Summertime and My followers

Summer is my time of the year. The heat and humidity don’t really bother me that much. I don’t even turn on my AC until its 88 in here then I set it to 87 with a fan going I am quite comfortable. I have been in other homes that keep their place about 70 and I get chilly plus if you keep the temp that low when you walk outside and its 95 to 100 the heat hits you like a blast furnace.

Summer is when I take all of my road trips. I already have several lined up and have found some interesting places to see and photograph in this state I have never heard of before. My goal this year is to use those trips and pictures in some of my post. I also plan to go to go out to my old place in the country for a couple of reasons. I miss the total stillness and silence where I used to live. Plus I need to occasionally disconnect myself from this site and the internet. Since I moved here I changed cell providers and don’t even get a signal out there, cant even make or receive phone calls. That way I am not tempted by the internet.

Now that my rambling is done the main reason for this post is two fold. I want my followers to know about my upcoming absences, I realize this isn’t necessary its just what I do. If I miss one of your post it is only because I am not here I am not ignoring you. I will catch up on you post when I get back. I intentionally keep my list of followers low so I don’t spend half a day on here trying to keep up with everyone. I actually set and read every post you make because I find them interesting or I wouldn’t be following you in the first place.

Now comes the soap box part I have been down this road before in another post. I didn’t start this whole thing to be popular or get a certain amount of likes or comments on every post. Its simply a self form of therapy and a way of improving my memories, and maybe even learning how to write again but I haven’t made much progress in that area. I normally only post two or three times a week so I am not that hard to keep up with. I don’t think I have ever missed a single post of the people I follow. I am getting tired with a couple of you, I hit every post you make yet you only manage to get every other one or sometimes one in three. All I ask is you look at my post you don’t have to hit the like button or even comment on it. If you think the post is crap tell me so I am a big boy and can take criticism well . If none of these work for you just put a hi or something simple in the comment box. I have now way of knowing if you have looked at my post or not. I am no longer going to waste my time and over priced 4g data on you post if you continue to ignore me. This is really frustrating when you post on the same day I do or the day after. This might make some of you mad but I don’t care quit following my blog.


29 thoughts on “Summertime and My followers

  1. It was not aimed at you I should have made it clearer it was aimed at two people and they know who they are

  2. Hope you enjoy your “little” trips – Summer is a good time to replenish the soul 🙂

    • Thanks and trust me my soul needs it 😊
      It seems lately you are ever where on this site it has to keep you very busy I don’t see how you can keep up

  3. i try to keep up with my followers and you are my number 1. I usually don’t go much as I’m a stay at home person but I have a few trips planned and hope you get to take some photos to share. I’ve seen some of your sunsets and they are very good. the kind that makes wish you was there to see it. very good blog Bob, I enjoyed reading it.

    • Thanks for your comment and your like I appreciate them both and never take them for granted. You are my number one as well we came into this together. I pretty much stay at home as well just because I plan something doesn’t mean it will happen look at last weekend we never know what can pop up when you least expect it. Have a great evening 😊

  4. Looking forward to seeing your pictures from your summer trips! I hope you get the rest and de-stressing you are looking for out at your old place. Usually I am a couple days late catching up, but I do try to comment on all your posts — I am lazy and slow so I sometimes take awhile, lol! A lot of times, at least for me so maybe for others as well, I post on one day and spend another day commenting and looking at other blogs and posts, answering comments and commenting. I have enjoyed all of your feedback, and would never want you to think I am taking it for granted. Hang in there and thanks for following me and for posting your informative posts!

    • Thanks for your comment Becky I always enjoy them. I assume that majority of your comment is about the part of my post that talks about followers. I could have written it different or even addressed it with the people I was talking about but I made the post when I was upset with them lesson learned. It did however serve its purpose I lost the three followers that were causing me problems. You were never even considered to be one of those I know you have to catch up and I don’t think you are lazy or slow when I leave a comment on your post I check the box that says notifying me of any comments you are always playing catch up with all of the comments you get some of them from post you made a week earlier. You are the busiest person I have come across yet here. I don’t even see how you can keep up 😊

  5. First – thank you for the follow. I’ve just started to explore your world and like the way you think. I’m now following your words as well.

    As with you – I’m not doing this to promote myself, sell books, or pretend to be anything other than who I am.My blog was a mother’s day gift from my daughter in 2012. She believed I needed an outlet for what rattled about my head. I write just about every day, and have connected with some remarkable people along the way. Remarkably I only have one pesky follower – this will sum it up in ways words never could….

    I’m looking forward to another connection – again, thanks for the follow, it allowed me to find another perspective 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I followed the link you put in and can see what you mean I think pesky is a kinder word than what I would have used 😊 I started to follow your blog because like you I am always looking for a different perspective in a persons site no two sites I follow are near the same. Like your rattles around in my head part, that’s what is always going on in mine 😊

      • I agree – perspective is everything 🙂
        When I started this a year or so ago, I had no idea what to expect. I write honestly, trying not to be anything other than truthful and tempered. The biggest “leap” for me was the first time I wrote and posted something personal. Here it is if you’re interested…


      • This was a very touching post that you could tell came from the heart and was very personal. We all have to live with regret at one time or another. Sad to think about. Thanks for sharing

      • Regret is sad when you realize it is too late to say how you feel. That said, regret serves as a foundation to become a better person. 🙂

  6. Summer is my favorite time of year. I hope you get to enjoy every second of it!
    Blessings 🙂

  7. “I have been in other homes that keep their place about 70 and I get chilly plus if you keep the temp that low when you walk outside and its 95 to 100 the heat hits you like a blast furnace.”—Exactly!!!!!!!!

  8. LOL….you visited my blog and told me that I was living up to my expectation of being a “lousy follower.” LOL SO here I am! I am determined to be a better follower…in between tearing up my kitchen floor and learning French on the CD!

  9. Summer is really not my time of year, maybe it is the heat or signs in astrology that I attract but challenge me, like Cancer’s and Leo’s. I much prefer the Fall, and maybe because I was born in October or because its cooler, I don’t know. lol

  10. LOL I had to search for this one, but I’ve read it and am following. Let’s see where this ride together takes us. Have a great day!

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