Time to Unload the Old Brain Part 2

No I am not planning on doing these all of the time. Lets just call it a mini series that I can come back to from time to time. My next post will be completely different.

The other day when I posted part one the temperature was 107 this is like 3 weeks in a row with 100 plus days. It supposed to be hot here in July but the normal temp is 91 not 101. This heat wave we have been stuck in is sucking the life out of me the humidity is so high all of the time you cant even open the windows up in the morning to cool the place down. It is also affecting the whole town,crime,accidents,assaults and basically everything bad that could happen is up. Anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming either has their head buried in the sand or has been watching to much Fox news. I wont even go into whether its cause is man made or not I don’t feel like arguing the point all day long.

The next few things I want to touch on I have bitched about before but they are still bugging me so here we go again.

Facebook: I have been on and off of this site 3 or 4 times since it started and it has changed a great deal over that time. This time I got back on just to keep track of my two kids and a couple of cousins. This site now drives me crazy, I haven’t posted a thing on there in over 6 months. All people do is that damm share crap its like no one has an original thought of there own. I get the sharing of photos but all these stupid little posters quotes and crap like that drives me crazy. Either people on there now are lazy in a hurry or maybe its a generation thing I just don’t get it.

Followers: This subject keeps coming up with me all of the time the last time I posted about it I got blasted by a few people but I don’t care blast away it it makes you feel better. I am getting fed up with a few of my followers. I got rid of a couple more yesterday. I have said this before I don’t blog to become famous or popular or have 100 followers. If you are going to follow me follow me don’t leave me hanging that just pisses me off. The worst ones are the type that post more than once a day and I take the time to read every post and comment on most that I follow. Then some of you will post for days and just ignore my post. The worst are the ones that follow you out of now where. They will like one post the start following you. So my dumb ass out curiosity will follow back. I am tired of arguing with all of these what I call bad followers. From now on if they have ignored my post I will just ignore theirs. If that doesn’t work I will just delete them like I did yesterday. I need to find the words to put this in my about page. That is the one page I am pretty sure people actually read.

One last thing my two and three day road trips start this week. If I disappear for a few days that is where I am. I have done this before and always catch up when I get back. I don’t need to announce my absence to anyone I just felt it was necessary after my blasting of some of my followers.

#@@#@@Memory: If you think you are having a bad day check out this post from one of my followers http://becky6259.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/little-update/


37 thoughts on “Time to Unload the Old Brain Part 2

  1. Yep, facebook is a weird species – I don’t spend much time on it either but there are people who do. I think facebook resembles today’s news media – a million posts a day online as if news gets old before it’s published. Regarding blog followers similar experiences are widespread so you’re doing the right thing by weeding out those that still have a great deal to learn about staying in a community. Have a nice time on your short trip…

  2. A little road trip is good for the soul. Hope you find what helps πŸ™‚

  3. i never use my personal facebook page, it drives me crazy. My husband is addicted to his and is always sending me those little cards he finds posted on there. I told him Pinterest was the proper place for those little cards, not Facebook! lol Pinterest is for those who want to post photo quotes or cards, facebook was suppose to be for stories and such.
    Thanks for sharing my jewelry post on your facebook page today! That is much appreciated : )
    I’ve heard other wordpress bloggers complaining about the inability to control who follows them. Most other social media sites give you this ability so I don’t know why WordPress doesn’t. Personally it doesn’t matter to me, the only site I get catty about followers is twitter but twitter is a whole other subject. LOL
    enjoy your road trip!

  4. feel better? it feels good to let it out. I’m serious with a smile. I enjoy your posts. Have a great road trip.

  5. Facebook can be maddening with all its negativity, and I agree with you that it’s good for sharing pictures with friends and family, but a lot of people share too much other stuff on there. Sounds like you are cleaning house on WordPress, too, and that is a good way to keep it from getting out-of-hand. I’m so glad I haven’t gotten on that delete list of yours yet! Hey, btw, thanks so much for the pingback and shoutout, Bob — it means a lot to me and I am really honored!

    • Becky you will never be on my delete list you get as backed up as I do. I did have to remove a couple of more today. You are more than welcome and deserving for the shout out. Btw I appreciate all of your comments always but a little tap aonthe like button wouldn’t hurt either πŸ™‚

  6. dear xbox2121,
    Well, YOU put the Fear of God in me! LOL I came straight to your site after your last comment on my blog! LOL You are a bit cantankerous…I love it! LOL You add humor to my otherwise dull day! (smile)…what can I say, I am truly a “lousy follower”—but I get to it eventually. I a ripping up the subfloor in my kitchen–by myself! Can’t get any young, strong person to do the work! Talk about depression! These were the responses I got (offering $20/hour): “I think it is a lot of work!” …”I think it it hard work”…”I will see if I can get my buddies to help”…”I will call you”—of course, no further response from any of these individuals! So I ripped the living room subfloor out myself and now I am proceeding to my kitchen—which brings me back to WHY I can’t get to everyone’s blog everyday! I am tired! I do apologize that you feel neglected…I will make a better effort!
    Have a great day and enjoy your little jaunt in the countryside! Still waiting to hear about your day of meditation???
    Also, I do appreciate your wonderful presence on my blog! I must say, I am now full of fear and trepidation that I will be deleted from your account!

    • LOL I am not going to delete you by any means. This was directed at about 6 people who would ignore my post for a week at a time. I have gotten rid of them. I also posted it for future reference when some wants to follow me now I can just refer them to this post πŸ™‚ That’s a lot of hard backbreaking work to rip up a sub floor. My day of mediation was great. I needed that very much.It resets my whole mind and body to some extent. I am now trying to meditate for an hour a day in the early mornings here when it is quiet.

      • Yes, I am attempting that as well…the hour in the morning when all is quiet! {EXCEPT for whatever is in my basement!} …I agree with you…without meditation–it is like a morning without breakfast! I love breakfast best! I began attending the Mindfulness Center in Milwaukee this past year, after reading RECONCILIATION [I have LOTs to reconcile!] by Thich Nhat Hanh (got to love that name!),,,a Vietnamese Buddhist…I am careful NOT to become fanatical…I realize there are fanatics in every belief system…have to keep a balance. Anyway, I enjoy the weekly community coming together!

  7. I was looking for a place to message you this, but each blog is different and I cannot find WHERE I should send this—just delete it after you fix it: You wrote above: “My next post will be comply different.”—I think you meant to test my ability as an English teacher (God help me!)…did you mean to write: “My next post will be completely different!” ?????

  8. Not to worry if followers leave you hanging. You never know what’s going on in their lives. I keep an open door policy. Some bloggers I lose touch with, others reemerge after long periods of time. I simply “like” anything I like when I have time to do it, although I do try not to miss too many posts. My advice (although unsolicited), take it as it comes without too many expectations and have fun blogging:)

  9. OK well now I’m curious about you. I follow people sometimes and never comment, it would take me hours a day to comment on everything.

    I don’t get Twitter either. Yet, I’m on it. None of it makes sense. πŸ˜‰

    • Nobody expects you to comment. You have a family and three little ones to take care of. I am retired so I have more time to comment on some but there is no way I could comment on all the post I read in a day 😊

  10. Your post made me smile, thanks. Sometimes it feels so good to have a whinge and this is something I’m quite good at so I appreciate a good whinge when I see one.

  11. Hey sorry if I’ve left you hanging. I appreciate you taking the time with my posts. Sometimes I forget who I have followed or not. I usually take a foray through my reader from time to time to catch up with people’s work. My lapses in attention are certainly not intentional. Following and liking is the most superficial element to this blogging, best not to get too caught up in its ebbs and flows. At any rate I enjoy your work , it has substance.

    • That’s fine. I use the old fashion way I receive email notices on all the blogs I follow. I enjoy taking the time to read them or I wouldn’t be following them:)

  12. Hello there,
    I totally understand what you mean by fly by following, and how unpredictable it is. We are not really close friends here, till we take the time to make that happen and who knows what a close blogger friend pattern is like cuz this is pretty new. We are creating culture as we speak.
    My personal culture, besides knowing how you feel is: I like your post, I think I want more of this new dish, but right now I am reading the bloggers I already follow on the reader, so I follow. You will come back up next time. If I keep likeing your posts, or enjoying them enough to keep trying, on the random times when I actually get to enjoy the reader, I’ll be back. It’s not a daily thing. I may not like every post enough to like it, but I like the gist or the voice. So far, there is something about you that I bother to answer. You will be in my reader. I will select you as my attention is grabbed.
    I will enjoy growing together. You may not hear from me till I have time, attention, and interest in the particular subject you are about that day.
    This is the way I roll. I adore some bloggers and lose contact for a month. About four, I read every post. I think I do, but I skip them too, then go back a month later and read the back log.
    There are bloggers whom I like alot.
    They don’t aknowlage I exsist.
    Some, goddamit, I read anyway.
    Some just got to big to ever answer twenty comments a day. I value their time.
    Sometimes, I wish I could get with my blog friends for comment coffee. I wish it till it happens, like Christmas. It’s such a rare gift these days. Worth the wait.
    I love my ignored freindly naighborhood bloggers!
    Okay, I admit, I have a lot of interests and I follow to many wonderful, funny, quirky, different, surprising, soulful, adventurous, unpopular, outrageous, wierd, cop-out, smart, picturesque fabulous, people.
    I don’t appriciate them to their face nearly enough. I guess they should prolly unfollow me.
    ; )

    • First thank you for the comment I value each and every one and never take them for granted. I am glad you took the time to explain how things work when you personally follow someone, I have never seen another person do this. I have a big advantage or you and that is time. I am retired and normally on here every day. I am on and off for 12 hours a day then I shut this thing down or I never get anything else done. I don’t use the reader I have found in my case if I get behind I tend to just hit the like thing and move on. I used to like you, follow bloggers that got to big for their britches but quit that crap after awhile. I do however follow a couple of people who don’t follow back just because I like their work so much. I have never even thought about meeting fellow bloggers like you mentioned but it is an interesting concept. I look forward to your post and getting to know you as a person through you work πŸ™‚

  13. my gripe is still with email actually. This happens to me lots: emails are exchanged in which introductions and made and queries are addressed, Then suddenly nothing from the other party. I might prompt two or three weeks later but the tumble weeds are just rolling by and I’m left guessing.People don’t think they can say ‘No’ so they say nothing. ..So frustrating!

    Loved your ranting by the way, but I do endorse much what was said in the previous comment by Waywardspirit. best wishes and thank you for calling by my blog today

    • Thank you for the comment. I rarely use emails anymore expect with very close friends but I do understand your frustration. I agree that most people will say nothing, but not me, I am not afraid to open my big mouth πŸ™‚ Ranting is probably my favorite type of post yet for some reason I find them hard to start. I did enjoy looking at your blog and thank you for coming by mine.

  14. Road tripsand random beain unloads are good for the soul:-)

  15. I connect with lots of friends on Facebook. But to each their own, that’s the beauty.

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