Trip To The Flint Hills Part 1

Personalty I don’t think these are worth posting, but some of you wanted to see them so here you go. This is the last time I try to use medium format.




The building above is a old school house that was used until 1955. This building like all of the limestone buildings in the are is between 100 and 150 years old.






19 thoughts on “Trip To The Flint Hills Part 1

  1. A nice reminder of how our ancestors loved life and made it great even though they did not have the technology and machines we have these days; their building was a true toil of love

  2. These are really beautiful pictures! You’re a great photographer, and the buildings are really pretty.

  3. I also want to let you know- your avatar/ blog image doesn’t have a link to your blog. When there’s a link, it’s easier to find a person’s blog. The link you have there goes to the Reader page.

    • Thanks my Gravatar itself never has worked right.I even reported it to the people in the Gravatar part and even they couldn’t figure out what was wrong wit hit. I have deleted it and started over several times. I will correct think link under my Gravatar, I thought it went right to my blog, thanks.!

      • Your welcome! You can also do it by going into the personal settings section of your blog’s Dashboard menu. That way, you won’t have to go to the Gravatar website. You can do it through WordPress, which may be easier.

  4. These came out very nice! I love the old school house one : )

  5. Kansas…was there twice this past year…once in January to visit my younger brother, Bill…and the 2nd time, for his funeral in March. He rests in Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery. He suffered so much–he died from myotonic dystrophy. At least the last ten years of his life were blessed with a good wife, Harriette.

  6. Beautiful pictures! A nice place to visit.

  7. Your pictures are great — don’t be so hard on yourself! The color is good, the pictures are sharp, and the content is interesting! I especially like the last picture of the hoosegow! That looks like a rough place to do time, lol!

  8. Beautiful pictures and historic buildings have so much character, I love them.

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