My Hidden Hideaway in the Country


First I need to apologize because the photograph is crooked. All I can say is my muscle relaxers must have kicked in.
I first started this project while living in a hand me down camper. I had just quit working and was tired of living in the city. It took me about 3 months working full time to get the left side done. I did all the pluming,electrical, and Sheetrock by myself. The only help I need was to holdup the rock on the ceiling while I screwed it in. Way out here in the sticks nobody worries about codes or permits because nobody cares.
I had a living room kitchen on the left side and a bathroom and shower on the right side all built with parts I took from the camper. Fully inclosed and insulated. I even had a wood burning stove on the right side with the air piped into the left side. At the time it was all I needed.
I then moved to Oklahoma to work as a manager in a big truck stop on the interstate. A few months later my sister asked me if my mom could move in there to prepare herself for hospice care. She hired some people to refinish the right side with a better sink and shower and put in the sliding doors and a couple more windows and new carpet.
I had been in Oklahoma for a little less than a year when I got the dreaded phone call that my mother took a bad turn and my help was needed to care for her. I quit my job with no notice and was had moved back to the country within 4 days. Thatโ€™s where I will end this portion of my house in the country.

I am pretty isolated and well hidden from view.

View from the street. I ordered a garage kit and put it here to further hide from the dirt road I keep call a street. Don’t forget to double click on the photos you can see them much better!!


10 thoughts on “My Hidden Hideaway in the Country

  1. You have a nice getaway there! Very sad story about your mom, but it is so good that you had a nice, comfortable place for her to be in her remaining days. And hey, taking crooked pictures is par for the course, lol, we’ve all done it — they don’t look so crooked when viewing them through the camera!

    • Thanks Becky I have done a lot of stupid things with my camera but I use the viewfinder and don’t recall taking one that crooked before then I broke one of my golden rules and only took one shot lesson learned ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. YOU are amazing! I wished that I had your “brains” to do all that! I am learning as I am doing. I put in a glass block window in my basement and it took me from 2 to 10 PM I slaved away. I used a You-Tube video to guide me. I should have done the other two while I was at it!

    • Thanks, I learned most of this in my 20’s working for a contractor. Some of the stuff like plumbing and roofing I had to look up on the internet. I love the look of glass block windows and there is nothing wrong with using You-Tube the point is you are still learning how to do new things. That’s what I love about the internet 30 years ago if you needed that information you had to read half of a book.

  3. Regarding your care for your Mom that you do not wish to speak about…yes, I brought my Mom home to live with me…it was a gift to me…I know that you have a good heart!–even if you are upset with “followers.”

    • Thank you for the heartfelt comment. I took care of my Mom and my younger Brother. To me it was difficult at times but afterwards it was also very rewarding. I am not upset at my followers any more. That is what I love about blogging, for me once I write something down that’s the end of it. If that makes any sense at all.

  4. I did click on the pics to enlarge them. Looks nice and quiet there. I love the big tall trees.

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