Wordless Wednesday



47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This photo was taken in the burst mode and handheld at 1/60 second, just one of those lucky shots you get from time to time

  2. This is awesome. The photo has amazing dimension.

  3. great shot!! too bad you weren’t around my neck of the woods yesterday, we got hammered with over thousands of lightening strikes in the area…it was wild!!!
    keep snapping those shots! 🙂

  4. What a beaut shot, although I’d make sure I was somewhere safe as the skies look determined to fall…

  5. OMG this was fabulous. I have shot lightening on video but not on my new Cannon camera. I will try. Loved it

  6. that’s AWESOME! I cheat and use video to capture lightning shots and then pull a still from the video. LOL I love this one.
    : )

  7. NICE shot!! I have tried and tried to catch lightning but never have — I’m jealous, lol! Seriously beautiful photo, Bob!

  8. Thanks for liking my posts. I hope you enjoyed them. I really appreciate a good photographer, they capture the reality of our world so well! Keep up the good work! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearats

  9. Great shot here. I like how the beauty of the phenomenon is countered by the ominous gravity of the situation (weather-wise).

  10. Beautiful photograph, very atmospheric.

  11. That was one great shot. I love the way clouds look as the lightning lit up the sky.

  12. Scary and breathtaking at the same time… I love this shot!

  13. I need a camera that does that. That’s awesome.

  14. Extraordinary! I love a good thunderstorm.
    But, please, don’t tell my husband there is such a day a Wordless Wednesday. I can go 10 minutes without talking when I’m writing, unless you count reading my work aloud to hear how it sounds, or when I talk to my characters. I could never go a whole day being “wordless”. Is sign language considered wordless? He doesn’t know sign language either, other than the one for ‘water’. 🙂

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