Change Is In The Air

My life is undergoing a lot of major changes now, all of them positive some long overdue. I used to be able to say I have more time on my hands than money. Now a lot of free time is something I don’t have.

Last week I started Physical Therapy backup for my back. I am now using the decompression machine again. This device just straps in your lower and upper body and gently pulls on them reliving the compression on my affected disk. I had four treatments last week and have already quit using my muscle relaxants and pain pills. I am not drowsy all the time anymore and have quickly reverted back to my normal four hours of sleep a night with only one nap during the day to give me a total of six hours a day that’s all I need. This week I start going in twice a day five days a week. The first session they have me practicing on a portable version of this device that they ordered for me to use at home. The second session is even more advanced exercises to strengthen my back and core muscles. This should last about a month before they turn me loose.

My home program will then go from two 30 minute sessions to three one hour sessions seven days a week. I have to commit myself to this because if I don’t and continue to put this off I could mess around and end up with a rod in my back that holds the four disk in place. I wouldn’t even be able to bend over if that happened.

This whole dish mess I had going on may have been a good thing looking back. Yea it cost me some money but I was already recording a bunch of shows and wasting five or six hours a day watching them. Now with my antenna hooked back up I can still watch most of the football games I want plus two or three hours in the evening watching some shows I really enjoy. I still hate watching live TV but down the road I can pick up a DVR for 100 bucks and record the shows to watch the next day.

I also need to finish my apartment set up and prep and paint the old seventies ugly wooden kitchen cupboards white. I like the look and made a deal with the devil or the property manager to let me paint these, they even provide the paint. It is a water based paint which is a pain to cover wood with but with time I can do it.

I have given a lot of thought lately on two main things. The first is if I want to take on the responsibility of owning a dog again or not. This is a serious commitment for me and I am still working on that, There are positive and negative aspects to this I need to dwell on. The other is, I wont be able to go back to work part-time until next spring when my back should be strong enough. I have decided in the mean time to give some time back into the community by volunteering about 20 hours a week. There are many worthwhile ways to do this, I am just about convinced to do it at the Humane Society. I have always had a love for dogs and have gotten all of my past pets from there. I find the whole idea of buying dogs from breeders that all to frequently use puppy mills for their dogs, a bit repulsive when there are so many surplus already at the Humane Society that will be put to sleep if someone doesn’t take them.

I could go on but in short I need to break this prognostication cycle I have been stuck in. This time I have been talking about, for the next couple of months has to come from this site. I will only post twice a week, once the wordless Wednesday which is a very easy post until I run out of good old photos, then if time permits post once during the weekend. Even with all of this going on I still think I can keep up with all of my friends, I may not be able to comment as much as I like only time will tell. I will not post if I am not caught up or close to being caught up.

Now I am off for my morning cappuccino before I catch up with everyone.



38 thoughts on “Change Is In The Air

  1. I love dogs too! Our dog died recently and for the first time in more than 13 years I have no dogs. It’s weird and I would like to get another one day but we’re a bit unsettled at the moment so it may be a while yet.

    I agree with you about the breeders and puppy mills. If you volunteer for the Humane Society you might come a across a dog in need of a home there.

    • Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog Rachel, I am sure you know when you have had one that long they become part of the family. Even If I don’t volunteer at the humane society that is where I will get my next dog. I will wait for Corgi or Corgi mix they are great for apartments and don’t require a lot of exercise.

  2. The words you used … “I have to commit myself to this” to me are the most important that you wrote. It does sound like you are willing to do so. 🙂
    We don’t have a dog and won’t have a dog. But I have seen the happiness and pleasure pets bring to so many. A cat might be easier to care for. But that is just what my cat keeper friends tell me.
    I don’t post everyday but I think a Wordless Wednesday would be a great idea. Even better would be a Worthless Wednesday.

    • Thanks for your input. I do agree with you it is sometimes hard for me to commit to myself but when I do I take it very seriously. I am not a cat person and am allergic to them but they are much easier to care for. Every one of my post would fit under the Worthless Wednesday category 🙂 but it does make me think of a thoughtless Thursday or something along those lines, change is always good.

  3. Sounds as though you have a lot of positive things happening for you at the moment and although we will miss your brain dumps it sounds as though what you do instead is what you need at the moment. The machine for your back sounds fantastic and certainly much better than having a rod. I have a dog and just love the constant companionship they give you plus the excercise you have to do walking them etc. My Zac is a rescue dog and I just love him. All the best.

    • Thanks Irene, dogs can provide excellent companionship. I had to give my border collie away when I moved back into the city and have missed her every day. I have always gotten rescue dogs. All the best to you as well my friend !

  4. Great positive steps to take Bob. I admire you. I wish you well with your back treatments and hope that it helps and that you soon start to feel better. Also with the dog. As you well know, having a dog is a big step but you know what you want and what it all entails, so why not? We don’t have a dog at the moment although when my kids were young we always had dogs, a lab and a lab/collie mix, as well as cats, hamsters, rats, fish, snakes, lizards, you name it we had it. Now we just have the two cats (and one corn snake which is in my daughter’s room, safe and sound in his vivarium I might add!!! ). The volunteering is a great idea too, I look forward to reading more to see what you actually decide to do 🙂

    • Thanks for your support Sherri, a dog is a big step and I am still on the fence about it. Whats the matter, you don’t like snakes crawling around loose in your house 🙂

      • Ha Ha!!! Definitely not! My daughter had to work on me for years before she convinced me to allow her to get a snake. I’ll give her her dues – she did her research and assured me that a corn snake is harmless etc; and she takes care of it. But….so long as she doesn’t bring it near me! His name is Charlie by the way 🙂

      • It sounds like your daughter did her research well to convince you 🙂

  5. sheesh! your poor back! keep doing your exercises! sorry to hear you’re going through so much with it, i too know how it feels, had three herniated discs(sp?) thank god for the chiropractor!
    btw, i love border collies, shetland sheepdogs, any kind of collies!! that was my first dog growing up and have adored them ever since! i hope you figure out what to do about adopting one…yeah they’re a lot of work…haven’t had one in about 3 years, can’t commit anymore, too much going on in my life and i won’t neglect a pet, i love giving them lots of attention lol..i’m a spoiler lol…
    it’s nice to hear you’re going to volunteer, that’s such a wonderful thing to do…
    keep yourself strong as possible Bob, and do whatever makes you happy and at peace…enjoy the week 🙂

    • Thank you Selah, I appreciate it. Three herniated disk can be a major problem as I am sure you know. I wish a chiropractor could help me out 🙂 The commenting to owning a dog has been an issue with me for awhile now. But I need to settle down quit moving so much and most importantly quit chasing women 🙂

      • well, seems to me you’re very honest with yourself and that’s always a good thing 🙂 kudos to you for that!
        and the chasing women is crazy…lol…they’re crazy(i’m including myself lol) …if she’s out there, she’ll’ll happen Bob when you’re not expecting it 🙂
        enjoy yourself with your new friends, you never know what will happen with new friends!

      • Thanks Selah I will give it a go 🙂

  6. Good morning Bob. You have so much on your plate at the moment, if anyone deserves to sit and enjoy a morning cappuccino it’s you, my friend!
    Best for a wonderful day 🙂

  7. Back ache is horrible and so gets you down. It just goes everywhere with you and makes even the simplest thing a mountain to climb 😦 Good that you’ve come off the pills already. And good that something positive came out of that whole dish fiasco.

  8. You do deserve to take care of yourself and I think your idea to work with PT for a holistic approach is best. As to the dog, I cannot image my life with out a dog. But I am blessed with the best dog in the world. He is my heart. And rescue is the only way to go. You are on the path of finding your doggie soul mate when you start working at the shelter. He or she will come to you. Feel better and thanks for the comments on my post.

    • Thank you Jane and there is no need to thank me for my comments on your post, I enjoy you blog for many reasons one is I can relate, to some scale on a lot of it. Have a great Day !

  9. Volunteering at the human society is a wonderful idea. Thats like having a pet without the cost and bathroom runs.

  10. Before you break your NECK painting with a water based paint…there is a new paint that you can find that is a NO SANDING PAINT. YUP! It is for wood grain cabinets. And I think Im right when I say, I think…one coat? maybe…
    Speaking as a past PTA, please take care of your back!
    Animals are wonderful pets!! BUT, you need to take care of you right now before you can take care of another…especially when it comes to lifting bags of food and water when you live alone.

    Get WELL first!

  11. Maybe a stupid question but have you tried water therapy? By that I mean strength, conditioning and resistance in a pool. I had a major car accident about 15 years ago. I was off work for years and the only thing that helped was my time with a therapist in the pool 🙂

    • Its not stupid at all, I used to do water exercises at the YMCA until l I re injured my back. That is on my list of thing to restart for the overall strengthening of my back. The Y has about 4 different types of classes I was taking before just in the heated pool. Follow that with a 20 minute soak in the very warm whirlpool bath and that is about as loose as I get !

  12. First thank you for “liking” some of my posts. There is not much on my blog but I hope you feel welcome to browse and that you enjoy what’s there. Second, and most important, I just read your account of the back problems you have endured and I’m glad to read that you are doing better without those medications. I’ve got similar problems and I can relate to the bad feelings that go along with the pain killers so I hope you can continue to stay off of them. Anyway welcome aboard my site and I look forward to following yours.

    • I liked you post because I actually liked them 🙂 If you have time you should post a little more, they are well worth reading, if you want more followers let me know I will send some of mine your way that need more as well. The back thing can be a pain quite literally, sorry to hear you have similar problems. The VA just recently issued me a portable decompression table to use at home, this thing is a miracle !!

  13. Back problems can be so excruciating; I feel for you. I was fortunate to have had them for about 3 years and since then — some 15 yrs ago — they seem to have gone away with a minor twinge now and then that is remediated by one particular exercise the Chiropractor taught us.

    As for DISH and spending time in front of it, boy can I share your thoughts. We’re parked out in the middle of the forest on this volunteer gig and we can’t get a single TV station over the air. I have always been cavalier about how much I didn’t like TV, but when I had no access to news I am amazed at how quickly I changed my tune. And it’s not like the news is even all that GOOD or all that RELIABLE — but I guess I’m hooked.

    The DISH installer comes today…….

    A retired photographer looks at life from behind an RV steering wheel.
    Life Unscripted

    • Thanks for your comment Peter, back pain can be excruciating at times as you are aware, all I can do is what PT tells me to do,some days are better than the others. That box we all call a TV can be addicting even if used in moderation, congrats on getting Dish installed out in the middle of nowhere !

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