Mind Dump

I have no idea where this is going. I just need to get this stuff out of my head.

Up until about two days ago we have been under some extreme heat and humidity. Making life miserable because it was so early in the year. Two days ago it broke when a cold front came through. The temp dropped  30 degrees in 15 minutes. Now 90’s then in a few days 80’s where it should be.

I read a tip on line about successful blogging then read a few more. Most of them varied but they all had a few things in common. Blogs should be no more than 250 words, paragraphs should be more than two sentences and you should never post more than one or two pictures in a post because the pictures distract from the words. The other rules are because the average person that reads blogs scans them for key words that interest them they don’t take the time to read every word. I have caught myself doing this many times on some long winded post like I am writing right now.

I just went back and looked at some of my post. I had never used the word count before and a couple of them are close to 900 words. I will try to use these suggestions and see what happens. I had a lot more I wanted to dump out but this puts me at just under 250 words!!


13 thoughts on “Mind Dump

  1. I’m not sure I would agree about the pictures thing. I like a post with lots of pictures/photos.

    • Thanks for the comment Sarah I am mixed on the photos it depends on the post and how good they are ?

      • I read a WordPress article about photos helping to break up a long piece of prose, making it easier to read. I certainly find long essays easier to read if there are pictures. But, as you say, maybe the quality of the pictures matters. Bad pictures might indeed be distracting.

    • Here is a link to a very successful blog that I follow. She doesn’t use any of the suggestions but she has 40 sum followers and I read every word she post.

      • Thanks for the link. I’ve had a quick look and it looks interesting. That’s the great thing about blogs. You can read suggestions but you’re still free to do it any way you please.

  2. I think I break all the blog rules.. haha that is nice food for thought when I post my next blog.

  3. I was told by a journalist that posts should not exceed more than 450 – 600 words – people’s attention span for these sorts of things are the culprit for that, I was told. I myself fail that test almost every time 🙂 my posts can reach 1200 + plus but then there are things one writes about that just cannot be reduced in word number sense particularly when you write about things that people do not know much about so you need to insert “explanations” – when that’s done I find even longer posts engaging…and so I believe do readers interested in matters written about 🙂

    • I never suggested anyone follow these suggestions and when I referred to long winded I wasn’t implying any of the people I follow. I read you post and enjoy it. It is the quickest means I have available to see whats going on in you country. Yours need to be long because they are more like a journalist not like a average blogger 🙂

  4. dear xbox2121, I think a blog is BEST when written from the heart!…as yours seems to be! I did not read about how to blog—and I write for me—and if someone gets something from it, I am most happy—I didn’t know that there were rules! lol…smile….welcome to the blogging world! and thank you for visiting my little corner! I am now “following” you! and I am not 20 years younger! LOL

    • Thanks for the comment and the follow I will in turn follow you. I have made less than 20 post in the short time I have been here and this one drew the most attention as you well know there are no rules in blogging theses were suggestions I found they helped me because I looked back and could have easily cut a bunch of words out of some of my post someone in the comment section called them rules not me 😊

  5. Hey, thanks for the shout-out in one of the above comments — I appreciate it very much! Lol, I probably SHOULD follow those rules, but I had never heard them before — heck, just my comments after the posts are probably over 250 words, lol. I tend to be a visual person, so I respond more to photographs than written word, but that’s just me. The tips you gave in this post are good, and certainly worth considering by anyone who wants to be a serious blogger — thanks for posting!

    • Thanks Becky your welcome for the shout out I gave it because your post go against all the suggestions yet it is popular and I enjoy it. I think you summed it up well when you said serious blogger. I certainly don’t 😊

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