Quick Post 11/8/13

So much to write about and so little time. Hopefully I can get the post about my dog up later this weekend.
Quick update, finished my last class at the Humane Society last night about 10pm. It was a CF in there last night, 25 people trying to walk dogs all at once with 4 volunteers helping out. Everybody including myself got lost couldn’t find the two doors outside, dog piss and puke all over the floors, people slipping and falling. It was actually pretty funny looking back on it. They use this thing call a Weiss collar there. It hooks to the dog collar then you wrap it around the dogs chest, loop it through, so when the dog pulls on the leash like many dogs do it puts pressure on their chest forcing them not to pull so hard. I had a 150 pound lab and had no problem controlling Him with this leash.
Then everybody left except me and the staff member who taught the course. I had to go one step further and walk an aggressive dog who was in their for biting people. She stuck me with a 200 plus pound Saint Bernard who I had to muzzle for safety. This big bruiser damm near dislocated my shoulder. The lady gave off a little laugh and said let me show you how. She grabbed the leash, the dog took off and she fell on her ass letting go of the dog. After about 10 minutes of chasing this dog all around the huge complex I got a hold of Him and put Him back in His kennel. Naturally I passed the finial part of all of this training. Every time I have been up their I have run into the volunteer coordinator and He has always called me by name, something I could never figure out until a couple of days ago. He asked me a day ago If I was the same Person that lived in Hayesville in the early 70’s. I said yes and long story short when He was a kid He used to come over to my house. His mom and my ex were good friends at the time. I lied and said sure I remember you. This guy will be my boss and told me to give Him a call this morning when they open, in less than an hour and He would get me in for my one on one interview with Him today instead of waiting the usual week.
Enough said, If I don’t have time to catch up with every one this morning I will before I go to bed tonight.

Quick Post 10/25/12

Has my little corner of the blogging world gone post crazy. I have gotten rid of about a dozen followers in the last week or so. Now I am only following about 45 blogs which is normally very easy.

For some reason the ones I have now are posting much more. People who used to post once a week are now posting many times a week. A lot of you have gone to multiple post per day. This is all fine they are your blogs. I just thought maybe there was some contest going on, or certain planets were aligned or I was missing something 🙂

I have a lot to say but no time. All of a sudden I am being pulled from many directions for my time.That only leaves me with one or two hours a day to get on here.

Jut keep in mind when I am going through you post my time is limited and when I do comment I have to use my phone with its small virtual keyboard, still not willing to take my computer to public WiFi, even in the complex I live in because now there are always many people on it.

I need some response from you all about reblogs. I used to do one a week and as I recall they were not to popular. The majority of you neglected the one I did about a week ago is the main reason I am asking. Just be honest with me, I am not going to waste what little time on here doing a reblog once a week if nobody is going to look at it.

Quick Poast 9/26/13

Getting ready to put up my laptop for the move which should start in a couple of hours. I have tried to keep up a little at night but have been so tired I didn’t make much progress. My next week or so are going to be a mad house it takes a lot longer to unpack than to pack.

Plus an unexpected guest is dropping by for a few days or so. I am guessing it will be a week to ten days before I have time to post again or be very active on here.

It would be impossible for me to catch up on everyone’s post.This morning I am looking at 40 post. So as much as I hate to I will not be able to comment on them. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

I will read and like each one, that is the best I can do.

See you all in a week or so 🙂

Quick Post 9/3/2013

First I want to apologize to those of you who I replied to your post yesterday afternoon and evening. I couldn’t get into my email on my computer so I had to use my phone and wi-fi. This virtual keyboard and stylus really slow me down and frustrate me so my comments were either very short or I just didn’t make then when I normally would have.

I debated on if I should even post or not today because I have had a load of crap come down on me the last couple of days and am not in a very good mood. This happens to all of us from time to time and we either deal with it or it deals with us. I choose to deal with it.

I just can’t go any farther this morning. I would delete this whole thing but I want to get my apology up.

Like always I don’t want any pity for my problems so please don’t even go there.

Quick Post # 3

Only two people showed any interest at all in my post about Computer Security the other day, but that’s OK I still plan on doing the finial part one of these days. I am just putting the information out there and feel better for doing it. It did get me two laptops to work on through my email contacts, that will keep me busy for a while.

It has either rained here or been cloudy for the better part of two weeks with rain and clouds forecast for the next seven days so I haven’t been able to take any pictures. The sun did come out today for a few hours and what was I doing, running errands all morning long. I did pickup a Nikon Coolpix on sale for 100 bucks to replace that piece of crap camera on my phone. I am missing  to many good shots because I don’t bring my big camera with me. I can just put this one in the glove box after I learn how to use it. Yes I know all of you iPhone lovers have one of the better phone cameras out their, especially the iPhone 4. But the best one now belongs to the The new Nokia windows phone. 🙂

Quick Post # 2

1. My first name is Bob, I have been meaning to put this on my about page and keep forgetting to. I go by xbox2121 because that’s what I have used on every website since the Xbox first came out. You can still call me x or 21 or what ever you want I leave that up to you. I call most of you by your first name if I can figure it out.

2. I now have over 30 blogs that I follow,which is fine, that is a number I can deal with because I have the time. I like to comment and reply on post when it is appropriate. Some don’t need a comment and some like poetry I don’t have the knowledge to comment on even if it does interest me.
I have people who post from once a week to 3 or more a day. If you post 3 or more times a day I can no longer comment on all of you post. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I still refuse to use the reader so I get over 250 emails a day to act on.

Quick Post

I am still struggling to find my way around this blogging thing. I only put out 3 post a week and waste way to much time and brain effort trying to think a couple of days in advance what my next post will be. I spend about 4 or 5 hours to complete my average post. I am normally on here, on and off for about 12 hours a day to keep up with my followers, which I don’t mind because I made a personnel commitment to those I chose to follow. How the majority of you can come up with one or two post a day is just beyond my compression, it doesn’t come that easy to me.

I have decided to give my blog a bit of structure without tying my self down to one thyme. Both of these thyme’s are not my idea, I got them either from other blogs I follow or just looking through other blogs. So I cant really give credit to who I got these ideas from.

On Tuesdays I am starting a Tuesdays list, it will be one or at the most 2 post that I select from the blogs I follow that is some way influenced my thought process or changed my perspective on things. This will be my personnel choice so don’t confuse it with a popularity contest.

On Wednesdays I will start a series called wordless Wednesdays. This will be a collection of my photographs that I took. Normally it will just be photos with maybe a few words to describe a particular shot and consist of new photos that I have taken. The first couple will probably be old photos until I can get motivated and go out to get some newer shots.

I may even use from time to time a quick post like this one that doesn’t consume a lot of time.
With these two new features it will force me to post 4 or 5 times a week instead of my normal three.