Quick Post 10/25/12

Has my little corner of the blogging world gone post crazy. I have gotten rid of about a dozen followers in the last week or so. Now I am only following about 45 blogs which is normally very easy.

For some reason the ones I have now are posting much more. People who used to post once a week are now posting many times a week. A lot of you have gone to multiple post per day. This is all fine they are your blogs. I just thought maybe there was some contest going on, or certain planets were aligned or I was missing something 🙂

I have a lot to say but no time. All of a sudden I am being pulled from many directions for my time.That only leaves me with one or two hours a day to get on here.

Jut keep in mind when I am going through you post my time is limited and when I do comment I have to use my phone with its small virtual keyboard, still not willing to take my computer to public WiFi, even in the complex I live in because now there are always many people on it.

I need some response from you all about reblogs. I used to do one a week and as I recall they were not to popular. The majority of you neglected the one I did about a week ago is the main reason I am asking. Just be honest with me, I am not going to waste what little time on here doing a reblog once a week if nobody is going to look at it.


60 thoughts on “Quick Post 10/25/12

  1. I think re-blogs are good if the information is good and if it is good then it’s worth letting people get a 2nd chance to take a look at what you found.

  2. If I understand your question, when you reblog and somebody “likes” it, the “like” will go on the original post, not yours. People can comment on your site, but if someone “likes” it, that will reflect on the initial site’s blog. Does that make any sense? I hope so! Thanks for all you blog, I follow your site and hope I don’t miss any postings. Thanks!

  3. You are incredibly frank on what you’re thinking…. I like that. I myself am behind on reading others posts these days.. but your post came at just the right time. I read re-posts, but usually don’t comment on them- could live with or without them. I post daily, but wouldn’t think of doing more than that 1 post each day.. no time. I hope that you are still following me! I’m not sure what everyone else is up to…..

  4. Hi Bob,

    I was surprised your reblog about gun ownership didn’t generate more in the way of comments. That topic is usually quite controversial and comment threads can go on for ages. Perhaps people were too scared to dip their toes into the discussion? I thought the post was interesting to read though and I became aware of another interesting blog in this way so on the whole, I think reblogs are good.

  5. I am often tempted to reblog a blog I find particularly informative. However, I do not because I
    like to keep my site pure to its intention. Just my way of creating on wordpress but if someone else does reblogs I read them like I do any other type.

    • Thank you for your input. I can see in your case where you wouldn’t use them, because you site has a distinct theme, mine jumps around all over the place.

      • This is why I don’t reblog too. Even though I’ve seen some really good posts. I think it would make my site look odd and then people might feel they had to respond even though that is not what they are looking for. My site might seem a bit random but generally I am either writing about my life or about artsy booksy things..

        I am a steady three of four posts a week girl so you needn’t to worry about me going crazy!

      • Thanks Denise for weighing in on this and I am not at all worried about you posting to much 🙂

  6. I think it depends when reblogging, Bob. On my site if I hit the reblog button it just shows a link on my site to the persons post. It’s not catching and always gets over looked. But I find that when I copy and the paste the blog into a new post, add my thoughts and share a link to the original, it always gets read. I hope this helps.

  7. I read the re-blog post but I didn’t feel I had anything useful to say on the matter. Some people do have guns in Ireland but it is not something that I have thought much about. I can see how feeling under threat would make one re-consider ones opinions regarding them. I don’t feel qualified to say anything more.
    The frequency of my posts goes up and down a lot, sorry. I’m not disciplined enough to timetable my posts. I just post when I have something to share. Don’t worry about commenting, I know you’re there. 😀

  8. I have reblogged a couple of things. But if I really like a post, I think it is much better to comment about it on my blog and leave a link to it. A lot of my past blog pages have links to others. I hope by doing that it shows them that I really care. 🙂

  9. I for one posted….on the guns….NOBODY commented back to me. LOL.
    no pun intended.
    How you doin Bob?

    • I saw where you replied to the gun post, but I thought the person who wrote the post was supposed to reply. I am doing about the same as always Lisa, fair to partly cloudy

      • WELL part the clouds and let the SUN shine right on in!
        When the clouds take over and rains makes way, look for the rainbow….thats just the SUN shining thru showing its brilliance..Let me know when you find that pot o’gold!

      • It is pouring down rain today as I speak with a forecast of rain and cloudy days for the remainder of the week. If the clouds in my life ever clear and I find the pot of gold I will buy you a new pair of shoes. 🙂

      • Whoop! I’m looking already! And no worries Bob, the sun is shining somewhere. It doesnt ask us if we want it to or not…it just does. Remember me, when it peeks thru.

      • Ok you have a deal Lisa 🙂

  10. You mention gremlins… yes… there is an issue. Sometimes I make a comment and get all done and it will not post it. So even if you think no one is reading they are. Be happy with that.

  11. Come to think of it Bob I recall seeing only that one reblog about gun ownership (which I found very interesting as you well know!) so maybe I’m missing something!!
    I haven’t done any reblogs as I tend to mention a blog if there is something about it that ties in with what I’m posting and then I provide a link to that blog.
    If you think something is interesting enough to reblog then chances are your readers will also find it interesting, if that makes sense. So as far as I’m concerned, go for it 🙂

  12. Hi Bob. I’m not much of a “re-blogger” myself, but will make an effort to read if it’s on a site that I follow. If it’s something you enjoy doing, I say keep it up. I know exactly what you’re saying about time restraints- it can be quite the challenge to keep up with everyone… thanks for keeping me in your loop. Your site is one that I make sure to check in with on a regular basis.
    Have a good one, my friend 🙂

  13. The professor usually only posts 5 times a week.

    Franky, I usually don’t read reblogs.

  14. I think reblogs are great and helpful if they lead me to a post I’m interested in. I’ve discovered some new blogs to follow through reblogs. Of course, if I’m not interested in what the reblog post is about, then I won’t pay a lot of attention to it. To answer your question about reblogging, I say do it when there’s something you really, really want to share with others. Have a lovely week!! Celeste 🙂

    • Thanks Celeste, the reblog I was considering using was one of yours that opened my eyes and mine about changing to a partial vegan diet using baby steps. I think I will just use a link to that post and let my readers decide on their own

  15. I reblog often, Bob, as there are so many worthwhile posts on WordPress. As for the topic of gun ownership … the whole idea frightens me. It’s a controversial subject too. There are increasingly more gun crimes in the u.k. recently and I think there should be stricter laws. I didn’t get caught up in the original debate because it’s a subject I’m very sensitive about.

    • Thanks for your input Lesley I understand your position of the gun reblog I thought reasons like yours was why so many people didn’t want to weigh in on the subject

  16. I’m guilty. I have been posting a bit more lately due to photo competitions and have put two re-blogs. Both re-blogs hit a spot with me and I couldn’t help myself. The first reblog I kept an eye on the re-blog site to see if anyone else liked it and I think you were the only person that did, so I too am unsure as to whether people read them. I read re-blogs if the blurb in my email excites me, if I have spare time (which is getting less and less) and thats about it. Cheers

  17. If someone likes a reblog from the reader, it shows up on the original blog, not the one that reblogged it. So you might be getting more traffic than you think.
    That said, there are some writers whose work I really enjoy reading. If they reblog an old post of their own, I generally read it like any other post of theirs. If they reblog someone else’s post, I may or may not read it depending on time.
    With few exceptions, if I am following your blog it is because I like your work. If I wanted to read someone else’s, I would follow theirs. The exception, of course, is for blogs that are all collections from other works. Might seem shallow, but generally the way I approach it.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on the subject I don’t think you are being to shallow after reading a lot of these replies I realized I don’t read many reblogs

  18. Oh my – you are a little cranky 🙂 All I can tell you is how much I appreciate and enjoy the exchanges we have. My life is crazy, I don’t always have the time to put a ponder to press let alone catch up on my reading. I do what I can – let the chips fall where they may 🙂 Off to look for more spiders……

  19. I try to post once a day when I can since the blogging world says you probably should try to for various reasons. At least on a regular, consistent basis is good anyway–even if it’s once a week. But I know I won’t be able to post every day all the time. I don’t always have that kind of time. If I do, it’ll be a miracle. But I’ve definitely never understood the 10 posts per day blogs. To me, that’s a little much. I’ve even seen a couple of blogs that post about 10-20 REBLOGS PER DAY! They don’t blog about anything themselves—they just REBLOG everyone else’s posts several times a day. It’s ridiculous. I consider those blogs SPAM blogs if that’s all they’re going to do all day.

    • I agree that you are supposed to post once a day, I wish I had the time to do that 🙂 I have seen some of the sites you are talking about with a bunch or reblogs every day and I just pass them by, They are just like a copy and paste blog.

  20. Always appreciate your likes and your posts. Have a blessed day my friend! Queen Of Hearts

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