Quick Post # 2

1. My first name is Bob, I have been meaning to put this on my about page and keep forgetting to. I go by xbox2121 because that’s what I have used on every website since the Xbox first came out. You can still call me x or 21 or what ever you want I leave that up to you. I call most of you by your first name if I can figure it out.

2. I now have over 30 blogs that I follow,which is fine, that is a number I can deal with because I have the time. I like to comment and reply on post when it is appropriate. Some don’t need a comment and some like poetry I don’t have the knowledge to comment on even if it does interest me.
I have people who post from once a week to 3 or more a day. If you post 3 or more times a day I can no longer comment on all of you post. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I still refuse to use the reader so I get over 250 emails a day to act on.


16 thoughts on “Quick Post # 2

  1. Hi, Bob, nice to meet you! You probably know this already, but you can set your subscription parameters to daily or weekly as well, too. Then you’ll get just one email each day (or week) from the blogs you follow. I have yours set to immediately, but on others where a lot is posted per day, I have them set per day versus immediately. You get much less mail that way.

  2. Hi Bob! Are you retired? How do have so much time for reading and blogging? You’re probably a wealth of knowledge at this point! I enjoy your straight forward/direct manner, it reminds me of Steinbeck, of whom I’m a big fan.

    • Hi Stephanie, yes I am retired, I have been for about 8 years now. I retired from the Army first then Social Security about a year ago. I used to have on my about page I have more time on my hands than money, which is true. Thanks for the comment about my forward/direct manner, I think I have always been that way.

  3. You’re a glutton for punishment Bob. But I admit the reader could use some work, especially on the mobile app.

  4. Hey Bob I use the reader but I make sure I click the link to the actual blog website from the reader so clicks count 🙂 Indeed blogging and keeping up with posts is a hard slog, but brings laughter to the lips often too. My preference is 2 to 3 posts a week – well, can’t do more because every one takes research and quite a bit of writing and I have a day job that feeds me 🙂

  5. Wow, you are one dedicated blogger, Bob. I don’t think I could cope with over 250 emails per day.

  6. I think your work is wonderful and I too will add you to my list. It is hard to work full time and read and write. I have a few years until retirement. Right now, WordPress is an oasis for my mind and I try to stop in daily.

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