Time to Getaway Part 2

My trip to Oklahoma started out in a mini monsoon. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to drive down there, it took almost an hour and a half. My ex Girlfriend is a High priest, that practices the white Wicca belief. Over the years I have studied this and found it very interesting. If you are ever have some spare time search where many Christmas rituals, the Easter bunny and several other Catholic practices really came from you might be surprised.

I was down there about 30 minutes when she started nagging like my ex-wife. She said here moon was in the wrong cycle. I think something else was in the wrong cycle. I put up with this crap for a couple of hours then left. I didn’t want to come back home because I knew I would spend all weekend on this site and not get anything done. I searched for a motel within 30 miles from where I live and found one, at a very good rate in.

IMG_1114 (1280x630)

I don’t have a clue when I arrived. I brought in 3 laptops, my camera and a bag, dropped them on the floor and was asleep within 30 minutes. I would end up staying here from Friday night until late Sunday afternoon. This town is like a lot of towns close to where I live. It has for the most part very small, died and replaced with manufacturing or industrial plants. The sun was out the next morning so I went out to try to get some shots of something. This was all I could find that was even remotely interesting and these are stretching the word interesting.

IMG_1115 (1280x1157)

IMG_1122 (1280x940)

I spent a couple of hours driving around the town just killing time before I went back to the motel to tackle the two laptops I had put off for way to long to fix.

IMG_1140 (1280x950)

I call this multitasking to the max.
The first computer was pretty easy and only took me a couple of hours to put on all the software I mentioned earlier in my post about computer security. This one I charged 50 bucks for so it paid for half of my motel stay. The second one was a freebie for a friend. I put all of the mentioned software on Her computer a couple of years ago. But She never kept it up dated or even used it. She just uses her laptop to play games on. I quit counting after I found over 100 different virus on her computer almost all of the came from the infamous Java. She also had over 1500 invalid registries entries which explained why her computer took so long to boot. This damm computer took me over ten hours to fix.

In the evenings I would just zone out watching the TV until I got sleepy so I did get somewhat relaxed but not what I was looking for.

I didn’t get all I wanted out of this trip but you can’t have everything. I did get those two laptops fixed and out of the way that I have had hanging around for way to long. The rest and relaxation will have to come if my place in the country ever dries out. It has rained again for the last two days so it may be awhile.


25 thoughts on “Time to Getaway Part 2

  1. I love those metal sculptures!

  2. I also like those metal sculptures πŸ™‚

  3. those metal sculptures are different! that’s art for ya! lol…sorry to hear your trip didn’t turn out like you had hoped…but you sound good and refreshed so i guess it did some good…
    hope the rain stops and you get to enjoy your days ahead… πŸ™‚

  4. On the bright side – at least you can write about it πŸ™‚

  5. I am not so familiar with the White Wicca belief but I have done a lot of theological studies to learn the history of the bible, principles and practices. I don’t consider myself to be of any religion as I just find it best for me to follow the word of God but in my studies and my want to be closer to Him, I was surprised to learn some of the christian practices and where they originated. What was even more surprising is that the answers, the documented truths can be found in encyclopedias and dictionaries, etc. yet most are not aware.

  6. Sometimes just a slight change in scenery helps. Here’s to a better week!

  7. Glad you were able to get away anyway, even though it wasn’t quite all you wanted it to be. You had good intuition when you took pictures of those two sculptures, Bob — those are really cool and interesting looking! Sounds like you got some things accomplished, and it’s always gratifying when things aren’t a total wash — hope you’re getting more rest now that you’re home!

    • Thanks Becky and you are right you can’t always get all you want. Rest at home don’t think so between about 6 hours a day on here and all the other stuff I suddenly have goig on I need another break 😊

  8. sorry your trip crapped out! That sucks! I love the photos though…
    Yeah, I think a LOT of people would freak out if they realized where their ‘christian’ traditions came from LOL.

    • Thanks Melissa, I am used to being craped on, after a while I just take it for granted πŸ™‚
      I was going to get caught up and come back to your post but I will ask you know, where have you been a little vacation or just some time away from this addicting site ?

  9. Well your trip wasn’t a total bust, you at least got a funny blog post out of it! So your ex couldn’t of told you her moon was in the wrong the cycle before you drove an hour and half in the rain? Or, perhaps that was her way of telling you. That was so funny, when you wrote about looking for something remotely interesting, and that you were stretching the word “interesting.” And then the pictures of horse and the steer (or whatever the other animal is)! This is why I love your blog!

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