Wordless Wednesday 10/9/13

IMG_0790 (1280x960)


36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 10/9/13

  1. Old Photo, untouched. Just clouds no sunrise or sunset.

  2. Hard to believe with those brilliant reds that it wasn’t a sunset or sunrise. Was there a fire around? Great photo

  3. Reddish sky! The professor loves it.

  4. Gorgeous! Where was this taken at?

  5. was there a lot of dust in the air ? Nice pic

  6. Great shot….really great!

  7. It is a great shot and I too was surprised that it wasn’t a sunset or sunrise. But you can get colours like that with dust in the atmosphere. Perhaps the storm clouds helped too.

    • Thanks Rachel, my memory is about as long as the hair on top of my head so I just cant recall the specific conditions. The only reason I am sure it was not a sunrise or sunset is I have a separate file in my pictures titled just clouds.

  8. […] Just met a blogger from Kansas.  Take a look at the picture he took of the beautiful Kansas sky.  He could not find any words to describe it because it was posted on Wordless Wednesday. […]

  9. I love beautiful nature pictures like that. Just gorgeous.

  10. Needed this on a dark black night…

  11. Hope you don’t mind. I’m writing a ponder at the moment and have included a link to your blog:)

  12. Here are some words on your wordless Wednesday..actually it’s Sunday but we’ll pretend it’s Wednesday! Thanks for liking my posts. I hope life is finding you well and happy! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day!

  13. Those colors are so beautiful and vibrant! Good job!

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