If Procrastination were a game I would have it mastered

  I rarely procrastinated until the last few years. Now it has almost become a daily part of my life for some reason. I don’t put off important stuff like paying bills going to the store and things like that. Just stuff I don’t want to do or are a pain in the backside to accomplish.

  I moved into this apartment about three months ago. In my old place if I had something to do and was putting it off I would place it on the floor and after walking by it several times I would pick it up and do it just to get it out of my way. That;s not working for me where I live now.

   When I first moved in here it took me almost two months to paint the inside and all I painted was the dinning, living room and the hallway. A lot of that was due to my bad back but also I am always telling myself there is always tomorrow. That’s the problem with retiring early I always have more time than money. The two big things I am procrastinating now are hanging about twenty pictures in my hallway and hanging all of these metal things I have on my walls, see photo at bottom of post, sorry about the quality. I have the pictures put on the floor yet I walk by them every day and now don’t even notice them. I did have to move them one day after tripping over them but they are still in plain site.These wall hangings I have spread all over propped up against the walls waiting patiently to be hung. I suppose someday I also have some papers to fill out about an insurance claim that could expedite getting my detectible back much earlier but because I have to find the original forms and fill out about six forms they sit in a pile on the floor as well. I am sure I will get to all of theses one of these days but until then I will just continue to ignore them like they are invisible.



12 thoughts on “If Procrastination were a game I would have it mastered

  1. I like the color you chose to paint. I think early retirement doesn’t live up to what we think it will be. I’d like to be sitting on a creek bank fishing or getting in shape to run a marathon.. but like you, I have put off some of the very same things that you have and lol, I’ve lived here over 3 years. You’ll get it done. Retirement gives us lots of time to do it in. Enjoyed your update. I hope you find your paperwork to fill out.

    • Thanks sherryl, the color was similar to my old place. I hate white walls. Iwonder how many other retirees put off stuff. The paperwork I do need to get off my backside and fill out the rest well there’s always tomorrow 🙂

  2. warm and cozy! Happy June!

  3. Thanks I appreciate the comment

  4. You’re probably not alone, lol — my husband retired from the Navy and both of us are bad about procrastinating, except the things we procrastinate on are different. He’s really good about completing paperwork and phone calls (which I detest), but would rather do just about ANYthing else before painting or any home decor type stuff, which is the kind of stuff I like to do.
    Your place looks very nice, and it will look great when you finally do take the plunge and deck it out!

    • Thanks for the comment my problem with the walls is every time I get a friend scheduled to come out and help me something always gets in the way. I could just throw the stuff up but I have problems visualizing how high or low something should be.

      • Well, not that it helps much, lol, but I’ve always heard the rule of thumb for hanging pictures is to hang them at eye level unless it’s a grouping of pictures, in which case the main one should be hung at eye level and the rest hung around it. When I’m hanging a grouping, I lay them all out on the floor, first — then when I know how I want them arranged, I mark where I want the main one to be and then go from there.
        Well, that was my unasked for two cents worth, lol! I hope it is of help.

  5. I got the pictures thing just haven’t done them yet it’s all that weird looking metal stuff I am having trouble’s with its more of a centering thing I can’t just hang them up temporary because they take big sheetrock screws to hold them up

    • Oh, gosh, I see what you’re saying now — we used to have a big ol’ heavy mirror like that. When we took it down it left craters in the wall, lol! Hey, here’s an idea that might work — trace around the metal things on a couple pieces of poster board or a big sheet of wrapping paper or some other big paper, cut it out, and then keep taping the cut-out up on the wall and standing back to look at it until it’s where you want it. You might have to tape a couple pieces of paper together for that biggest metal thing you have, but it will keep you from making more than one hole maybe?

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