Happy 4th Of July



These are old shots The reason I posted them early is as soon as I push the publish button I am on my way out to my old place in the country. I am a bit overloaded with all I have going on right now so I need to go out there and unplug for a few days. I am looking forward to it. No cell or internet service, nothing to distract me. Just me, my kindle, some sun and some much needed long meditation sessions. I will catch up when I get back with those that have caught up with me. I hope every one has a safe and fun holiday. Remember to do one kind thing for a perfect stranger every day you will be amazed at how good it makes you feel.


12 thoughts on “Happy 4th Of July

  1. Have a great time just doing not much bar reading, having nice feeds, perhaps walks and good sleeps. Hope you return all rejuvenated …

  2. Hope you have a wonderful break. 😀

  3. Hope you have a fantastic 4th yourself, and enjoy the calm and peace!

    • Thanks Becky the fireworks are one of the main reasons I went out there. The sound of them triggers some bad memories but I am all rested and ready to take on the 30 some emails from this site 😊

  4. Beautiful fireworks shots! When my grandchildren visit, I am going to take them here to your blog to show them your photos! My grandson, Ayden, was a bit disappointed the night of the 4th–somehow he missed the 10 minutes of fireworks and said about an hour later, “When are the fireworks?”

  5. Btw, please, please share the camera settings you used on your fireworks photos — they really look great!

    • Both were taken on manual focus set to infinity. I had to look the rest up. The first one I used F8 Exposure time 13seconds iso 80 white balance auto. The second one I used exactly the same settings, that surprises me I know I kept changing exposure times but as I recall I took over 100shots that night, all on a tripod and only kept what I thought were the best 3.

      • Thanks X! I can’t control my shutter speed, and my camera’s exposure compensation only goes as high as 2.0, but I can set the others like yours and go from there — maybe i’ll catch fireworks better next year. I know what you mean about taking lots of pictures — we just have to shoot, shoot, shoot and hope we get a few that are perfect!

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