Random Thoughts 9/28/13

Yea I know I said I would stay off of here during my move for a while. But I feel a good old-fashioned rant coming so you may want to duck and cover. My unexpected guest is flying in tomorrow and I have to pick her up at the airport. This could complicate my life a lot so I have some hard decisions to make in the next week or two depending on where this goes.

My dream apartment seems to be cursed. I don’t believe in curses but this place has me scratching my head anyway.

The good: I did get the location, floor plan and new carpet like I wanted. New carpet is a big deal because only about 20 apartments have it so far out of the 400 or so in this complex. The old style was this off white color that showed every bit of dirt and stains. The new type is a two tone dark and light brown. I would guess estimate this place puts my about ¼ mile closer to all the places I walk to. My mail box is only about 50 steps round trip. This also puts me closer to the places I walk to every day so at least my five mile walking has come back since I have moved. I knew my data stream for my computer would be lower and it is but I am still getting decent 4 g speeds so that saved me 250 bucks so far any way because I don’t have to buy the cell signal booster.

The bad: I am surrounded by college age kids. I started this post about 2:30 Am and it sounds like party central out there. If I ever get unpacked enough to find my radio it will block out their sounds enough. When I sleep I just turn on my floor fan and that blocks the sound as well. I don’t blame the kids I did the same thing when I was their age. The place I left was so quiet and peaceful at this time of morning compared to this one. I will adjust though, I always do. I don’t mind moving but I do hate to unpack, things always pack quicker than they come out. The whole layout is different here so I have to put my stuff in different places than the last place. I need my computer desk near glass to get the best signal so I was forced to put it in the bedroom next to the window. Right now I have a full size bed, my computer desk and a dresser crammed into this bedroom. In the living room all I have is my TV and large stand, recliner and an end table the rest is very empty. It works for me now any way.

The ugly: When I chose this apartment everybody at the office told me I would be able to hook up my satellite dish. When I looked at the property layout it appeared I would be able to get a line of sight at 102 degrees. The installer came out yesterday and there is a tree with two huge limbs that prevented my installation. I made him get out this device he has to measure line of sight and sure enough they were in the way. I called dish network and they told me it was my responsibility when I moved to make sure I had line of site. This makes sense. Then they lowered the boom on me. Because I am basically breaking a contract with them, I owe them 480 dollars. I told them I didn’t have it to sue my ass. Which is actually true until the first. I was able to tell a big enough sob story to get them to suspend my account for six months, then I have to pay them in full. I hate damm contracts. So no football games for me this season. To add a little more stuff on my head, I walked over to the c store this morning to get a cappuccino and it started to rain pretty heavy, so I got all soaked. As I was walking back I was cussing the universe, it did no good but it did make me feel better, just as writing this down has done.


30 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 9/28/13

  1. Oh man! You should have had the property manager put it in writing that you could hook up your dish. Holy crap – that SO SUCKS. Chuck the dish and get Netflix 🙂

  2. The property manager will let me put it up I had it at the last place its that big tree that is the problem. I cant use netflix because I am stuck in another contract using this expensive 4G data with Verizon, 4G speed is not unlimited.

  3. The joys of moving house 😀

  4. I love the way your started this with duck and cover. And yes, doesn’t writing help to heal and minimize the pain. Get those drunk kids some night to go cut those branches off for you for $100.00. Beats the $480.

    • Believe it or not I have thought about getting someone to cut them down if I used the drunk kids they would probably cut down the whole tree and it would come crashing down on my building 🙂

  5. Oh, I forgot to add….who says the bedroom can’t be where the living room is. It is your place. Move the TV and desk and stuff in the smaller room and make the bigger one your bedroom. Who cares? By a standing screen to separate the sleeping area. It makes it cozy.

  6. Sometimes you just gotta rant. Who knows, maybe they’ll trim the tree.

  7. Maybe you an talk them into mounting the dish in the tree.

  8. Those satellite companies are horrible with their contracts 😦

  9. Sending positive thoughts your way!
    ~ 🙂

  10. Wow. You may end up having to move AGAIN!

  11. Oh Bob, apologies for only just now reading this post, as you know, I tend not to blog over the weekend but then I pay the price by spending the entire Monday catching up!
    I love the way you wrote this with the good, the bad and the ugly (which, I have to say, is my all time favourite movie!!)
    Seriously though, so sorry for the hassle with the satellite company, what a major pain. It seems to be the way of it these days. Also about the college kids. Get that radio on and quick!
    You sound like I did the day I had my run in with the counsellor, and glad to know that cussing at the universe and writing this post helped a little 🙂

  12. I too am late reading your post! I love new carpet so yay to that but sorry to hear about the noise and the satellite dish problems. Surely there’s a way you can get out of that? In my experience if you continue with the sob story then they either halve the amount due or let you off completely. But then I’m not that familiar with your contract. $480 does seem steep though.

    • Don’t worry about the late thing Rachel I like the new carpet a lot. The dish thing is another story I did whine used my lack of memory card and anything I could think of. I went through three different people the best I could get was the six month six month suspension which means I still owe the money but don’t have to pay it for six months. This is a standard cancellation clause here in the state the amount is based on half of my bill for the remainder of the two year contract. I only had it one month before that’s why it is so high. It does say it is my responsibly to make sure I have line of sight. A cellphone contract in the states is even worse

  13. Satellite companies have lost many a customers over the years because of situations just like this, Bob. It seems that if it’s a coverage issue, you should be relieved of the contract terms. You are not a tree technician and have no control over or what their signal goes through. It would be better for long term business if they’d let you out of the contract so you’d want to do business with them again.

    • My problem is Kerri it states in the contract when I move I am responsible to insure line of sight for the new installation. The satellite companies as well as the one cable company have become so huge they just don’t care they know the majority of people use one of there services so they just don’t care.

  14. Hey this is Chris from Beer and Joysticks I have nominated you for a Liebster Award more details on http://beerandjoysticks.com/the-liebster-award.html

  15. I see your new neighbors are coming to life. Give one of those drunk college kids a $100.00 to cut down the tree limbs blocking your satellite and save $350.00!

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