Random Thoughts 9/21/13

My sleep has finally gone back to fairly normal. I got my four solid hours last night,that’s about as good as it gets for me.

I finished packing my second and last small box this morning now all I have is the four 60 gallon totes I use to move with all of the time. Started several piles of stuff to take over myself and put in the totes. My place is a big mess but a organized one. I am back on track and will be ready by next Thursday, if I don’t burn up all day and night today watching collage football.

We had a cold front come through a couple of days ago and the temps have only been in the very low 80’s with the lows around 60. This is perfect weather for me, get to open the house up and air it out every day and even sleep with a light blanket on. This is Kansas though and in a few days backup into the upper 80’s with high humidity.

I went to two different post offices yesterday which took about an hour to pick up a change of address packet. They were both out and the others were way over on the other side of town. Frustrated I came home did a simple search and found out you can do this all online. Not one of those postal workers even offered this advice to me. I am not a fan of the over paid postal workers to start with. Our government continues to throw billions at the broken down system instead of letting it die. There are plenty of private companies that could come in and take this mess over. But this system of lobbyist in the government have too much power to let that happen. Besides it is pretty much a useless service except for people older than me. I only check my mail a couple of times a week. The only thing I use it for are a couple of magazines I get and the notices the VA sends out to remind me of an upcoming appointment which is another waste of time and money. This is 2013 most people use the power of the internet to pay bills and order things. I say let it go away completely, just my onion on the whole mess. Apparently I needed to get that off my chest, don’t have a clue how I even started on the subject. It just came spilling out of my brain.

Now that my brain has freed up some space I can continue with my day 🙂


22 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 9/21/13

  1. This sort of thing happens to me all the time, I start to write about one thing and it takes on a life of it’s own. Feels good to get it off you chest though 🙂 I hate moving, haven’t done it in nearly 14 years, but shudder at the thought. 🙂

  2. Noooo…. what a frustrating wasted journey. We in the UK have a bit of a busted up postal service. It’s hanging on in there. Part of the problem is that private companies can take on the lucrative parcel moving. But no-one really wants to touch letters. They are too low cost, high volume and labour intensive on the sorting.

  3. Well Bob, your post title is ‘Random Thoughts’ and you obviously needed to get that out of your system! That is so frustrating about the Post Office. One of the things I do like since returning to the UK is that we get our mail delivered though the front door letterbox every day. It used to be early in the morning but now it can be anytime, usually late afternoon. We always complain though!
    That is so frustrating that nobody at either Post Office thought to tell you about the online service and wasted your precious time like that, aaaargh!!
    Enjoy your cooler days and also your better sleep 🙂

  4. LOL I think we all purge like this every once in a while. Glad the sleep is back to normal and you’re back on track for the move. As you know well, for some of us four hours of uninterrupted sleep is unusual bliss. Have a good one! 🙂

  5. I moved recently. Change of address packets used to be on a display where one could just grab them. I had to wait in a giant line to pick up a packet that told me to do it online. Bah! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself. I’m a fair computer nerd for my age. I guess I assume that the Post Office is hide bound.

  6. Well, guess I’m the only holdout who hates to see the USPS go the way of the dinosaur. Their parcel rates are cheaper than the competitors, and like you said, a lot of stuff can be done online. It is dumb, though, that they didn’t tell you about the online thing. Here they are struggling just to stay afloat — one would think they would try to be as helpful as possible. On top of that, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t have internet — older holdouts, younger folks who can’t afford internet, etc.
    Moving — ah, the shear bliss of packing and hauling! Lol, NOT! Plastic bins may be harder to stack than boxes, but nothing beats them for keeping your stuff dry if you have to move in the rain! You’ll be so glad when you get it over with and are settled into a place you like even better,though. I’d help you move if I lived closer — we can pack a lot of stuff in pickup loads. Have a great weekend, Bob!

    • I do agree with you Becky that the parcel rates are cheaper, as for internet access it is in the libraries, in this town we have 5 or 6 senior centers that are free for anyone over 50 you use. They all have at least 6 computers and offer free lessons once a week as well. I know all of this inst there in the smaller towns.
      The packing part of the moving I don’t mind its just a matter of doing it, and like you said the plastic toes are very useful. I used an actual mover for the first time when I moved in here and was a little shocked they only charged me about 250 bucks, I was just tried of bugging my friends and relatives to help me. This time because of my back I couldn’t haul anything if I wanted to. You have a great weekend as well Becky!

  7. I totally agree about the post office. It is a waste of money, government resources and trees. Privatize it and/or then charge people who wish to receive mail delivered to their door. If I wanted a 20 pieces of junk mail delivered to my door everyday, I would pay for it. You said you use totes to “move all the time,” do you move all the time?

  8. It’s so much better when we start each day free of stress and worry from the day before 🙂

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