Random Thoughts 10/19/13

I have tried several times in the last day or so to write this post and it keeps coming out like a whining little bitch. So let me try again without the details and a more pleasant ending. I’ve had another week with more crap coming at me from sources I have long forgot about and some I wasn’t even aware of, plus a couple of financial issues I wasn’t prepared for and had to dip into the old savings again. Somewhere in the middle of all that my brain did its 48 hour shut down from lack of sleep and all I did for 48 hours was sleep, eat and stare at the boob tube. I have the tools to snap out of that but have found it works better just to ride it out. The brain is a lot like a hard drive without enough deep sleep it can’t process memories, defrag and reset itself.

Still working six days a week on my back, no matter what goes on that has to remain my priority for now. Got into an argument with the gal from PT about muscle building 101 and she changed my exercise routine to fit what I knew was right. I still go in there once a day for 30 minutes until the end of the month then they will cut me loose. I did get my own portable decompression table to use at home. That thing is like getting a shot of morphine, it only last about two hours and I can use it twice a day but that’s 4 hours a day with absolutely no pain, I will gladly take that !

I put a halt on all I was doing to my apartment, this is the first time I have ever lived in a downstairs unit and I hate it. The guy above me is a nice likeable type but he is a big stocky guy. Every time he walks across the floor I can hear it, I can’t get dish, my 4G won’t come in because I dropped down 12 feet and have the upstairs balcony hanging over my two best areas. I dropped my 4G plan down to 4GB the least my contract would let me get away with. So as of three days ago I am switching to 95% wifi. This means for me to follow all of you I have to get on wifi when the club house is open. There are other spots I can use early in the morning when my brain is fresh but I have to use my phone from these, I don’t use my laptop on public wifi areas, I have all of my financial data on here and wont run the risk of being hacked. If I am on my phone, my comments will be fewer and shorter. I am still very busy with a whole bunch of other projects, it is strange for me not to have a lot of free time. I think I can still keep up with you all but one or two post a week is all I have time to put out right now.

Enough of the negative stuff. I just decided not to continue this post in the way I was going to, don’t ask I am more confused than you are !!


43 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 10/19/13

  1. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on at the moment. I have to ask, what’s a decompression table?

    I sympathise with the lack of sleep bit. I read once that humans can only survive so long without sleep (less than 5 days). There’s a point at which we start to do crazy things like eating our own flesh if we go without sleep for too long and eventually it leads to death. Last year I started suffering from insomnia. I just could not get to sleep and so I got stressed about it and the stressing about not falling asleep made it even harder to fall asleep. I got over it eventually and am sleeping pretty well at the moment.

    I hope you manage to sort things out.

    • I had pictures of the table Rachel and naturally forgot to put them in the post.It is a device that locks in the upper and lower part of my body and stretches my spine by an adjustable amount, right now I can tolerate about a 4 inch stretch. This takes all of the pressure off the four spaces that bulge out in-between my lower spinal disk. Lack of sleep affects a lot of people, the old prostate is what wakes me up after 4 hours then I cant go back to sleep. Thanks for your concern I will sort all of this out eventually.

  2. It’s such a shame that after all that moving hassle your new apartment has all these niggles 😦

    I read a news article about this new theory that the brain is getting rid of waste when it sleeps, that’s why sleep is so important.

    I thought you must be busy but no matter… still enjoy your posts when they come through. Sometimes real life gets in the way. Hope life improves for you.

    • Thanks Denise, I have no idea what the word niggles means but I like it 🙂 You are right about the waste in the brain that’s what I was referring to when I used the word defrag. You are right about real life its right in my face right now but I will muddle through it. Thank you for your concern.

  3. Oh Bob, sometimes when things seem to get too much, it’s just as well our brains seem to shut down. When things get on top of me, I take our dog out for a two-hour or so walk. It always seems to take the edge of things … and you don’t need a dog to go out for a walk. I do sympathise about the lack of sleep though. This is a problem I’ve had on and off for most of my life. Hopefully, when you settle into your new home a bit better, your sleeping pattern will return to normal.

    • Thank you for your warm comment Lesley. I was walking 5 miles a day but the temp dropped into the 30’s for the last couple of days and I don’t do well in the cold. Sorry to here you have sleeping problems as well. There are so many things I don’t like about my new home I am actually thinking about moving once again in another 5 months, which is probably borderline crazy for me to even think about.

      • ‘…but the temp dropped into the 30′s..’
        That would be considered a heatwave in the UK! 😀

      • That’s probably true but this early in the year ? It gets down to zero here a few days in the winter but fall just started here

  4. NOW SEE BOB, I was with you til the last paragraph….and personally if we were sitting somewhere having a cold one, “hot dang” would not have been preferred… damn…would have been liked..like every other word beginning with the …”I have tried several damn times….”
    We woulda turned up the laughs!

    Glad you got yourself a decompression table. Do you have a TENS unit?

    • Your Comment got a big smile out of me Lisa, close enough to a laugh, thanks 🙂
      I have two different types of TENS units, one is the patches, the other is a belt. I use them as well but have to be careful because I have used them for a couple of years and have to turn the power up pretty high which causes the nerves to become immune to the shock after awhile.

      • well HOT DAMN! we got a laugh!

        The nerves do not become immune to the shock…what happens is the shock tires out the muscles and the muscle slow down the shock of the nerve. I will see if I can send you the info thru to your email. ( I was a PT). PT’s can be trained differently. You can also put a bit of water on the pad…a lil bit…lol…not much. I always push ICE as well. ICE is truly a great inflammatory.

      • Thanks Rachel, I am not sure what does what all I know is the more I use it the higher I have to set the power to get results. I use water on the belt along with the gel that came with it. I also prefer ice over heat it has a numbing affect I like.I am sure you are right about different training just keep in mind I am forced to use the Va

  5. I don’t think you are confused. I read you loud and clear. We all know exactly what you are writing about. (just don’t ask me to explain it)

  6. The only part of your post I can relate to is the back pain issue and since I’ve got some of that poison myself I know that it can compound and make everything else even more miserable. I don’t know you but from your blog picture I would say I’ve got about 20 years on you and I’m 73. So for what it’s worth I will offer this. Stay on your PT routine even after it runs out. I’ve been a gym rat for the past 10 years and I’m in there doing my own evolved work out at least three times a week. At the start it seemed impossible and it was painful but to me it’s my independence and if I don’t do it I’ll become housebound like many of my friends. What I have learned is that muscle tissue can be made and maintained still at my age. When I was 70 I was benching 205 and what really convinced was that a friend of mine at the gym was 75 and he was benching 265. I don’t know the extent of your injury nor do I mean to make benching your goal, what I’m saying is that you have to build your routine around what you know your back condition to be and evolve it over time. Sorry to take up so much space here but I wanted to share what I’ve learned. Good luck.

    • You only have 10 years on me but I must say I am impressed with the fact that you can bench 205. Petty good for a 70 year old. I was a gym rat going five days a week doing everything by the book. One day I was doing a dead lift and my foot slipped and that was it. Just a freak accident, I ended up with four bulging disk in my lower back. There is no cure all I can do is strengthen the two major muscles that run along my spine and my core muscles. I am sorry to hear that you have back problems as well but you already know the secret as we get older. A body in motion stays in motion a body at rest stays at rest. I think that came from a TV commercial or somewhere. You offer sound advice and that is my plan. As for the space you took up that’s what its for 🙂

      • That dead lift motion can be a bear and I don’t even attempt it any more. I’m very sorry about your injury. The only other thing I can offer is that back therapy (and/or surgery) is making some rapid advancements so I will keep watch and if I learn of new sources or treatments I will pass them on.

      • Thanks I appreciate the effort of you keeping watch for new treatments

  7. Sorry to hear about all the bummer stuff coming your way lately! Sending positive thoughts your way!! 🙂

  8. Also sending positive thoughts, and hope that things start to look up for you asap.

  9. Sorry the new digs aren’t working out for you and that your back is giving you more trouble. And nobody wants money woes. On the other hand, glad the table is working out for you. A little traction-induced relaxation sounds like a great thing right now. Peace brother.

  10. I’ve never lived below anyone before–only above. And I’ve never heard good things about living below someone either. My mom hated it and refused to do it again.

  11. Backs are a pain and I feel for you. Glad you can get 4 hours pain free as constant pain is just as bad as no sleep and you have both of them. I lived on the middle floor once and could hear the people above me going to the toilet. This made me paranoid about what the people below me could hear me doing. I had to get out. I sympathise with you that the move wasn’t everything you wanted it to be.

    • Thank you Irene, I think the middle floor would be worse like you explained. as for the move not much I can do now but I can move again in five months 🙂

    • I just thought of something else. Reference your comment about those exercises, I haven’t forgotten about it, I just cant find the paper that list all of the steps in the order they need to be done in.

  12. When crap starts piling up we can take control by making a choice – pickings may be slim,- choices few. That said – and this always works for me – I choose to laugh rather than cry.One thing for certain – dwelling on it leads to madness 🙂 I’m sending you a big hug, tomorrow is a new day.

    • I agree with you normally I can laugh at myself about anything especially when it comes to my fading memory. I just couldn’t last week but after all the caring comments I got like yours I do feel better, thanks for the hug !

  13. I agree with the others who said your carrying a lot of your worry in your back and it is making things worse. I am going to add my two cents. I am not sure where you are but a energy healer might be able to aid it getting some of the angst out. If nothing else it is relaxing and soothing and might give your muscles a breather. Reiki or Healing Touch are both good.
    Best to you.

    • Thank you for your comment Jane, I do recall how these methods have helped you. I am sure this town is large enough to have something like that. I will check it out next month. This month I don’t have a pot to piss in as they say.

  14. Hope your day is going well! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

  15. Oh Bob, I do love the way you express yourself but I’m really sorry to hear that you have all this ‘stuff’ going on and also that you don’t like your new apartment. I hope you can get all your issues with the internet sorted out, somehow. I don’t blame you not using your laptop on public WiFi.
    I can really relate with the sleep issues. I’m lucky if I sleep 3 or 4 hours straight every night. 6 hours is a great night. Funny because when I was young (ha!) I would hit the pillow and that would be it until the morning. Still, I’ve never not slept for 48 hours, that must be pretty rough.
    I really appreciate that even with all you are dealing with, with your back pain too, (glad that you have something to help, even if for 4 hours a day) that you still find the time to visit our blogs and comment, that really means a lot. It just wouldn’t be the same without you Bob, and I mean that! Hope you have a good day today 🙂

  16. Glad to see you’re keeping good spirits, Bob 🙂

  17. Well, even with full reception and internet, blogging is hard and time-consuming, so I’m not surprised that it’s really hard for you to keep totally up now. Bummer that you’ve had a less-than-exciting week, and I hope this week is just the opposite!

  18. Here’s to wishing you a restful and peaceful day! Queen Of Hearts

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