My Blog Days Off 9/6/13

My Wednesday started out like what has become normal for me. I stayed on here until 10:00 AM catching up with as many post as I could before starting my time away. I then spent a couple of hours looking around for towns within a 25 minute drive from the VA I go to. I was tempted to go to Newton and look around when something occurred to me. Location!!.

I like this corner I live on because the Large Grocery store is only about a 5 minute walk away. This place has everything from a florist shop to a customer service portion that even has a full post office in it. There prices are higher on most things than Wallmart so I normally only shop the sales and stock up on some sales items like lean cuisine frozen dinners which I eat a lot of to coffee. When these items are on sale they are a lot cheaper than Wallmart. Across the street from there is the local chain convenience store. I normally only walk there when it gets cold to get a low fat cappuccino. I am flat-out addicted to those in the winter time. Right next to that is a subway this is normally the only fast food I eat because if you get the right sandwich they can be very healthy. This corner also has a McDonald’s where I occasionally go for breakfast. At least a dozen other places I have no need for. Within a five minute driving distance there is one of the large Wallmart’s that stay open 24 hours a day right in the middle of a very large shopping center.

There are three apartment complexes on or close to this corner. I went to one and the rates were about the same but they didn’t have a carport. I need one for two reasons the sun here will kill a paint job even though I have my car detailed twice a year on the outside which includes a very good had wax. It keeps the car cooler in this blazing Kansas sun in the summer time. The big one is hail, we normally have a lot of it in the spring time. I have had hail damage before and after it is repaired the outside of the car is just never the same.

I made a big decision that afternoon and decided to try to stay in this complex. I went offer to the office and talked to Hilary the only one of the girls over there I still like. I asked for a different colored building and the new carpet they are putting in plus one closer to the stores on the corner. I probably wont get the new carpet but the building shouldn’t be a problem. I have to move downstairs anyway so I picked a different floor plan. The one I am currently has a very long living/dinning room that I call the bowling alley. The one I chose is more compartmentalized with a better definition between the rooms. I did look at a studio apt to save 50 bucks a month and they are just to small at 425 sq ft. I just like a lot about this place, all of the residents are very friendly, they are the only place around that offers free wi-fi which I occasionally have to use when I get close to my 10 GB data cap and the big one location. Right now the units are 20 bucks a month more that I now pay. I get my carport now for free when I move I get it for half off which is 10 bucks a month. So that would amount to a 30 dollar a month raise, too much for now. Besides this place has an unusual release policy. They only tell you what your rate will be 15 days before your lease is up and your price can never go down. If all the units around me were going for 30 dollars less I couldn’t get that price. I will just have to get as ready as I can and watch the rates, like playing the stock market. The rest of this day I spent catching up on some sleep and just vegging out on the boob tube.

The next day I started making a bunch of list of things I need to do to prepare to move. I found a maintenance man who is willing to repaint my place for 100 bucks. I need to talk to Him today and get Him in here as quick as I can. I found my old list from my last move and need to drive over on the other side of town and set up another move with some additions to my list and a few deletions. I have another dozen or so things I need to do but they aren’t in my immediate category. I will be very busy for the next two weeks and will try to keep up with everyone. If I fall behind I wont post until I catchup. Just know I will get to your post eventually my priority has to shift away from this blog for the next couple of weeks.

Still dealing with that load of crap that got dumped on me last week. I will fix it but it will take some time.

Sorry about the length of this thing.


6 thoughts on “My Blog Days Off 9/6/13

  1. All the best with your move. I know how busy and exhausting moving can be but it’s good you don’t have to go far. I agree that having shops nearby, especially within walking distance, is a real bonus.

  2. Hope things go well for you Bob, moving is very stressful at the best of times. Take your time, we will all still be here waiting to catch up with you 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, it’s good that moving doesn’t bother you — it is something I hate doing. Since you’re not moving far, it at least shouldn’t be quite as difficult for you as moving further away would be. I understand how wonderful carports are! I’ve had to park my vehicle in the open more than once in my life, and there is no comparison to how great having it out of the direct weather is! Especially in the highest heat of the summer or coldest part of the winter. Much blessings to you as your prepare for and make this move, Bob!

    • Thank you Becky, there are few things in life I am really good at and one of them is moving, this one is more complicated because I also have to hire some one to repaint this place I am waiting for a couple of bids to come in.

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