My Latest Gadget


I wrote a post either here or on Facebook earlier about my cutting the cable. I wasn’t watching it that much and the DVR was actually overwriting itself. I haven’t missed it at all in the three months since I moved back to the city. A few days ago I was talking to someone about the upcoming collage football season and it hit me like a rock. How was I going to watch the only sport I actually enjoy without a TV. I couldn’t even go to a sports bar to watch it because it is the OU sooners from Oklahoma.

I went to my favorite place to shop,, and searched for high definition TV antennas. I had read several articles about them in the past and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical to even try one because the stations towers were behind me. This model, pictured above, was a omni directional so I ordered it. I got it three days later, hooked the coax cable to the antenna and then the T and, stuck it on the wall with two pins that were provided. I then turned on the TV and did a channel scan and BAM all of a sudden it had found 28 channels. Twenty of those were in 1080p true high def. I was amazed at the quality of the pictures they were just as clear as I ever had with my dish. All of this from this 40 dollar flat simple antenna. I got all of the major networks, a sports channel and a fishing channel. All of the others I wasnt interested in. Now I can set back and relax knowing in 96 days when the season starts I will be able to watch my favorite sport!


6 thoughts on “My Latest Gadget

  1. Boomer Sooner! I have cable, small town cable, I can’t get the HD for my HD tv.. or maybe I just can’t understand how to hook it up.. maybe I might need an antenna like that. Good job Bob!

  2. Thanks for the comment.l am sure I will

  3. Well, that’s a surprise — I always thought those things were just gimmicks and that they didn’t really work. Good to hear from someone who’s tested it out, and now I will consider buying one if the need ever arises.

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