All My Friends are Female

I am not sure how or why this happened it just did. I had a few male friends in the Army but none that I would call close friends. When I got divorced it was completely different. I was able to choose the gender of my friends. I am not what I would call the typical male. I don’t hunt, when I fish I prefer to do it alone. I am not a sports freak,except when it comes to collage football, then I have to follow My OU Sonners. I especially don’t like hanging around a bunch of guys and bragging about sexual conquest while they soak up the suds.
It took me awhile but eventually I found out what I think most guys don’t realize. The secret to females is to actually listen to what they have to say. I mean actually listen turn off the boob or quit whatever you are doing, look them in the eyes and give them your full attention. I am willing to bet you will be surprised if not shocked the first time you try this. Then if it required give them your feedback. Don’t play the yea ahu game females don’t like to be patronized plus you run the risk of pising them off. They have the same rights to express there feelings wants and desires as man,yet most men still don’t consider them equal. For some reason females seem to be born with the ability to fully listen and the majority of us males have to learn the hard way, if we ever learn at all. I thoroughly enjoy participating in a two sided conversation with a female whether it is 5 minutes or two hours,it just works for me.


11 thoughts on “All My Friends are Female

  1. Marilyn Knedgen


  2. Kudos! (do we still say kudos? lol) being a good listener is not always easy to do but you can’t get to the heart of a person if you don’t listen to what they have to say. Bob, you’re right, most men don’t listen and I have learned in my older years that when the ex says huh.. I ignore him and refuse to repeat what I said. i’m sure that it is frustrating for him when i do that. lol

  3. I still say kudos, thabks for the comment Sherryl, love the part about you ex!

  4. I really enjoy time spent with my female friends. Sometimes we have great conversations and connect on a deeper level. The only real obstacle to this is that most of them are embroiled in exclusive co-dependent relationships. They very rarely go anywhere without their boyfriends who tend to linger and hover and rarely contribute anything to the conversation. This is due to spending their energy asserting themselves with public displays of affection and shooting you bad vibes for establishing any kind of connection with “their” lady. It is something I have accepted but nonetheless frustrating at times. I find these relationships very limiting but everyone seems to seek it out for security sake.

    • Maybe there is a age difference between us or I have been very fortunate because I have found that has only happened to me a couple of times.
      Thanks for visiting my post and spending the time to comment!

  5. You must be a very good listener-your friends are fortunate.

  6. It’s no wonder you’ve got lots of female friends, you really know how to be a great friend!! I know I appreciate our e-friendships, that’s for sure!! Celeste πŸ™‚

    • Sorry for the delay Celeste I am way behind. I appreciate our e friendship as well. You and your post have inspired me to tiptoe into the vegan pool. I am far from committed but have already given up milk after that link you posted. There are some other dairy products I can give up after I have gone through the stock I have. Still have a lot of research to do and sadly little time to do it in.

      • No worries with the delay – I sooooo understand!! I’m also really excited to hear that you’re considering veganism (can you see me doing my happy dance!). I’m here if you need me! Celeste πŸ™‚

      • Yes I can see you doing your Happy Dance πŸ™‚ I am sure I will seek your advice as I get deeper into this.

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