Old Drum and a Change of Scenery

I chose this post because Cate rook a day trip to take these shots. I have fields very similar close by. This post reminded me that beauty is all around us if we just take the time to look.

Let's Have Another Piece of Pie

DSCF7468Yesterday my husband and I took off into the wilds of the mid-west.  Well, took off on some country roads and drove east into the wilds of Missouri.  Yes, you guessed it, farms.  And yes, sky.  It really is beautiful and peaceful.  Some of you look into the vast oceans we look into the vast sky and rolling hills and the food that you all eat.

These pictures of the farmland were taken from the open window of our non-air conditioned jeep wrangler while going highway speed.  And not from my iPhone!  I used an actual camera!  Dry mid-west breezes reaching temperatures into the low 90s.  It was great.


















We had a long needed get away that day.  Our destination?  The lovely town of Warrensburg, MO, home of University of Central Missouri – the Mules.

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3 thoughts on “Old Drum and a Change of Scenery

  1. I agree, not enough people take the time to look out their windows and see the beauty that is all around them. Too many think that beauty is always somewhere else far away and must be flown to, to appreciate it. Very nice post!

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