Random Thoughts 9/9/13

I have been struggling with the title of all things for post like these where I just set down and type what ever spills out. I have brain dumps which usually contain a few raves, my last one didn’t. Others include bits and pieces, this and that and some others that don’t come to mind this morning. I have decided to combine all of them in a new category called Random thoughts which is actually part of My Blogs title.

Saturday and Sunday I spent the majority of the two days watching college football and sleeping. TV 2 hours sleep two hours. I would guess I slept 14 hours in a 24 hour period. It’s no secret my sleeping habits are different so usually my body and brain surrender in an attempt to catch up and reset by sleeping a bunch about one a week. Yesterday was the slowest Sunday I have seen yet in my circle of friends so it was easy to stay caught up. It didn’t hurt either that I quit following 10 more blogs over the last week.

The lady who rents the apartment I want to move into is supposed to turn in her keys today, I was walking by Her place the other day and saw it had a cat in it. I am highly allergic to cat dander. They say the steam cleaner will get it out so I will wait and  see. Then the clock starts ticking. Once I put a hold on the apartment I have 14 days to move in, paint my place get my dish moved, take down my old dish and clean my place. That 14 days is also misleading because the maintenance team has to get in there and fix what they need to, the carpets have to be cleaned.

So I really only have about seven days to schedule a move, get dish out here to reconnect my dish and paint. I had a maintenance man who was going to paint my place for 100 bucks which is dirt cheap. I just couldn’t depend on Him to get this place painted in time on one weekend. I talked to Hilary, Her husband is a contractor and even though He hates to paint hopefully I can get Him out here this week to paint. It will cost a lot more but I am in a crunch. If not I have to pay the apartment itself some huge fee to paint it. This morning I have to leave for my Dentist appointment about 8AM drive 45 minutes south to get there then about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the south side of the town I live in to schedule a move. All on my three hours of sleep last night missing one of my main nap times. I hate soda but today I will have to hit up the diet mountain dew to stay awake.

Sometime over the weekend I was on the computer and forgot to turn off my hot spot, some might call, it how I connect with the web like the older modem. Even when you are not online this thing is constantly looking for something to connect to which uses data. It must have been on a long time because I lost almost 2GB of my allotted 10GB. This means I will be forced to use mostly wifi until the 16th when I star all over. I will be on my phone most of the time so my comments may be shorter than normal. Right after I post this I will take my phone down to the laundry room here and catch up. One good thing it wont be crowed at 3:30 in the morning.


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 9/9/13

  1. Good luck on your move and getting settled in.

  2. Hope the dentist appointment goes smoothly ><
    … best of luck with all the moving work as well!

  3. Moving house can be both stressful and exciting. Hope it goes well for you.

  4. Thanks Lesley, This move is a bit more complicated than most I have done, just a matter or working through it. I actually enjoy moving since I have done it around 50 or 60 times in my life.

  5. Good luck with everything.

  6. Just checking in Bob and hoping that things are going well for you… 🙂

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