18 thoughts on “How My Summers Were Taken Away

  1. How ironic is it that they sent you to work every summer to build your character and give you good work ethic and then they steal your money? The lessons we learn.

  2. yeah it is a tough life 🙂 Lessons are always earned the hard way

  3. that really sucks! I bet if they would have asked you to use some of your money you would have been ok with it, straight out stealing your hard earned money is just wrong! My mom always stole birthday money out of my cards before I got to even see what was in there but that wasn’t money I had earned so that’s not as bad.
    It sounds like you learned the lessons they wanted you to learn and maybe a few they didn’t intend. Hard work, ethics, responsibility, mistrust, abuse, stealing and desertion just to name a few.

    • Yea your right I ended up learning more bad than good. Maybe your mom needed the money as well?

      • yeah but i have a hard time forgiving when she always had cigarettes and beer even though we didn’t have food. But, even that taught me a thing for two.
        parents don’t always realize the damage they do, I’m sure i’m doing my fair share of damage to my kids but i’m trying to be original about it and not repeat my mother’s mistakes! lol

      • Well st least you are trying to be original about it 😊 I sometimes think kids are somewhat programmed at birth and turn out a certain way no matter what the parents do

      • i agree to a certain extent, there’s definitely some merit to that thought.
        : )

  4. While I do agree with the idea of teaching kids good ethics and helping them build character (that’s what parents are supposed to do), I don’t agree that starting them on an adult job pulling a full adult work week at the age of 12 is the way to do it. And there are more parents than we would guess who feel, consciously or subconsciously, that their child “owes” them because they took care of him/her from the moment of birth, so they feel entitled to anything that belongs to the child.
    I couldn’t begin to say if your parents were of this mindset, or if they sincerely thought they were doing the right thing by you, but parents don’t usually realize the effect of their child-rearing strategies until long after their child is grown.
    And, btw, you tell the story very well and keep the reader’s interest glued to the page — but I digress — you have become a wonderful person despite these hardships growing up, Bob, and that says a lot about you as a person and the character you, on your own, have developed.

    • Thanks a bunch Becky your words mean a lot to me. Looking back I think my parents actually needed the money,maybe if they would have told me earlier it would have made a difference. Thanks also for the story telling comment that means a lot coming from yoy !!

  5. Yikes, not an easy road and some poor role models as well. Sorry you had to experience that lack of regard and respect. If your family really counted on you to contribute, they could have regarded your efforts, (although too much and too early) as a gift, and bumped your purpose and self-esteem up tremendously. But, judging is not helpful now. I hope you know how impressive it is to have survived it all and moved on.

  6. Boo Bob! Good post!

  7. dear Bob, (I finally discovered YOUR name…I always read all the comments)…My dear man, I am so sorry for the abuse and abandonment you suffered as a child…it is good to write about it and release it from your thoughts…I think our parents suffered from their parents…and so on it goes…But I do think some people should NOT have kids! Maybe I shouldn’t have! Who knows! There are so many factors in parenting…so many mistakes even when we think we are doing all we can…and then, there are the outside forces…and their peers. Nevertheless, i am sorry you had no choice in your childhood…I am sorry your Dad physically hurt you–that gets me angry! There are too many bullies in this world. I hope your week goes well…and I hope you know you are a great person!

    • I wasn’t trying to hide my name I have just used xbox2121 for 20 plus years and that’s what most people no me as 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts, they mean a lot to me. Time has a way of healing most things or at least forgetting about them. I know I made mistakes raising my two kids. One is a loudmouth brat the other is a loner and withdrawn. I am sure my ex had something to do with all of this as well, who knows.

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