The Second Night of The Super Moon

The main purpose of this post is not to display theses mediocre slightly out of focus pictures. It is a baby step and a commitment to my self to use my real camera. This is the first time I have used it in about 2 years.
Here is a tip that will work on any picture you see on this blog site take a few seconds and double click with you mouse on the photo and it will blow the photo up to full screen so you can really see the details in them. Then just hit the esc button and it brings you right back to the blog.


I was all set to shoot the Super Moon on the night it was full. I went outside and all I saw was total darkness not even a hint of the moon it stayed cloudy all night. The next night there were a few clouds but I could work with that. I started to set up my tripod and one of the legs wouldn’t lock so that was out. I use a Canon SX 30 is, it is classified as a bridge camera. All that means is a point and shoot with a huge zoom lens and many more manual settings than a regular point and shoot. When I zoom mine out to the full 850mm setting it becomes very front heavy and hard to balance. I always use the view finder, some people prefer the LCD screen. Without a tripod all I could do was push it hard to my face and use one hand to hold the lens and the other for the camera. That’s why these are a bit out of focus and off-center. The moon was extremely bright that night so I fiddled around with the settings to tone it down and get this hue to it instead of just white.


I always shoot all of my pictures sooc. All that means is straight out of the camera. I never use any post processing at all. No photo shop, I don’t even crop them. What I see in my view finder is what you see. This is very old school but so am I.


18 thoughts on “The Second Night of The Super Moon

  1. Nice. 😀
    Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

  2. Great post – I was just thinking this morning before I read yours that I need to get my camera out and not my iPhone……..the iPhone may take better ones than my camera though.

  3. Awesome! I always enjoy your photos

  4. Great photos!! You have always taken great pictures.

  5. Sometimes that’s all we have sherrrl

  6. There are a lot of people who don’t use post-processing and still do well. Your pictures look great, and you captured a lot of detail. That one crater is in both of our pictures but in different places on the moon because of where we live — it’s cool to get other vantage points for stuff like that! Glad you were able to get a good shot without too many clouds!

  7. Indeed–the moon and its details were a wonder to see when I followed your tip to enlarge the photo! Thank you! It is helpful to those of us who are technologically challenged! What kind of camera do you use? I have always wanted to take night photos–but I thought you needed special equipment/camera. Is there something that is not too expensive and that will do the trick? Thank you! I love your blog and your writing!

    • Thanks for your comment. I use a Canon powershot sx 130si. Its a bridge camera.Between a regular point and shoot and a full blown DSLR. Normally you need a tripod for nighttime shots, mine is broken but I got lucky. My camera is a couple of years old I think it was bout 400 bucks when I got it. I am sure you could get one for around 200 that would allow you to shoot at night.

  8. Oh, yes, thank YOU for your recent visits to my blog! I so appreciate visitors–we all do—so today I am devoting to “visiting!”

  9. Well…I see I have been here previously! LOL
    Hope your day is going well!

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