Random Thoughts 9/23/13

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This mess you see is all stuff that is ready to go. This is the first time I am using boxes with my tubs, I saw someone moving in the other day and they were tossing a bunch of these in the trash so I asked them for two of them. The top one has all of my fragile glass that I will carry over. The two totes are full and ready to go. This still leaves me with two totes, one for all of my electronics, which I pack using one on my blankets in between each piece. My sub woofer is the only thing that wont fit in a tote. The last tote I don’t know yet what I will put in there probably what is left. Now I have to carry all of these pictures I got in Hawaii that I put up in the bathroom. They are just to large to fit in a tote. My carry list is getting bigger than I wanted, I am sure I will rip my back up but if I do that’s why I have the lortabs as much as I hate to take them.

I am still running into minor stumbling blocks. I called dish network to get my dish moved the day after I move. Now they want 100 bucks because I am moving in less that a years time. This wasn’t in the contract I signed I tried to argue a bit and surrendered. I consider myself pretty savvy with computers and websites. I have been to the ups website twice and can’t find the link to change my address. They do list a phone number so I will give that a try today. I held off on ordering that 250 dollar cell booster until I actually move in to see what kind of speeds I get after I am set up. I have a lot of options in this area. The apartment I am moving to is only about 75 steps from the laundry room. The wifi signal is actually the fastest in that room because it is right next to the boss lady’s office where the server is. I get almost 11 mps down which is pretty fast for wifi.

Switching gears, I know a lot of you use the Iphone, did anyone see they released two new versions one was expensive the other was labeled by the makers themselves as a phone for the masses. It is made of plastic and comes in a bunch of different colors and goes for 99 bucks.

I am curious If any of you have updated you phones to the new operating system yet. I know two people here that did and they don’t like it because it change the whole interface on their phone and according to cnet some of the applications take an extra click to open and use.

With my moving clock now ticking at somewhere over 48 hours I am going to get real busy over the next week or so. I don’t have a clue if I will be able to keep up with every one but know that I will eventually it just may take a couple of weeks. My wordless Wednesday will probably be the last post I put up for a while.

Now I have to make my morning power shake then get caught up with all of you.


37 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 9/23/13

  1. I have heard about the new operating system but nothing I’ve been told has been good. Honestly, I don’t think I will stick to the iphone. I believe I’m going to go with a windows phone of some sort and it’s time for me to upgrade so I’m looking. I’ve not been happy with the iphone and my home, office and studio computers are all windows.

    • What you are going to leave the cult of iPhone users 🙂 I have a windows phone and love it, I got it for the same reason you are thinking about switching. It will take a adjustment going from the iPhone but is much simpler to use and all of the apps you use frequently you can put on your front page and access with one press.

      • Awesome! What type of windows phone do you have?

      • I have the HTC 1 which was their “flagship model” about six months ago when I got it. They change so fast I am not even sure what they offer now. I do think HTC is still the number one phone overall for windows but it will depend of which carrier you have, I use Verizon if I had AT&T I believe it is they have exclusive rights on that new phone which is basically a camera with a phone attached to it. That camera is rated much higher than any other on the market.

      • Thanks for this information, Bob. I am with AT&T so it gives me something to check into.

  2. Sounds like you are all ready to go! Hope your back will be ok though ;-( As for those ‘hidden’ and unexpected costs, they always seem to pop up at the worst times.
    Wishing you all the very best for your move Bob and look forward to catching up as and when 🙂

    • Yea know Sherri its only 100 bucks but this may have put me at my tipping point. I am going down to the office today when they open and make sure I just loose 100 bucks. If so I may cancel the whole thing. If they push to hard in the office I might get pissed and move mack to the country, not a good hair day for me and I don’t even have any 🙂

  3. Morning Bob!
    I DO have the iPhone 5 and I just updated to the ios7. Wasn’t sure at first if I liked it. But like everything new, you have to get use to it and learn. Now, I love it. There are many more useful and easier ways to use the apps than before. I looked at the HTC before I purchased the iphone5 (I had the 4) the samsung is an awesome phone. But, the Apple is an easy operating system.
    Apple is always on the top of their league in my book. Ios7 is awesome. You just have to play with it. Like any other new phone.
    As for your move, take it slow and easy. Be careful with your back. Ice it down at night.
    Can’t wait to see the new place!

    • Good Morning to you Lisa !
      I think you are a bit smarter than the two people I knew that were having trouble with the Ios7. I have a strong dislike for Apple but the iPhone is a good phone just not for me. We all tend to stay with phones we are comfortable with. Oh and BTW Android is now out selling iPhone’s almost two to one as Apples stocks continue their slow decline 🙂 Thanks for your concern about my back and I just couldn’t resist a tiny poke at you phone, nothing personnel just me being me 🙂

      • HAHA!
        oh bob, i take no offense to any debate over phones. its all gits and gibblets to a southern gal.
        I was use to an android before the iphone and scared to death to take the plunge. but once i did, i will never go back. too much ease. with everything that is new, you have to learn it.
        as for the stocks, i dont own any so it doesnt matter to me.
        NOW, as for the blackberry? those poor people losing those jobs when we all thought blackberrys were the best. never say best…
        hows your back?

      • This whole phone issue has opened up a hornets nest for some reason, seems a lot of my post do that 🙂 I read the other day that someone is buying out blackberry and going to make it even more secure, its already the most secure phone out there. It will cost more and targeted like it is now to the elite of the business world. It is sad that all of those people lost their jobs, not to sure anyone has a secure job these days. Thanks for asking bout my back Lisa, Its killing me like I knew it would packing all of this stuff, but a lot of it is my fault for not lifting properly and putting on my back brace. I am so tired now I must sleep, if you have a post up I will try to get to it in the morning.

  4. hi! sounds like the move is going as well as could be expected. You should have help moving all this stuff, you definitely don’t want to hurt yourself!
    ios7 sucks but I ordered the new iPhone 5s so hopefully it won’t be as slow on that one. It makes my iphone 4 as slow as molasses on a cold day lol

  5. Glad things are going well for the move. re: the iPhone, I haven’t upgraded to ios7 but have spoken with those who have and they complain that it still has a lot glitches to be worked through. The one thing I will say about Apple in general is this: I have a work iPhone and an iPad mini for the kids. I never had an issue with my home network before, but since adding those devices (and following all of the recommendations from my router’s manufacturer) my network has slowed considerably. I can see the difference and resumption of speed when I turn off the wifi function of the Apple devices. Personally, I am considering upgrading my cell and getting another tablet, but because of the network issues, I will NOT be getting any more Apple devices.

    • If I understand you correctly, any device you connect to your network with WiFi will slow it down. I can notice a difference in my network when I connect my kindle using WiFi. Any traffic you add to your network will slow it down.

      • No. I used to be system admin, I understand it deeper than that. It is specifically a problem with Apple devices on a non-Apple router. Look it up, it is well documented. Unfortunately I didn’t find out until after getting an Apple device.

      • You are more qualified than I am I don’t need to look it up, I believe you. It is a usual problem though and one I haven’t heard about. I am not a Apple fan anyway, still good to know information, thanks.

      • For all connecting to home wifi: if you like Apple make Steve Jobs’s ghost happy and go all Apple. If not, I’d recommend you don’t go Apple at all. They’re ok products but, as always with Apple, they only work and play well with their own kind.

      • HA I love it when someone takes a shot at Job’s besides me !!

  6. Good luck with the move… look forward to seeing you when you come out the other side.

    My co-worker said he and his wife updated their phones and one of her text messages subsequently appeared on M-I-L’s iPad 🙂 Imagine how awkward that could be in the wrong situation!

    • Thanks Denise, coming out the other side is about what I am doing. That example you gave about the iPad could be awkward indeed. If you look around the web as I have you will see more negative things said about the update than positive. Maybe it could have used a little more beta testing

  7. Amy @ Healthy and Fit for Real

    I updated my phone but since I only had it for 4 days prior to that, I didn’t notice a huge difference for me.

  8. Moving sucks – not for the move but for the expense. It kind of sucks the thrill (life) out of us because it’s so damn frustrating.

  9. Good morning Bob! Best of luck with the move- looks like you have everything organized and ready to go… be safe and don`t hurt yourself.
    My daughter updated her iphone last week and really likes it. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. lol!!
    Take Care 🙂

    • Good evening, Andrea, Thanks for the luck wish on the move, I agree with you on the phone some people aren’t having any problems and a lot are, don’t know why its over my head 🙂

  10. 100 bucks is criminal, since they are getting so much already on a monthly basis. But, I guess everything is starting to get that way. You’re getting closer to d-day and I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I can certainly understand if you do not have time to post for awhile — after all, I’m the queen of not posting. Take it easy and don’t hurt yourself, and have a smooth move — see you when you get settled!

    • Thanks Becky, I appreciate it, right now I am going to bed my backside is dragging 🙂 will try to catch up a little at a time over the next few days. Have a good evening ny friend.

  11. Hey Just wanted to tell you I was blogged from getting your blog. YOu might want to check if other people were having issues. I was getting a pop up and it would not load your page.

  12. Blocked…. not blogged….HA!

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