Quick Post 9/3/2013

First I want to apologize to those of you who I replied to your post yesterday afternoon and evening. I couldn’t get into my email on my computer so I had to use my phone and wi-fi. This virtual keyboard and stylus really slow me down and frustrate me so my comments were either very short or I just didn’t make then when I normally would have.

I debated on if I should even post or not today because I have had a load of crap come down on me the last couple of days and am not in a very good mood. This happens to all of us from time to time and we either deal with it or it deals with us. I choose to deal with it.

I just can’t go any farther this morning. I would delete this whole thing but I want to get my apology up.

Like always I don’t want any pity for my problems so please don’t even go there.


20 thoughts on “Quick Post 9/3/2013

  1. No pity, but definitely some understanding. We all have crap days.

  2. healthinessbox.com agree with your views

  3. Ahh, isn’t modern technology fabulous… until it all goes so horribly wrong, which it seems to do quite frequently. Hope your day gets easier 🙂

  4. Shit happens, we deal with it and move on. Here’s to a better day!

  5. Yup, like ‘Notes to Ponder’ rightly said, no pity, but definitely some understanding. And yes, I hate commenting from the phone too.

  6. I completely understand, here’s to a much better day! 🙂

  7. Just saying hello and nice to see you this evening.

    Hope things improve tomorrow.

  8. I’d lend you my crap shovel but it stays pretty busy uncovering the crap buried over here so all I can offer is a huge helping of understanding LOL hope you’re having a better day!

  9. Aw, Bob, poor thing — oh, wait, you said no pity. So, quit whining Nancy! There — got that out of the way. Lol, you know I’m kidding.
    Crappy days just have to come sometimes, and at least you handle them and move on. I hope some of the crap has lifted and that your week this week is great!

    • Thanks Becky I am still dealing with that mess but I will get through it. This one just takes time and patience. I have the time the other not so much sometimes 🙂

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