Random Thoughts 10/5/13

I am tired of writing about the universe crap on my head, the other day I actually got one pile of it off my head.

I knew I was in trouble when I picked up my unexpected guest from the airport and she had three suitcases and a carry on. Even I knew that was a bit much for a “short visit” as she called it. We had already discussed her moving in here prior to coming yet her she was bags in hand. Since she was here I decided to give it a try for a while even though I knew it was doomed before it began. This girl makes good money as a graphic arts designer,she is a year younger than my daughter and very attractive. What the heck she see’s in me I will never figure out. Outside of the bedroom we have very little in common other than the fact she is into healthy eating as well.

She was here about 24 hours before she started using the words that send shivers down my spine. We could, we should, we can. It’s that damm we word. She didn’t like my collection of old and wall mart furniture I had or the older apartment I lived in. She had her eye on another complex down the road that goes for about 300 a month more than my rent. It is larger and only about ten years old. She suggested to buy out my lease at a cost of about 1100 dollars, move all of my stuff, minus my furniture, move her nicer solid oak furniture down here from Florida and bring down her BMW. Total cost to me nothing.

The first night here she took me out to eat because that is what she is used to in Her busy life she doesn’t have time to cook. She was dressed in a fancy pants suit, I had on my blue jeans but I did dress up a bit and put on one of my sports shirts. Then came something I knew would come up, these suggestions always start with a honey or dear in front of them. She wanted to take me shopping the next day and buy me some slacks, nicer shirts and even shoes. My reply was are you F ing crazy I don’t wear that kind of stuff I don’t even own a pair of slacks outside of my funeral suit. I could write another five paragraphs on how the visit went but I am getting bored with this post.

In the end after about a week I sent her home. I just couldn’t get her to understand I am set in my ways and to old for any major changes in my lifestyle. I forget to mention even though I knew that I would send her home I asked my Daughter about it and her words were “ run pops its a trap” she knows me way to well.

I have tried out far to many relationships in the last 15 years and all of them end up with one thing in common. Women can’t help themselves, they all want to change or mold a man into what they want. I wont say all women are like that but every one I have come across does. I could have used this women and gotten a lot of nicer things out of it but as much as I hate to admit it even I have a set of morale’s I live by.

One last thing fall has finally arrived here it has been in the upper 80’s all week, unseasonably hot. Last night a cold front came through High today 60 the temp now is 45 and I need to go get my morning cup of cappuccino before I catch up on all of my friends post.

I have my antenna hooked back up and have 9 hours of collage football to watch today live, what a pain no fast forward through half time or commercials 🙂


47 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 10/5/13

  1. I hate clothes shopping too – all that pulling on and pulling off stuff that doesn’t fit. It brings out the worst in me. I’d far rather be sitting at home in comfort too – probably not watching football … unless Cristiano Ronaldo was playing. There’s a lot to be said for having our own space. 🙂

  2. WTF – and I suppose I mean that literally – at least for a week or so. Be flattered for a moment – then run for the hills as your daughter wisely suggests:) My apologies but I find myself laughing – take you shopping? Holy crap.

  3. Sounds like you did the right thing, Bob. It may surprise you but there are men who try to do the same thing to women. When I was only 20 or so and finally found my first boyfriend, he tried to change lots of things about me. He wanted me to wear perfume and to wear certain clothing and shoes and he even went so far as to tell me how I should act around his friends. Needless to say I knew this was all bad news and eventually escaped, but it took me two years.

  4. Quite the Casanova! LOL We’re old enough to know better than to be with someone who wants to change us or to think we would change much even for ourselves. But hey, it feels good to know you’ve got whatever it is that keeps them interested, right? 😉 Glad you had fun while it lasted and that you escaped unscathed.

  5. I am glad you saw the humor… as I saw it in your writing. You remind me of my brother who wears only flannel shirts and owns one burying/marrying suit. I am going to put my 2cents in, but you attract this…you invited her into your home…if she is rich tell her you will find a close by hotel….you own as much of the issue as she does. I think your a hoot though and I could just envision the grumbling under the breath that went on…
    and said with love, “you ole Curmudgeon.” 🙂

    • Jane I am probably much like your Brother I dress for my own comfort. I always attract 2 cents on my of my post and welcome them 🙂 I didn’t actually invite her she told me in a email she was coming down for a visit for a few days, she has done this once before then gone back home. So I guess by picking her up at the airport and bringing her home I did invite her into my home. Yes at anytime I could have ask her to stay at a hotel but I chose not to and yes I did a lot of grumbling under and over my breath 🙂

  6. I’ve made the mistake before of wanting to change the other person. Not any more though, I’m older and wiser. And I’ve got far too much going on my own life to worry about what anyone else is doing. You need a nice older lady who will leave you alone!

    • Denise it has been my experience that lady’s my age are just flat out boring. I think I need to get a dog instead. I have been seriously considering it for awhile now.

  7. I think you handled the situation remarkably well.

  8. hey bob! (apologies for being gone so long from blogging)lol…glad i caught up with you to see how things have been going…but didn’t expect to read this one…lol..i guess i missed a lot huh?
    i too saw the little chuckle in what you wrote, but it also pains me that you had an experience like that…don’t know the whole story, but in the gist of what i read, sounds kind of (as you mentioned somewhat) it was doomed from the beginning? that’s sad that you knew that before it could even get started…hope you have better luck next time…(food for thought)maybe you should let your daughter screen the women in your life first 🙂 ya think? lol

    • Hey Selah nice to see you around again. If there is a next time I might have to let my daughter do a little screening. I watched a movie the other night and a phrase caught my attention. She said just because I live alone doesn’t mean I am lonely. I have so many new friends in this complex and with my hobbies I actually enjoy living by myself 🙂

  9. Don’t change the essence of who you are for anyone. It just makes the other person feel in control. A dog is a seriously good idea. I’m surprised you don’t have one already?

  10. You don’t think a dog will be manipulating?….you have not lived with a dog!

  11. Wow Bob, who knew you had all that women drama going on this week! Well good for you for not allowing her to change you, or even pretending to be amused by the suggestion. And, using her to get nice stuff, would have costed more in turmoil than buying nice stuff yourself. I wonder if she’ll read this post.

    • Thanks Stephanie, I dont really need all of that nice stuff anyway its not who I am. I dont let anyone I actually know acess to my post except for two people 🙂

  12. It’s one thing for two people to compromise for each other, since no two people are going to agree about everything. It’s a totally different thing when one person tries to completely make-over another mostly against their will. I gotta say, I laughed all the way through this story, not at your misery but at the humor of the story itself! You have such a great sense of humor! I’m glad the disaster went on home, and that you were a gentleman about it — I’m also happy to hear that you’re having fun and making friends at your new apartment!

    • Thanks Becky, after all was said and done I got a good laugh at it myself, btw I got your email this morning about that other project. I havent had a chnceto look at it yet but I havent done anything in that area yeat so I am sure it will help, thanks!

      • Hey, no problem! I do hope a video helps whenever you are able to open up your Gimp and try it out. Say, I am hoping to be able to send a video over my email, but I’m not sure if I can or not. If not, I’ll let you know ahead of time if I have to use some other means to send it. I’m not very good at explaining things, so you still may not know any more after seeing a video than you did before, lol, but you can let me know if you have any questions. I really hope I can help you enjoy processing photos — it’s kind of fun!

  13. as always I love your turn of phrase. What a colourful life you lead, Bob… it is far from boring!

  14. Hi Bob! Catching up once again and just read this post! Well, what to say? Firstly, I’m glad you got out of that situation. It’s no good trying to change the other person like that. I learnt that a long time ago. When I met my now husband (we’ve been married 7 years, I was married 22 yeaers before that) I told him that I wasn’t looking to change anything. If he wasn’t the man I wanted as he was, then what’s the point? Same with me. He wasn’t looking to change me either. That is just a recipe for disaster as you say. I love the way you tell a story and don’t mince words. Secondly, maybe a dog is the best thing for a quieter life, but you just never know who you might meet one of these days… 😉

    • Hi Sherri, When you met your second husband you were fortunate that you both accepted each other for who you are. I think a dog is probably the best for me, I didn’t even mention the dozen or so other attempts I have made over the last 15 years 🙂

  15. This story is hilarious, Bob! Good for you in standing your ground. It seems that when a person doesn’t feel good about themselves they have this need to change others. Maybe it’s a control factor. I’m not sure but they want others to think, speak, react and wear the things according to what makes them feel good. It wasn’t about you at all, it was totally about her. Glad that you made your way out of the this situation.

    • Thanks Kerri, it could have been a control factor I just don’t know anymore This is the third or 4th time something very similar to this has happened to me. I must have a look that says try to control me or something 🙂

      • They may very well have ‘Daddy’ issues. I don’t know, I don’t understand the concept of changing people. When I was dating, I wasn’t looking for another job or a kid to raise, I was looking for someone to love and share my life with and changing someone is hard work – it is simply raising another child.

        You know, Bob – it’s quite possible that you are just too dang sexy for your own good.

      • Could be Daddy issues Kerri, I cant figure it out as for the to dang sexy part, I do have a flirtatious personalty but that is about it 🙂

  16. Hehehe, things that happened while I was away for a few days 😀 – yep, life is all about feeling comfortable about yourself not about someone, someone else wants you to be!

  17. Hello Bob, oooohhh I run a mile if someone tries to change me. Whatever attracts them to me in the first place is my question, if they want character/major life style changes? It’s patronising at best and controlling at worst. Thank you for finding my blog, because I have found yours. -:)

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