Wordless Wednesday

One of these you have to double click to see the whole shot.


Early Halloween_3863954879_l


35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. There’s something almost creepy about these photos. How did you take them?

  2. Creepy was exactly the word the popped into my head too. Brrrr, did it just get colder in here?

  3. yes I also thought creepy… have you photo-shopped?

  4. Cool multiple exposures!

  5. These photos are very scary but very well done.

  6. OMG those are freaky! If you ever die and come back, that’s what you’ll look like! How did you get such effects?

    • They were taken with a one minute exposure in total darkness. When I would move I covered my light source, I think it was a small flashlight, from the camera and moved very slowly.

  7. Wow, that’s interesting! Looks like having control of shutter speed can open up a world of possibilities! Good work, Bob!

    • Thanks Becky, I use shutter speed as my go to setting, I always use it first,lots of the time my viewfinder shows all sorts of warning lights telling my aperture is wrong or its to dark or light. As a general rule even with all of those warning’s the pictures comes out fine.

      • That pretty much does it — I’ve just GOT to get a camera that has something besides auto shutter speed, that’s just all there is to it!

      • Get a Canon or Nikon DSLR its only a couple of hundred bucks more than a very good point and shoot. you are ready for one ! I have been saving all year to get myself one for Christmas. Do I NEED one, no do I WANT one yes 🙂

      • Canon would be a good preference for me, since I have had one before and I am familiar with their cameras to some extent. I do find the Olympus post processing app to be far better than Canon’s, but maybe Canon has improved theirs by now. If not, I guess I can process Canon pictures with Olympus’ processing, lol!

      • That’s very true Becky but the Canon DSLR’s all come with post processing programs designed for Canon, Nikon doesn’t.

      • Back when I had a Canon I do remember liking their post-processing app, and Olympus came along and theirs was even better — you know, I think I still even have Canon’s app downloaded on my computer, lol! I’m with you on that — Nikon would have to totally super-wow me before I would consider getting one of their cameras and having no post-processing that comes with it.

  8. WOW~! Electrifying! Very “Kewl!” (Cool!) Sorry I have been absent for a bit—babysitting a lot.

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