Wordless Wednesday 9/11/2013

A Pair_5645362477_l

Ducks on green water_3547723419_l


22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 9/11/2013

  1. Old untouched photos. Don’t forget to double click 🙂

  2. Aww, sweet ducks! 😉

  3. I agree, they are sweet!

  4. These are superb photos – come alive on the screen

  5. I like ducks, especially mallards, they always seem to live in their own world. Nice photos!

  6. Thanks and mallards do seem to do their own thing

  7. I love the second photo. Very, very beautiful.

  8. Yes, the double-click makes all the difference. Ducks might come across as being comical, but they’re beautiful too. 🙂

  9. There’s nothing like the shiny green colour of a duck’s head. I used to love the jewel like shine when I was a child and seeing these pictures takes me back to that wondering time of being a child.

  10. so much awesomeness especially on the second pic! the water is just surreal!

  11. Beautiful pictures of really beautiful birds!

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