My Courtyard


My courtyard is much like a slice of American Society. I am located in the city yet the court-yard is always filled with a lot of birds from sparrows to doves. From my balcony I can see about 20 different apartments. I spend a lot of time on my balcony off and on all day and night long. All of the apartments here are one bedroom like mine, which is 725 sq ft or studios which are 425 sq ft. This complex charges 450 plus about 30 for water trash and sewer the studios are about 50 a month cheaper. This puts this place above average for the rates in the surrounding are so I am often surprised at the people who move in here.

To my left, not pictured, I can see only two apartments. The one on the top floor is occupied by a male who is a single parent. He has His daughter every weekend. During the week He is a party animal,I can usually hear Him next door when I wake up around 2 am everyday. He also happens to sell drugs, there is a lot of that in this complex which has about 600 units, I think. A couple lives below Him,She works as some sort of nurse and He stays at home.


The upper apartment on the left Has a couple with one young child that I think comes from Pakistan. Underneath them is either one or two males,one has a day job the other I am not sure about I don’t see Him very often. The upper apartment all the way to the end has a homosexual male couple living in it. I find one of these guys very interesting because of the way He dresses. Sometimes He wears one of those Jewish caps, don’t know the proper name and sometimes He will wear a Kilt, He has quite a collection of these.


The apartment to the lower left has a couple probably in their late 60.s He walks His two little dogs several times a day and always talks to them like they were His kids. The lower left apartment has a single male who has a day job and a higher than normal income because of the huge pick up He drives and the brand of gold clubs I see Him with. The upper right place, which is the smaller studio has another couple with a child that I think are from Pakistan. It has to be very crowed in that small place. Just below them is a African-American female and Her daughter. They are always calling the police because Her ex is bugging Her late at night. The upper place to my right has a traditional couple living in it. I hardly ever see them. Below them is a mixed race couple who seem to fight a lot. To my lower right, not pictured are a single Air force male who lives alone. Beside Him are a couple of girls who go to college and get a little crazy on weekends, but I did to when I was that age.

That completes the people I see all of the time. I want to apologize in advance if I used the wrong words or misrepresented any racial or ethnic group. A lot of these people I didn’t even mention the race because I didn’t think it needed to be in here. We have people who work all three shifts, a lot of them at an aircraft plant not far from here. So it seems like when ever I go outside somebody is coming or going. This is what I observed up until about a month ago when a lot of these people moved out and others quickly replaced them. I consider myself a people watcher I just find it interesting to watch people and the way they interact with others.


22 thoughts on “My Courtyard

  1. People are fascinating, that’s for sure!

  2. A multicultural set up is always interesting to watch.

  3. i love watching people brings great insight to see them interact! have fun!

  4. It sounds like you live in a very colourful place! Your post reminds me of the Hitchcock film, Rear Window. Have you seen it?

    • I was pretty sure I had seen all of his films but that title doesn’t ring any bells

      • James Stewart plays a photographer who has an accident and is confined to a wheelchair in his apartment while he recuperates. He spends this time looking out onto his courtyard at all his neighbours and starts to get a window into their lives. Eventually he thinks he witnesses a murder….It’s one of my favourites.

      • Ok now I know the movie you are talking about. Thanks for jogging the old memory 😊

  5. It seems quite interesting there. I love your courtyard. Flat and square! The professor could use some property like that! Hills over here!

  6. reading this reminded me of a similar post I wrote a while back on my creative blog called The School Run. It matches your observational narrative style here, and I think you might like the humour. Hope you don’t mind me including the link from Debra

    • I don’t mind you including the link at all. I looked over a few of your post on that site and it showed a whole new creative side to you that I was unaware of. I do see the similarity between the two post. Have you ever though about linking that site to a new blog site on WordPress. If might attract more attention over here.

  7. Ha, the ghetto Melrose place, too funny! I think my neighbor is like you. He is retired and gives us the scoop on all the neighbors when we catch up out front, but he is not like you in that he doesn’t care how offensive his language can be! “The slut up the street came home after her third marriage didn’t work” and “the drunk on the corner is pregnant again.”

    • Ha your right I am similar to that guy. the only people that I really gossip to are a couple of girls in the office, they are in their mid 20’s and love that kind of stuff.

  8. Now we know why you like to take getaways now and then, lol! I imagine it can sometimes be a little noisy there. Looks like you have a set of pretty interesting people there to watch — observing people and things is part of what makes you a good photographer!

    • Yea it can get noisy at times and the ground has finally dried out in my hideaway in the country so I Plan on going out there for two or three days a week until it gets cold

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