My Blog Days Off 9/20/13

I started to just leave this page blank because that is about all I got accomplished on my day and a half away.
I just deleted a whole paragraph on the things I didn’t get done, it depressed even me. I will just say I got nothing done to get ready for my move. I stopped this about an hour ago ate some breakfast finally woke up and got pissed at myself for doing nothing, so I spent a whole 20 minutes clearing this off. This cabinet I guess you would call it is about 5 and/2 ft long and all I use it for is one huge junk drawer.

WP_20130920_008[1] (2) (1280x720)

Terrible picture taken with my phone in bad light. These are things I need to move myself. The four items on the left are from my younger brother who passed a few years ago. All the rest are glass or tile items given to me over the years from my Daughter. These are the only “keepsake” items I have.

One more thing off my check list for the first time in a week !

I did go down to the office yesterday and arrange to get my new place a day before the movers come, for a fee or course, so I can move a bunch of stuff that you just cant pack.

I also discovered the other day that by moving from upstairs to down stairs my hotspot signal drops from 4 strong bars to two weak ones. So now I need to order a 250 dollar signal booster from Verizon to get my speed backup. Now I am up to over a grand for the cost of this move including the painter and everything which wipes out my Christmas fund for myself. I guess when I move I will wish myself a merry Christmas 🙂



24 thoughts on “My Blog Days Off 9/20/13

  1. Seems things are nearly always more expensive than we think they will be. At least it seems so for me. Merry Christmas early my friend. Hope the move goes well.

  2. Sometimes you just need to do nothing. When you get back into it you’ll get far more done for having had the rest. It’s good to have those keepsake items and a drawer for putting the junk in is essential. Hope the move goes well and merry early christmas also.

  3. Those bars are a plot – I swear! 🙂

  4. Merry Christmas from the professor! Always when I’m trying to pack or move something, I feel incredibly lazy! The professor usually ends up just sitting on the couch. So don’t worry about it. The move will be behind you soon, and forgotten!

  5. I hate moving – I like setting up a new home – but hate moving. merry christmas.

  6. Well Hot Dang! You got a picture! AND with your phone…
    NOTHING beats keepsakes! And I mean nothing!

    Merry Christmas Dang it!

  7. Not a bad picture at all – it really shows all the personal touches in your life.

    Looks a pretty neat piece of furniture too. I like a good solid cabinet that swallows all your stuff.

  8. Moving is expensive and full of hassles–(I know, I’ve moved so often I’ve become really good at it!)

    I hope your move also brings you wonderful new adventures, blessings, advantages and opportunities.

    • Thanks Tracey, moving is a practiced art. In this case how ever I doubt much will change I am just moving within the same apartment complex. Because of my back I had to move to the ground level to get off these steps.

  9. Isn’t that always the case that we end up spending much more than we bargained for, no matter what it is? I’ve moved so many times, internationally and otherwise and the more I do it the less I like it! Hope all is going well for you Bob and sorry for the late comment, this is the first time I’ve been on my laptop for a few days having just spent a few days with my mum 🙂

  10. Dang, that’s high for no further than you’re moving. But then movers can eat up a lot of bucks (City Boy used to work for a moving company back in the day), as well as painters. You had to get the painter for the place you are moving out of, right? Lol, just trying to get my feeble mind on the right track. Even though you are good at moving, Bob, I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy — well, maybe my very worst, but not you — and I hope it is over with quickly for you!

    • That was what they charged me to move from Cheney to here which is about an hours drive away. They estimate at lest 50 bucks less this time. I use a company called three men and a truck who I am very impressed with after the first time. A big mover like one of the national brands wanted over twice that amount to move my stuff.

  11. Oh good, you do have movers to help. I guess I should read these in order instead of going backwards!

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