Origami Inspirations

This is my first repost I don’t plan on doing it on a regular basis. This is a hobby I want to give a try there are many videos on YouTube for stated ones with detailed instructions

Anglo-Saxon Celt Creates

slinkyandbox I called this post “Origami Inspirations” because that’s the name of the book I used to produce all the models in these photos (except the slinky on the left).  The book is by Meenakshi Mukerji, and it was given to me by someone who noticed I was on a modular origami binge.  Mukerji gives a nice concise introduction to the origami techniques needed for her models, including charts on how to distribute different coloured units evenly around the different shapes.  She even provides a few mathematical proofs for the nerds like me.  She starts off nice and easy with simple cubes.  The cube in the first photo here is called a “ray cube”.  There are four units making up the pattern on each of the six faces of the cube.


By the way, I was quite happy with the way the slinky turned out.  It makes a very…

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2 thoughts on “Origami Inspirations

  1. Very interesting! I am here…viewing YOUR post! LOL My daughter is a whiz at this! Not me…I’d rather type at the keyboard…checking out your postings! LOL

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