Quick Post # 3

Only two people showed any interest at all in my post about Computer Security the other day, but that’s OK I still plan on doing the finial part one of these days. I am just putting the information out there and feel better for doing it. It did get me two laptops to work on through my email contacts, that will keep me busy for a while.

It has either rained here or been cloudy for the better part of two weeks with rain and clouds forecast for the next seven days so I haven’t been able to take any pictures. The sun did come out today for a few hours and what was I doing, running errands all morning long. I did pickup a Nikon Coolpix on sale for 100 bucks to replace that piece of crap camera on my phone. I am missing  to many good shots because I don’t bring my big camera with me. I can just put this one in the glove box after I learn how to use it. Yes I know all of you iPhone lovers have one of the better phone cameras out their, especially the iPhone 4. But the best one now belongs to the The new Nokia windows phone. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Quick Post # 3

  1. I’ve heard that about the Nokia. Only have the iPhone because that is what work issued me. Will look into the Nokia more when it’s time to replace my personal cell. Until then, it is what it is. LOL

  2. I wouldn’t touch iphone with a 10 foot pole! Society flocks like sheep to all things “i”, it makes me crazy. 🙂

    • Coming from you I find that easy to believe. In away we are very similar in parts of our lives. neither of us travels the road that most people take,we choose or own paths.!

  3. I haven’t commented on your computer security posts because I’m one of those minority Mac users and prior to getting my first Mac (a couple of years ago), I was a Linux user for more than a decade. So I really haven’t used Windows much at all in my life and prefer to avoid the operating system wherever possible. Using Linux put me in a very complacent state about viruses and I still am rather blasé about them even though I think Macs are probably more at risk than Linux.

    • Rachel, I never expected Mac users to comment on these post but thank you for taking the time to explain why. My main goal was to get windows users on board and it failed. Now Linux is a word that doesn’t come up very often, but there are more Linux users than Mac and as you know because Linux is server based and open source, you are virtually virus free using that. Yes Macs are a bit more at risk because hackers all have to start somewhere, but still it is not to bad hopefully you are using something on your Mac for protection.

  4. Is Nikon Coolpix a “point and shoot” camera?

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