Blogging Days Off 2

I woke up that morning around 1 AM after three hours of sleep,I got a late start leaving to go out to my other place. I was running around doing some errands that morning,packing my stuff for the trip out and trying to answer as many post as I could before I left. I normally pack the night before why I didn’t this time I don’t have a clue. I finally left here about 10 AM. I stopped in a town called Goddard on the way to try a smoothie at MacDonald’s. It was terrible it had way to much ice, I make better ones at home using ice cold water instead of ice. When I was in there I caught up some more on some post that were quickly adding up,this was getting to the point of being a bit obsessive most people know I catch up when I get back anyway.

I took the back road out and took a few pictures on the way. The only reason I took this one was during my last time off I took a picture of some green fields and didn’t know what the crop was this one is Maize. The fields are still a very lush green except of the brown heads of the maize. They go for about 8 miles as far as the eye can see on both sides of the road, this has to be hundreds if not thousands of acres. IMG_1201 (1280x960) (1280x960)

The next three pictures I have driven by well over 100 times and never took a picture of them. I have several of my photos sorted into collections and decided to start two more one of mailboxes, weird ones in the country, and one on signs.

IMG_1203 (960x1280)IMG_1204 (782x1280) (782x1280)

IMG_1207 (1280x1188) (1280x1188)There is nothing remarkable about any of these photos the only reason I even posted them was other than a few small crops these shots are all unprocessed. Probably the last ones you will see from me. I downloaded some free programs for post processing I was going to play with on my trip. The majority of photographers are doing it including all of the pros so who am I to stand in the way of progress.

When I finally got there and unloaded all of the stuff I run back and forth I was sleepy and took a two hour nap, woke up and ate half of a Subway foot long, one of the few fast foods that are actually healthy. Took another two hour nap then ate the other half. I piddled around for a while doing some reading, went to make my nightly protein shake with cottage cheese and some fruit and noticed I had forgotten to bring my blender. I could live with out that extra 90 grams of protein for a day and a half I just wouldn’t do my back exercises. I think I went to bed about 9PM, woke up about midnight wide awake and started to slug down my coffee. When I get up that early I wait a couple of hours before I take my first dose of meds for the day, which consist of my BP medicine and my big dose of anti anxiety medication both of these I have been taking for about 20 years. I went to take my meds couple of hours later and crap I had forgotten them. The only other time I had missed my BP meds by a couple of hours I ended up in the hospital. I fought off a major anxiety attack that was building packed my stuff jumped in the car and hauled ass home by the time I got there I was very dizzy and felt horrible,took my meds did some quick meditation some other tricks I have learned over the years and settled down.

Needless to say I didn’t relax a bit on my two days off and didn’t get much done yesterday. Lesson learned: make a packing list to assist my lousy memory for my trips !!


24 thoughts on “Blogging Days Off 2

  1. I think the photos look great unedited. I don’t edit my photos in any way either, other than cropping or resizing for the web. What software do you plan to use on future pics?

  2. The BP mess seem pretty important not to forget… I mostly just crop or use the autocorrect on the iPhone for my photos. I do occasionally use an app called Aviary to remove orbs, but mostly (not always) the photos I post are unretouched. They seem more genuine that way.

    • I agree that the photos are more genuine without post processing. I have shot that way for 25 years. If you visit some of the photo blogs like I do, they all process their stuff and I would be embarrassed to put my shots up against theirs. Every picture you see in a magazine or just about anywhere has been processed.

  3. I hope you are ok. I always have the same issues too, I tend to pack without a list and always always forget things. You think I’d learn but I don’t..:( Quick question bout the BP meds you’ve been having for over 30 years, are these the kind that you once start and can never stop? My mum when she was in her 20s was wrongly prescribed some BP medicine and another pill for the heart. She took the doc’s word and started on the pills and she continues to take even today cause they are the kind that you cannot stop. It’s really sad how some doctors are ignorant..

    • Thank you. I could stop mine but my blood pressure would go sky high. Every year when I have my annual physical they adjust the dosage sometimes but I do need it. I agree with you that there are ignorant Doctors out there and as in your mum’s case She has to pay the price.

  4. Sorry to hear about your ruined trip. I hope you can get away again soon.

  5. Hi, just wondered if you’d ever thought about joining the photography community at it is free to join, post a pic a day for a year

  6. Have you ever tried yoga? Have just added it to my almost daily regimen. Finding myself more relaxed. I am hooked. Gave up 36 yrs of running for it. Still walking and swimming but love it and the inner peace it brings.

    • I agree with you yoga is great for the mind as well as the body. I used to do it 5 times a week but since I injured my back there are only a few ways left for me to post that doesn’t put strain on my back. I must admit I have become slack in that area as well. Walking is about all the Doc will let me do. I get my 5 miles a day in and that is all the old back will take for now.

      • Really? Yoga bothers you? All yoga? I know there were some yoga’s I did way back that did bother me for sure, but there are so many kinds. And so many ways in which to modify poses?? Hmmm….All I know is that after my wicked car accident where my neck/back/head was so hurt that I thought I would die, this is the only thing that has helped. Doctors just wanted me to take pills. I would have ended up a drug addict if it was up to them! 🙂

      • In all honesty I could probably modify some of the poses some more if I put my mind to it. Right now the Physical therapist has me on this weird no bending forward more than 10 degrees, no bending backwards at all and no lifting more than 10 pounds. This is for the next few weeks until I can get back in to get on this weird machine they have that ties you down and stretches you like a torture rack but after it does feel good.

      • Ha ha…that’s quite the visual! Very medieval sounding! Well, I hope you get better. I still say some very, very gentle yoga would be sublime!

      • You are probably right but that falls into my procrastination area which I am becoming very good at 🙂

  7. Bummer that your weekend turned out not-so-great so far, but I am SO glad you got home in time to get your meds taken and be alright! That’s the important thing.
    Your pictures are good, and I love the ones of the interesting looking mailboxes! Please let me know how you like Infaview — I’m not familiar with it, and wonder if it would be a good one to try.
    There are some folks who consider post-processing to be “cheating” or less authentic, but my take on post-processing is this:
    I want to get the photograph (in some cases) to look just like the scene looked when I saw it with my own eyes. As you know, pictures straight out of the camera don’t look like what a person sees with their naked eye. So, I use post-processing to get it as close as I can to the way I remember it actually looking. The exception is when I’m playing around with dramatic effects, and in those cases it’s real obvious I have — I’m not passing it off as camera-handling skill. Anyway, that’s my two-cents worth, even though you didn’t ask for it, lol!
    I hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous, peaceful, and all you want it to be!

    • Thanks for the input Becky. I haven’t had time to mess with Infaview yet, I downloaded it because it was the top rated one out of all of them. I agree with you about the post processing, I don’t intend to get into color saturation and a whole range of other things. I think we have discussed this before. SOOC is a dying art a few years ago when I was very active on flicker I had three different SOOC groups with a total of maybe 150 people out of the 100,000 or more that post on there every day.

  8. I always forget to pack the most important stuff when I don’t make a list!! Glad I am not alone in this because I often feel that I am too organized for my own good.

  9. You were certainly unexpectedly challenged on your time off. I had no idea BP could shift so quickly after a missed medication. I guess I just thought it built up in your body and then slowly affected your well being if missed. Sounds like it’s nothing to mess with.

    • Thank you for your input! When I used to take two BP pills a day it did build up and I could miss a dose. About a year ago they switched my medication and I now take one big dose when I get up. It is basically used up in 24 hours. That’s why if I miss a dose I get into trouble.

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