All of My Followers Please Read Part 1

First I don’t like to use the word followers to me a follower has to have a leader. I don’t have one do you ? I prefer to use the word friends because in my world I think that is what we are becoming over time. For the purpose of this post though I will use the term followers. I was at a friends site yesterday and she lost all of Her followers for the majority of the day a lot of Her friends did as well but it was resolved by the end of the day.

For some reason the gremlins at WordPress take away about three of my followers every week. I now keep track of the number of blogs I follow and as of this morning that was 53. That may sound like a lot but I have followers who only post once a week all the way to a couple who post six or more times a day. That is a reasonable number for me to follow and catch up with every 24 hours. I do need help from you all. Every time I post I always without a doubt catch up with everyone within 24 hours. If you see I am not doing this let me know. You can just comment hey Bob you forgot about me or what ever you like in my comments box. Without that help it may be a week or more before I figure out who I am missing.

This part is just a FYI. Today I sign for my new apartment and with some help from my friend Hilary who works in the office my 18 day or so count down to complete my move starts. I have everything in place, My last obstacle was the painting of this place and Her husband is a contractor who hates to paint like most, but is doing me a favor and painting my old apartment. I have no idea if I can keep up or not during this time, if I can’t I wont post anything.

I decided to break this post into two separate ones. My next post in this area will be my highly conversational expectations of my followers. I have posted about this in the past but have also mellowed out a bit.

Update I just lost 15 more followers !!!!


32 thoughts on “All of My Followers Please Read Part 1

  1. Well – someone needs to keep us in shape so it might as well be you! :D. So glads to hear your decision to move has been made. Hope you enjoy your new surrounds and home.

  2. Thank you Inavukic, yea I get to play the bad guy all of the time 🙂 I am actually excited about moving for the first time in many years this place is in the same complex i is just a better one than the one I currently live in even new carpet.

  3. Those nasty gremlins seem to get everywhere! 😀 I’m glad to hear your move is going well – it’s nice that you have friends helping you. (I don’t like using the term ‘followers’ either – it makes me feel like some kind of guru!)

  4. Good luck with the move!. I don’t keep close enough track of the number of followers to know if I’m losing or gaining, but I have seen comments on other blogs that it has been happening to them. WP definitely has some glitches.

    • Thanks I am looking forward to my move. I didn’t used to keep track of the number of followers either until some of them actually told me I was missing their post. Glitches abound but like anything else in life you get what you pay for, which in this case is nothing.

  5. Glad to hear you’re making a move 🙂 As for this follower – cut me a little slack – my life is not normal by most people’s standards.

  6. Congratulations in advance for the signing of your new place. I agree that friends is a nicer word than followers.

  7. Must be the gremlins. The professor’s site has been problematic as well.

  8. Congrats on your upcoming move, friend! 🙂

  9. Good luck on your move!
    A fresh coat of paint will sure make the place seem nice and new. Enjoy your newness.

  10. I agree Bob, ‘friends’ is so much nicer than ‘followers’. I always feel a bit awkward using that word! Still, as you say, sometimes for the purposes of blogging and clarification it seems to be the word to use. Things seem to have resolved now thankfully but there do seem to be some glitches that need sorting out.
    Just to say, I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and comment so regularly. It’s great having your feedback and lively conversation!
    I hope that everything else goes smoothly with your move, my friend 🙂

  11. Thank you for making us aware of this. I will have to pay attention to see if I am having the same trouble. Good luck with your move, Bob.

  12. For some reason your posts don’t show up in my wordpress feed anymore, so I’ve decided to follow you via e-mail. That should be more reliable ^-^ looking forward to the posts friend!

  13. congrats on the new digs. I hope the move goes smoothly for you. I’m still looking for a different cave to live in. I don’t know if I lose readers as I am still in wordpress kindergarten and trying to find the easiest way to navigate around without a cheat sheet. Have a good day my friend.

  14. I learn something new every week about WP. Not always good.

  15. Congratulations on the new place; I’m looking forward to hearing the juice on your new neighbors!

  16. Good Luck with the move! Hope it all goes well. 🙂

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