Bit and Pieces

A collection of thoughts each to small to post on its own.

Two words I have used a lot since retiring are fixed income and frugal. The words fixed income will stop a sales person dead in their tracks. They can also be used to barter with. A few weeks ago I spilled one of my fresh strawberries concoctions I make on my favorite cloth recliner. I tried every way I knew of to get the mess out but nothing worked. The girls in the leasing office worked out a deal for me with the team that cleans all the carpets in this complex. He came up and gave me a bid of 50 dollars to clean it. I explained I was on a fixed income and lived a frugal lifestyle so He changed his bid to 40 dollars. Now 10 dollars is 10 dollars when you are on a fixed income and live a frugal lifestyle like I do 🙂

Two words I struggle with almost daily are want and need. Humans only need food and water to exists Its nice to have a roof over are heads but when you think about all the homeless people in the world this is actually a want not a need. When I was working full time if I wanted something I just put it on the old credit card and would pay it off in a couple of months. Now that I am retired I can no longer do that. Now I have two savings accounts. One for emergency use only and the other I use to pay cash for larger items like this new laptop I bought a few months ago. I use a simple budget program to see where my money is going. The first couple of months I used it I was surprised to see how munch stuff I was buying that I actually didn’t need.

Now don’t take this whole post wrong I am not dead broke all of the time. I actually have my military retirement and I filed early last summer when I turned 62 for social security. I carry a 30% disability from the army so that part is non taxable and my ex gets 50% of the 70% that’s left. That’s federal law nothing I can do about it. In a nutshell when you retire you have to live within your means no matter what your income is.

The main thing I miss about living way out in the country where your nearest neighbor was 2 acres away is the absolute and total silence. There is something very peaceful and tranquil about silence. You just don’t get that living in the city.

I hate the way the people drive in this town. They are always in the left lane going under the speed limit usually yacking on their cell phone. So I work my way around them then tap on my brakes to get their attention then I drive my normal 5 over the limit. Is this the right thing for me to do. No but it sure makes me feel better.


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