Time to Unload the Old Brain Part 1

I read a post a couple of days ago from some one I follow titled we’re all mad here by melissa nacinovich she had several rants and raves along with some very good stuff. It got me to thinking the reason I started this blog was to get things off my chest. Its like once I write them down it opens up a few brain cells for some more stuff to come in. I realized I wasn’t being true to my self. I was trying to copy the style of different people mix pictures with words write better and the list goes on. I still will but expect to see more of these rants in the future. I guess I could best describe my blog direction now like a combination pizza.

Like most of these I have no idea where this is headed, I guess we will find out.
A couple of days ago started like any other normal day for me, after my first breakfast I headed out the door for my morning 3 mile walk. I had gone a few steps and a bird decided to unload his breakfast right on top of my head. For some reason this has happened many times in my life but that day I should have took it for a sign of things to come.
I had my monthly appointment with Physical Therapy that morning and showed up early as always. We were talking about something and the topic of the steps leading up to my second floor apartment came up. She proceeded to start to read me the riot act about renting a place with steps because of my back problem. Now most Doctor stuff I let go in one ear and come out the other. When it comes to my back I pay very close attention because there is no cure the only thing that will make the pain better is to not use it or a lot of exercisers to strengthen my back muscles. I do both depending on how I feel. She then said she had warned me about this before I had moved. I jumped up from the table and call her a big ass liar with a whole lot of obscenities mixed in I was so upset. I told her to look in her notes and sure enough I was right and she was wrong. She then suggest I move to a down stairs apartment. I went off on her again and asked her if she had the 2 grand it would cost me to break my lease, have the place painted and hire the movers. She then suggested I get a note from my regular Doctor about the steps, this seemed reasonable to me so I started to get up when I felt a tap on my shoulder, out of learned reflex I jumped up turned around and was prepared to face my enemy. I faced a Wichita city cop.                   Apparently one of my out burst had caused her collages to call security. The VA doesn’t used rent a cops for security they use the real ones.
So off we went to His office, I have been there before for my out burst so I wasn’t to concerned. They put you in one of their holding cells for 30 minutes like a kid in time out to make sure you are ready to play nice then they let you go.
I then started my 2 hour quest going from Doctor to different departments only to find out the only way the VA was going to give me a note about the steps was if I applied for a permanent profile that has to go before a panel of 5 Orthopedic Surgeons and would take up to 2 years to complete at which time I could apply for SS disability. I told them nicely this time, to forget it I didn’t want their disability just a frigging note. One last thing about the VA as a patient you cant sue the Doctors for malpractice or anything just like the military Doctors, but outside agencies can that is why they are so hesitant about putting their names on any thing that goes out of the system.
This will have to be part one my brain is tired and it is getting to long.


14 thoughts on “Time to Unload the Old Brain Part 1

  1. I’m glad that i’ve inspired you to speak your mind! : )
    I know I shouldn’t be giggling about you ‘time-out” but thats just hilarious. lmao
    (I’m sitting at the dentist with my son, everyone is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind because i’m laughing…)
    Nothing worse than back problems, my husband has a bulging disc and it sucks! The chiropractor has done him more good than his orthopedist ever did… Decompression machine has become his best friend.
    Anyway…Give ’em hell at the VA it’s good for them lol

    • You did inspire me and I appreciate it that’s what I set out-to do on this journey of sorts in the first place. Laughing at the Dentist office I bet they are staring at you. The cheap VA doesn’t have a Decompression machine, wait I don’t think, they have a machine that you strap into and it stretches you out maybe that’s the same, But its been broke for months with no money to fix-it.

      • That sounds like the machine they put him on… Sucks that its broken, it’s a huge help according to him.
        Well… Rant on! I look forward to the next installment of your tirade.

  2. sorry for your trouble……..but good ranting! 😉

  3. Wow, what an ordeal, and certainly deserving of a rant. I would be pulling my hair out. I think you’ve read enough of my blog to get a hint of my tendency to rant 🙂 It’s good for the soul every once and a while.

    As for missing your last few posts – yep, I did. I work incredibly long and irregular hours. As I write this it’s almost 5 AM and I have to be back at work in 3 hours; so please forgive my occasional absence. I’m still here 🙂

    • That works for me thanks 🙂

      • I’m glad 🙂 I work in the hospitality industry – basically, I make parties happen. I manage events for a major catering company – weddings, massive corporate parties,and because it’s catering I could be anywhere within a 100 mile radius of my house at 2 or 3 in the morning picking up the last wine glasses and driving back to our shop with a 1 ton truck loaded to the gunnel’ with just one other person to unload and put it all away.

  4. Sounds like a lot of work, I knew one other person a few years ago that tried this and gave it up after about a year. They were making good money but quickly became burnt out.

  5. Sounds like VA is immersed in bureaucracy and “protocol” and can’t think outside the square – so did you get your note?

  6. dear xbox2121,
    I did read this previously—but I was so intimidated by your disdain for the “frequent flyers of the LIKE button–I forgot to HIT it!!!!!!!!!! I was here! HONEST I was!

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