain pretty heavy, so I got all soaked. As I was walking back I was cussing the universe, it did no good but it did make me feel better, just as writing this down has done.

Random Thoughts 9/23/13

IMG_1256 (1280x932)

This mess you see is all stuff that is ready to go. This is the first time I am using boxes with my tubs, I saw someone moving in the other day and they were tossing a bunch of these in the trash so I asked them for two of them. The top one has all of my fragile glass that I will carry over. The two totes are full and ready to go. This still leaves me with two totes, one for all of my electronics, which I pack using one on my blankets in between each piece. My sub woofer is the only thing that wont fit in a tote. The last tote I don’t know yet what I will put in there probably what is left. Now I have to carry all of these pictures I got in Hawaii that I put up in the bathroom. They are just to large to fit in a tote. My carry list is getting bigger than I wanted, I am sure I will rip my back up but if I do that’s why I have the lortabs as much as I hate to take them.

I am still running into minor stumbling blocks. I called dish network to get my dish moved the day after I move. Now they want 100 bucks because I am moving in less that a years time. This wasn’t in the contract I signed I tried to argue a bit and surrendered. I consider myself pretty savvy with computers and websites. I have been to the ups website twice and can’t find the link to change my address. They do list a phone number so I will give that a try today. I held off on ordering that 250 dollar cell booster until I actually move in to see what kind of speeds I get after I am set up. I have a lot of options in this area. The apartment I am moving to is only about 75 steps from the laundry room. The wifi signal is actually the fastest in that room because it is right next to the boss lady’s office where the server is. I get almost 11 mps down which is pretty fast for wifi.

Switching gears, I know a lot of you use the Iphone, did anyone see they released two new versions one was expensive the other was labeled by the makers themselves as a phone for the masses. It is made of plastic and comes in a bunch of different colors and goes for 99 bucks.

I am curious If any of you have updated you phones to the new operating system yet. I know two people here that did and they don’t like it because it change the whole interface on their phone and according to cnet some of the applications take an extra click to open and use.

With my moving clock now ticking at somewhere over 48 hours I am going to get real busy over the next week or so. I don’t have a clue if I will be able to keep up with every one but know that I will eventually it just may take a couple of weeks. My wordless Wednesday will probably be the last post I put up for a while.

Now I have to make my morning power shake then get caught up with all of you.

Random Thoughts 9/21/13

My sleep has finally gone back to fairly normal. I got my four solid hours last night,that’s about as good as it gets for me.

I finished packing my second and last small box this morning now all I have is the four 60 gallon totes I use to move with all of the time. Started several piles of stuff to take over myself and put in the totes. My place is a big mess but a organized one. I am back on track and will be ready by next Thursday, if I don’t burn up all day and night today watching collage football.

We had a cold front come through a couple of days ago and the temps have only been in the very low 80’s with the lows around 60. This is perfect weather for me, get to open the house up and air it out every day and even sleep with a light blanket on. This is Kansas though and in a few days backup into the upper 80’s with high humidity.

I went to two different post offices yesterday which took about an hour to pick up a change of address packet. They were both out and the others were way over on the other side of town. Frustrated I came home did a simple search and found out you can do this all online. Not one of those postal workers even offered this advice to me. I am not a fan of the over paid postal workers to start with. Our government continues to throw billions at the broken down system instead of letting it die. There are plenty of private companies that could come in and take this mess over. But this system of lobbyist in the government have too much power to let that happen. Besides it is pretty much a useless service except for people older than me. I only check my mail a couple of times a week. The only thing I use it for are a couple of magazines I get and the notices the VA sends out to remind me of an upcoming appointment which is another waste of time and money. This is 2013 most people use the power of the internet to pay bills and order things. I say let it go away completely, just my onion on the whole mess. Apparently I needed to get that off my chest, don’t have a clue how I even started on the subject. It just came spilling out of my brain.

Now that my brain has freed up some space I can continue with my day 🙂