I Get Bored Very Easy

I have a pattern of getting bored with things that has followed me since I became an adult. I was drafted into the Army in 1970 spent my two years and got out. I then got married and worked for five years at different aircraft plants changing jobs about every year. Then I became so bored I sold my house and two cars so I could afford to go back in the Army.

The first few years I had no control where I went in the Army. I then discovered that in the military you don’t have to be great to stand out just a few notches above average gives you a lot of leverage. Back then a normal rotation at a base was three to 4 years. I would get bored with a job and ask for a different platoon or even a different company on the same post and get it. I also asked for three different unaccompanied tours and got them all. These are tours that the family is not allowed to go to. This is probably the main reason I am divorced today, I always put my career ahead of my family. By doing all of this and taking college courses at night and tons of correspondence courses my goals were achieved, I was always promoted out of the secondary zone which kept me three or four years ahead of my peers.

I retired from the Army in 1996 and got divorced in the same month. Now that was one big transition to go through. I don’t recall how but they had just opened the Indian casinos in Kansas and I became a card dealer. They had three casinos and about every year I would move to another one.

Next up was convince stores,after a few months I was managing a small one and eventually would work my way up to the big truck stops in Oklahoma. I lasted bout a year at each one then would move to another. These jobs took a heavy toll on me because they were salary jobs and I would end up working 6 days a week about 10 hours each day. That’s when I threw my arms up and retired just off of my military retirement.

The next four or five years I spent out in the country rebuilding that two car garage into a roomy two room apartment. I spent the last four years out there playing Xbox about 6 to 8 hours a day and watching the TV. I also got involved with flicker and was managing three different groups on there and spending way to much time on it until I got bored once again. In that time I put on 40 pounds that I have since lost. I got bored withal of that and moved into Wichita where I now live. I have moved over 50 times in my life. I have a history of moving in and out of Wichita every year so it should come as no surprise that I have decided to move again in December when my lease is up.

Now after 500 words I can get to my point. I am spending way to much time on this site, my list of things to do gets larger every day. I still have road trips I want to take in September and October before it gets cold. Once winter sets in I don’t go anywhere unless I have to I despise the cold.

Starting this week I am taking at least two days a week away from this site. I just have two much still to accomplish before winter gets here and I want to keep from getting bored with this blogging as long as possible. I will still catch up when I get back it will just take me a couple of days.


14 thoughts on “I Get Bored Very Easy

  1. The professor can get bored very easily too.

  2. Hmmmh, …Oh!
    This is why I followed you…
    Yeah, it’s me, I didn’t want to get bored so I just let my blog and my wonder friends here off the hook for the summer. Than includes you, though you hate people who follow you then don’t come back for weeks. ; )

    No one on here that I found so rants like you.
    Hopeless and charming, perhaps dangerous. : )
    I dare you to stick around.
    On your own terms of course…. wouldn’t even think of asking you to be bored. Boring is evil.
    Wonder what the common thread in your life is. We all have one. That one thing that always is and never bores us, even if it IS change itself.

    • Well look who came out of no where 🙂 . I am not dangerous in the least bit. That’s a pretty good idea you ad about taking the whole summer off, I might give it a shot next. summer or at least a couple of months. I take your dare I will stick around for another year even if I have only been on here a few months. I believe you found my common thread, change itself certainly something to think about. Thanks for your input !!

  3. living life to it’s fullest.. not so much boredom as keepin’ on keepin’ on. I too find myself bored and ready for a new adventure quite often. I enjoy reading your post but lately I haven’t been here as much as I would like to. nice blog Bob

    • Thanks Sherryl, I think I have already lived life to its fullest. Not much left I need or want to do. You have anew adventure coming up when you move 🙂

  4. Is this your way of tell us that soon you’ll be bored with blogging and we won’t hear from you any more? Are you going to divorce blogging?! I hope you will find balance between blogging and several other interests to prolong your attention here. 🙂

  5. I am sure that at some point in my life I will become bored at blogging, but first I have to master it and as I see it that alone will take a long time. I am not divorcing blogging because I don’t despise it 🙂 My intent is like you said to prolong my time on here that is all there is to it.

  6. I get bored with things too. Change is great. Someone once told me that a change is as good as a holiday and I think that’s so true.

  7. A lot of bloggers who post everyday free-write. They just type what’s on their mind, and with passion so it looks like they’ve spent hours on their posts because they are talented, and have mastered blogging, when actually it probably only takes them 20 minutes.
    I like spending hours at a time blogging. My pictures take a long time to draw. What I tend to do is, dedicate one day a week to reading/commenting/liking other posts, otherwise I can easily spend all week on here. Then the rest of the time is dedicated to real life, or thinking of upcoming posts, and playing Xbox. So, what to expect from me is, lots of comments and likes in one day, followed by a break of silence.

  8. I try to free write but the words don’t come easy for me like they once did. I can see where your post would take a lot of time I didn’t know you actually drew your own pictures. What ever works for you works for me I am very easy to get along with 🙂

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