A Shifting Opinion

I am not a fan of reblogs but this one is very controversial, something I never shy away from.


Itโ€™s no secret I have strong opinions regarding Americaโ€™s constitutional right to bear arms My Canadian heart and soul lacks any point of reference to allow understanding of the NRA or gun lobbies. My stance is unlikely to budge when it comes to unelected, non-profit basking bullies being allowed to call the shots. Likewise fanatics like George Zimmerman, or the lust some Americans have for semi-automatic weapons. My tendency has always been to dismiss legal gun ownership outright. As a Canadian; our system seems to work just fine โ€“ hunting rifles yes, anything else and you have some explaining to do.

At least that was the case before an innocent response by wordpresser xbox2121 got me pondering.


Last night I wrote about the crash of Canadian cell phones for a number of nail biting hours from coast to coast. Pondering what we would do if an actual disaster tookโ€ฆ

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14 thoughts on “A Shifting Opinion

  1. But surely a hunting rifle is sufficient for defending oneself? Why does everyone need semi-automatic weapons? I think if society collapsed and the rule of law was each to their own with a rifle, then I’d probably rather be one of the ones to get shot.

  2. This is one reason I don’t like reblogs, I am never sure who the comment is going to, I assume this is to me. A bolt action hunting rifle where you can only fire one shot at a time is useless if you have to defend yourself and your loved ones against multiple attackers. This whole situation is about a worse case where society totally breaks down. I am only trying to protect myself and my loved ones. If your decision is to let your loved ones die without putting up a fight that is entirely within your rights as a human.

    • I don’t own any sort of weapon and wouldn’t know how to use one if I did. I imagine I’d fight to the death to protect my kids, but it would be an uneven battle if my opponent had a semi-automatic weapon.

      Nice new look to blog! Looks good.

      • I have no doubt you would do anything you could to protect your kids. Thanks for the comment about my new appearance, still working on setting it up

  3. NOt a gun fan-nuff said. Like the new design!

  4. Having another day to ponder my position on guns finds me no closer to a satisfactory conclusion.In the back of my mind when posting was the expression “three days to anarchy” – 3 days being the universally agreed upon time it would take for society to go bat shit after a major disaster if government aid wasn’t happening. Still pondering ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nearly fell out of my seat when laying eyes on your new blog look – very slick. I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Don’t ponder to hard. I think it is a simple as we were raised and or live in two different countries. We simply have different outlooks because of this on a lot of things. Thanks for the comment on my new free blog look, still need to do some tweaking on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well Bob, for some strange reason I completely missed this post and only just caught it. I read the reblog with great interest. Being a Brit I found the whole ‘gun culture’ in the US something very alien to me when I met my American husband and then lived in California. He worked for the Department of Corrections, so as a Peace Officer was permitted to carry a gun on him when out and about. This meant he carried a gun to places like Disneyland, the airport, downtown LA, you name it. He was paranoid about protecting the family. He had/has a safe full of guns of every kind.
    He took me out shooting once, a shotgun, and it almost blew my shoulder out of joint and deafened me. I am a useless aim so I never tried again and refused to. Having said that, I knew where it was kept in case I ever needed it. This is because my ex worked graveyard and night shifts for many years so me and my young children were alone at night, every night, for many years. He felt better knowing I could protect myself and the children although I felt better knowing we had a baseball bat by the front door as I wouldn’t trust myself to use any gun. Like Rachel, I would do anything to protect my children but reaching for a gun wouldn’t even enter my head. Just like her, I would not come out of the battle very well.
    I never liked having guns in the house, but all my children were taught to shoot by their father and in fact my younger son, when we moved back to the UK, joined the Army Cadets and, as a crack shot, he represented his troop at a national shooting competition at Bisley, a well known shooting venue.
    When I was recently back in CA visiting (first time in 10 years) I was shocked at how my friends who lived in LA county talked about having ‘bug out’ packs and guns and ammunition in case things ‘kicked off’. My ex has always been paranoid about things ‘kicking off’ but then if things went that way here in the UK, we would be wholly unprepared. Then again, we live on an island…
    Ultimately Bob you are so right when you say it comes down to the type of cultures we are raised in and what we are brought up with. One of my American friends finally admitted to me that she loves to shoot a gun for fun at a range and I’ve known her for 25 years and she never told me before because she knew that I hated having guns in the house. She found it hard to understand that where I come from, having a gun in the house for protection is not something that sits well with most Brits!
    Well, that’s my comment for the day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for your input Sherri, almost every one missed this post, it had a lot of views and I suspect most people just didn’t want to touch it. I can well understand your position on guns and am pretty sure most Brits would agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I do not like guns at all ;(

  7. There are so many ideas about guns, and so many different theories on what to do about them. You make a lot of good points, Bob, and so does the blogger in this reblog. I am an advocate for gun rights, but also know that guns in this country are out-of-control. Banning guns entirely is a good thing…on paper. But criminals always manage to get guns, regardless of them being banned, and so that leaves the law-abiding citizens at an extreme disadvantage against the gun-toting criminal aiming at them. I have seen first-hand the disadvantages and dangers of gun ownership, but I would rather try to remedy the dangers than to be defenseless while someone uses a gun to blow away my family. A ball bat can do damage to someone if you’re close enough to them, but you’ll never get that close to someone pointing a gun at you from across the room. I’m not one of those people that would shoot at anything that moves or makes a noise, but if I open my eyes at night and someone is coming through my window, I’d rather have more than just my bedside table nail polish to use to defend myself.

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