Wordless Wednesday 9/4/13

Please take a few seconds and double click, photos are seen better.

5490986577_c20e2e2662_b (1024x768)


27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 9/4/13

  1. Completely untouched, only resized to upload. Old picture.

  2. Lovely colours. I’m glad you told us that it is “untouched” because knowing that the colours are how you saw them makes them more beautiful.

  3. Stunning.Nature can really produce some art works.Thanks for capturing this one.

  4. Oh my! It really does make you stop and look. You needn’t have asked us to double click the pic, we would have done it any ways..Its one of them pics.. Could I save this to use it the background to my desktop?

  5. WOW! what a beautiful picture! love the colors and how you captured the beauty of the trees against the sky…great shot! thanks for sharing on this wordless wed…:)

  6. You’re right – up close the brightness of the sky seems more noticeable. Lovely pic!

  7. Incredible natural beauty 🙂

  8. Wow, that’s a lot of color in one big, beautiful sky! Gorgeous!

  9. This is beautiful with such fantastic colors in that sky! Love it!

  10. Thanks for the comment and the reblog Anna !

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